Arc Apellago

Arc Apellago

I have gone through this game 3 times so far (twice by myself and another one by watching a friend experience it after I recommended it). It is a short project but what is here signals the beginning of something great. The developers have another game under their belt that released prior to this (DeltaBlade 2700, it’s pretty good) but in comparison Arc Apellago is very much the first note you hear on a music piece.

You can go back in the history of every game developer and by experiencing their list of gaming projects, sooner or later you stumble upon one of them where you feel like something clicked, like this was the true origin of everything else that came afterwards. That’s how this game feels to me. It is not complex, if anything it takes one concept and executes it really well, one can surely compare it to the things you would discover during the golden era of Flash games.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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This game has beautiful visuals, a great soundtrack and very fun game play. Handshake Firm is an extremely talented group of developers and I hope they make another game like this but with more devs and a higher budget. Easily one of the best F2P side-scroller games on Steam. My only qualm with this game is that it’s extremely short. If you want to play something new and finish the game fast, this game is for you. These people have great potential and I’m hopeful for something longer in the future.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Arc Apellago on Steam

Lost Assassin

Lost Assassin

The year is 3043. You are an AI-AGR (Assassin Grade Robot). Your mothership was destroyed by an unknown force (spoiler: evil robots). Engage in intense platform-shooting action while seeking vengeance, 12 satisfying weapons, powerups, jetpacks, bionic legs and more. Inspired by 80s sci-fi movies and games.


-12 primary weapons, grenades and loads of powerups

-Dialogue system. Choices you make affect gameplay

-AI enemies react and respond to your movements

-Mine resources to upgrade your arsenal

-Jetpack and double jump to reach those tough spots

-Cutting edge 80’s inspired sprites with modern lighting effects

-Huge levels to explore with precise controls …and much much more

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Lost Assassin on Steam

Escape From Eternity

Escape From Eternity

Condemned to hellish prison for disobeying orders, the super soldier JORDANO is looking to escape the terrible eternity in hell, for that he needs to pass by all those who get in his way!

  • short explanatory story mode about the game

  • way impossible to survive 5 minutes

  • survival mode

  • simple and easy mechanics

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Escape From Eternity on Steam

Hit Zero: Chronos

Hit Zero: Chronos

its like if superhot my friend pedro and stickman fight had a baby

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game


Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Hit Zero: Chronos on Steam

Bow & Quiver

Bow & Quiver

Velocity impacts damage and distance of arrows and smash attacks.

Combo stomp attacks to maximize damage

Ammo Type: Lightning Arrows:

Dynamic Character Controls

Bow & Quiver on Steam

Hollow Ghost

Hollow Ghost

Hollow ghost is a game in which you do not need to think much, your task is to fight monsters, ghosts and various enemies until you get to the boss level himself.

Your task is to destroy the birthplaces of enemies, destroy all enemies on the map and finally destroy the boss. After this completion, another level will be available to you.

Enjoy a nice lit and graphically processed environment in the fog, darkness, which looks like drawn horror environment.

Game Features

  • Classic side-scrolling action with all modern decorations.

  • Tightly tuned 2D controls that are controlled by stamina. Avoid, block with the shield, race and chop your way through even the deadliest opponents.

  • 2 types of attack, block shield and different jump heights.

  • Create your own hero and make your journey unique!

  • Over 10,000 options to create the main character from skin color through weapons, shields, armor.

  • Cast of cute and scary characters that have been revived by traditional 2D graphics.

  • Different types of enemies as well as different epic bosses.

  • You can destroy the walls of the game and this is how you can make the game easier.

  • First aid kits are located on the map, help yourself with them!

Do You Like Fighting Games? So Try Hollow Ghost!

More Levels, Enemies and Bosses Coming Soon!

Hollow Ghost on Steam

Gurney to Gurney

Gurney to Gurney

The game has 100 levels, 10 levels per area and 8 different units you can buy. Units can be unlocked by completing levels, the first is unlocked by completing level 2, and the last completing level 24. The game has two currencies, the first being gold which you get by killing enemies and is used to upgrade units, the second which looks like magical powder is used while playing levels, each level has a fixed amount of this currency so there is some strategy involved in completing the later levels, unless you max out all units in which case the game becomes very easy.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

this game is really good. fun games. i love it

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Gurney to Gurney on Steam

Ninja Ken

Ninja Ken

0.05$ average platform game. Not good, not bad. Can’t use joystick or change keyboard.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Ninja Ken on Steam

Urizen Frosty Plus The New Warriors

Urizen Frosty Plus The New Warriors

Lucky me gets to write the first review for Urizen Frosty Plus The New Warriors. This expressive word salad of a title is certainly interesting, but unfortunately more effort was put into the title than the actual game. This is a 2D retro pixel platform brawler where you take your choice of retro pixel “warrior” and bash up various undeads and ghosts and things through traditional 2D retro platformer hack and slash kind of stuff.

This game was launched almost 3 months ago and has zero reviews. So kudos to the developer for not using fake/compromised accounts to write fake positive reviews. I see that a lot, it’s bad. In a similar vein, while this was slapped together with the godawful abomination and insult to all that is good and right in gaming, GameMaker Studio, it’s not a template flip, that I can see. The vast majority of GMS games on Steam are simply copy+pastes of tutorials, demos and templates. It really seems they made a genuine attempt at a video game here (with 54 different sprites to choose from and 69 levels, apparently), they just didn’t really know how to or have the budget to hire proper developers. A+ for effort, though.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Urizen Frosty Plus The New Warriors on Steam

Wind of shuriken

Wind of shuriken

A great game in the style of a classic platformer. Well done. I recommend it.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Wind of shuriken on Steam