Nature Park

Nature Park

Normally I would even play more before reviewing, but this isn’t even playable due to the many bugs. I ran into invisible walls, immortal monsters, bodies going through the floor, sound disappears on the loading screen, crashes on launch,.. but the graphics do seem beautiful! But then Game Guru provides good assets.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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Imagine a default demo map included with the GameGuru engine used, but plagued with invisible walls and a handful of terrible looking creature assets. The creatures die and then pop back up with infinite health.

As bad as GameGuru games are, this has to be one of the absolute worst GameGuru games ever exported.

The price of $24.99 USD is absolute insanity, but this trash wasn’t uploaded onto Steam to sell copies here, it most definitely was uploaded just to sell keys on key selling websites to make a quick and easy profit.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Nature Park on Steam

Time Commando

Time Commando


I was only 7 the last time I had ever touched this game, that was all the way back in 2009. I got frustrated with Time Commando because of how difficult it was, never being able to finish the game after already halfway through it and eventually gave up. I ended up losing the disc somehow and when I did decide to give it another try I never found it again nor could I find another copy anywhere else, so I gave up looking and eventually forgot the game even existed.

Then LO AND BEHOLD, 12 years later and I stumble across this game again on Steam. Words cannot express how absolutely THRILLED I was to be able to play Time Commando again!

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

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i own it on CDROM now I own it on SteamROM

if u want the DOSBox to be in windowed mode with higher resolution, you have to go to the steam folder you installed it, like “X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Time Commando”, find “TC.conf” and change the window resolution to something like “windowresolution=1280x960” then either “fullscreen=false” or just Alt+Enter when it opens

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Time Commando on Steam



Great mix of realistic and fun flight physics

Many hours of tweaking the laws of physics gives the game an intuitive feeling while giving all the freedom for stunts and exciting dogfights!

Singleplayer campaign

Many missions to beat and then perfect! Beat your highscore and brag and challenge your friends to beat them.

Multiplayer modes

Take off and show your friends who’s the best pilot in the online multiplayer PvP mode.

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Attaboy! on Steam

Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg!

Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg!

Simple little simulation. NOT going to test an Avalon Hill fan. Wait for it to be on sale, as it has no scenario designer so you only get what it comes with. Limited replayability. A few minor glitches where the game wont let you attack or even move into a grid that you should be able to. So sometimes, you cant eliminate an enemy unit.

Real player with 110.0 hrs in game

just got the 4 game bundle was looking for a break from high stress turn base games the bigger devs make .

wow was this a surprise a lot is packed into the game some is not , so will not be for everyone .

but looking for a good shot out game with minimal supply planning this can be it .

One thing I like is no max turns just objectives But you have to keep going since you will run out of supply but collecting objectives or Parachute drops gets you more . I played on normal and a few battles had to restart .

Real player with 56.7 hrs in game

Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg! on Steam

The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights !

The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights !

Fun Game. Looking for more like this.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights ! on Steam