Niiikotopia: Sky Fall

Niiikotopia: Sky Fall

The evil aliens are invading Niiikotopia and attacking your beloved Niiikos, so your task is protecting them and repel the invasion. Collect and manage resources. Maintain Niiiko’s population by provide them foods and houses. Research new technology, design new gun and bullet to hold again enemy invasions. Save your cute Niiiko race from anihilation.

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Niiikotopia: Sky Fall on Steam



Torinto is a Run N ‘Gun game that can play up to two people simultaneously, with frantic levels and a chaotic environment, players need to beat all enemies and defeat all bosses.

  • Local CO-OP for up to 2 players!

  • A boss at the end of each stage!

  • Frantic and fun combat!

  • Detailed pixel art!

Torinto is a kingdom dominated by an oppressive wizard named “Malzer”, he stole the hearts of all the inhabitants of the kingdom, but some heroes have a very strong bond with each other preventing them from being affected by the wizard’s sorcery, and together they will fight to defeat this enemy and return hearts to the inhabitants of the kingdom.

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TORINTO on Steam