Oh No! Bugs!

Oh No! Bugs!

This game looks pretty, but it’s not always what it seems. It’s fun for the first few minutes but then that’s it, you’re doing the same thing over and over again with no difference but a few characters here and there. It has potential but it also needs much more content to feel fulfilling, anyways, in it’s current state, I do not recomment.


Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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A Co-Op Arcade Game


  • The gameplay is enjoyable. You mainly go around pushing blocks at bugs trying to squash them. You have to be careful though because blocks will bounce back at you if you miss, and you must avoid getting hit by the bugs.

  • Relaxing background music

  • Local and Online co-op

  • I felt the game as a whole was a bit too basic / lacking in content. After about 10minutes the game started to feel repetitive.

  • After you complete each level you get some coins and experience, which you can use to purchase cosmetic items for your character. Unfortunetely, I just didn’t feel like these were rewarding or worth while to work up to.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Oh No! Bugs! on Steam

Choppa: Rescue Rivals

Choppa: Rescue Rivals

Choppa: Rescue Rivals is a chaotic arcade-style helicopter rescue competition game for one to four players. Take off with your trusty rescue chopper and carry disaster victims to safety before your rivals do! All bets are off in this high-flying, physics-driven game spanning multiple levels from the mountains of Nepal to an offshore oil tanker disaster.


  • Globetrotting 2+ hours long story campaign with a motley crew of pilots and couch co-op!

  • Online and local multiplayer for up to 4 players

  • Play quick casual online matches with matchmaking or join a public lobby

  • Lots of customization options: Change your pilot, chopper and decorate your ride with stickers

  • Spice up local multiplayer matches with exciting power-ups and rule mutators

Rescue the victims by all means necessary

The world has been struck by terrible disasters and people are in danger. Governments are too busy bickering amongst themselves, so it’s your job to become the best rescue pilot ever and save the helpless people from distress by all means necessary! But you are not alone — the world is full of reckless rescue pilots, hungrily hogging the glory from your grasp.

Simple controls, plenty of challenge

Choppa: Rescue Rivals is full of mayhem, yet easy to learn! Anyone can take off, but becoming a master rescue pilot against global hot-shot opponents is not a simple task.

Several ways to play

Whether you enjoy climbing to the top of the rescue charts online or just want to have fun with friends, Choppa: Rescue Rivals has you covered. Personalize your pilot identity by unlocking new levels, helicopters, stickers, customization options and characters!

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Choppa: Rescue Rivals on Steam

The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights !

The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights !

Fun Game. Looking for more like this.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights ! on Steam



SteelPinion is a steampunk turn based tactical strategy game with a dash of autobattler. Deep fleet customization synergies can be created or disrupted by the modding community. (NOTE: This steampage will be updated frequently as development continues)

An Alternate History

Experience a conspiratorial retelling of history where steampunkery,

chivalry, and explosive elemental weaponry prevails. Procedural spice flavors every encounter with new unknowns in the otherwise hand-crafted environments. Meet three warring factions with distinct technology and heros.

Tactical Battles

Combat in SteelPinion is a mix of well known tactics game genre staples, with a new difficult to implement mechanic - simultaneous turn resolution.

Position your airships well, allowing your best armored angle to withstand opponent’s salvos; all the while exploiting their exposed angle.

The advantage is not always as simple as “get behind and shoot em” since players may have altered an airship to their liking and your dismay!

Unique “Steamflakes”

While we want the game to have a low barrier of entry and will have some preset faction fleet configurations; players are encouraged to branch out mixing faction components and create a strategy that wrecks.

Speaking of which, salvage wreckage from other players and add their components to your own fleet as a reward for your victory.

Don’t worry if you lose, your engineers back at the shipyard can literally work miracles and bring you back from a pile of scraps. (Reminder to hug your nearest engineer buddy… umm on second thought, don’t do that).

Sit Down

Sitting can be exciting when you are customizing individual ships components/subsystems and pilot abilities that work together. Use a deck building approach when designing your fleet for a cozy unrushed experience.

Flip Tables

Hate customizing? Just want to see stuff blow up before putting on your pajamas? Then use player published presets to get by and smash our inferior AI (you’re better than AI right?).

Know Better Than Us

An ole saying “the customer is always right” has conflicting reception. We know that players inevitably will surpass us in playtime, eventually knowing the metagame better. So we want to make absolutely sure that the metagame is always in the hands of the player. A carefully integrated repo will expose public mods, automatically making them available in the game for playtesting and fun - woohoo devOps automation!

Friendly for Kids

That doesn’t mean “made for kids”, however, you can safely play this in front of your favorite young mind without fear. The game’s violence is steampunk machines blowing each-other up. Just like a little boy crashing a tower.

Get bailed out if you’re an underdog

You are admiral, and you should live with the consequences of your bad commands - or not. Get bailed out by allocating more engineers to repair your desolate fleet. Everyone knows that assigning more engineers speeds up delivery time! In the same way, you can order around your lackeys to “just get it done” and they will; there is no punishment for being a bad tactician, but there are rewards for being a good tactician.

SteelPinion on Steam

Hyena: Dogs of War

Hyena: Dogs of War

It’s been ten years since the war with the Banana Republic ended. Dozens of prisoners of war remain in camps across the Republic, abandoned by their allies. Join Team H.Y.E.N.A., a private mercenary force, to rescue them and end the war once and for all.Can H.Y.E.N.A. and their allies get past the outcast heroes who are under arrest and rid themselves of a menace that could literally destroy everything… even the Republic itself?


  • Drive an armored jeep though hostile territory

  • Collect and upgrade weapons

  • Fight against enemy forces from the land, sea, and sky

  • Engage in epic boss fights

  • Rescue POWs and top-secret documents

  • Explore the beaches, plains, jungles, and mountains of Banana-land

  • Uncover mysterious clues about the Banana Republic

Can you free Banana-land from the treacherous Dictator before he unleashed forces that threaten to destroy the earth?

Hyena: Dogs of War on Steam

Retro Classix: BreakThru

Retro Classix: BreakThru

Data East 3

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

BreakThru, the classic arcade, just as you remember it. A shooting and jumping car has to reach an airfield to retrieve a stolen plane Breaking Thru five stages. The game is tough at times but fair, and even a mediocre player like me can do it in 45 minutes (or “0.8 hours”, according to Steam).

I enjoyed this game back in the 80s when I played it on my Amstrad CPC computer (it was a very decent adaptation) and now I have enjoyed the very nice arcade version, brought back to you by 612 Games and Ziggurat. Like the rest of the Retro Classix series, you play inside a modest virtual arcade with CRT filters and the works, but of course you can disable all that if you want.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Retro Classix: BreakThru on Steam

Retrograde Arena

Retrograde Arena

I like this game. Reason: BULLETS!


-It’s a Free-to-Play!

-It has DLC so you never stop playing! I haven’t bought them, so I can’t really confirm.

-The UI is…90’s?


-Most of the time, users online is AI instead of actual users.

-The max player level is 20, and it appears that I’m the only player that has this level.


-Game Mode: Survival. Free-for-All. Just like Last Man Standing; Instead of 5 wins, there’s lives instead(hosts can pick a certain amount from 1-20); It could use every map.

Real player with 46.1 hrs in game

Put a few hours in guys before writing a review… I see a few negatives where they haven’t got the idea at all :D

Recoil is your friend not your enemy! - It is faster to move from your recoil than the actual movement controls (controls just add some fine tuning)

The gameplay is pretty much perfect, weapons are balanced and extremely varied. Imploder is a bit OP but it’s slow and can be dodged/deflected.

For the future I would like to see some team modes added, specifically CTF on a bigger map. The weapons would rly suit that mode, i.e sniper to camp your own flag, shotgun/mg to rush theirs. Boosting teammates with your own bullets etc! Maybe with one of the superweapons spawning in the middle of map.

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

Retrograde Arena on Steam



Sooo 0 players online and no devs or testers playing on release day or any announcements… I’m out. Feedback before I go

Yeah so assuming this isn’t vaporware or an elaborate ruse to get someone’s computer to mine cryptocurrency, here are my thoughts:

1. You need weapon upgrades that are actually, well, upgrades. Each ship you can purchase from the carrier is nearly perfectly optimized from what I can tell unless you go to the expensive shop in the middle. Give the carrier some weapon upgrades that are actually better than what is on the starting ships you buy.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Deadlokk on Steam



Small, rough, and buggy - but nevertheless charming. Not unlike the asteroid you land on.

Wild-9’s first playthrough should take you roughly half an hour, as it says in the description.

Adding a speedrun achievement to this game, in my opinion, was a mistake. Your speedrun attempts will expose many of the flaws in this game.

! First, deleting your save and starting over is very likely to generate a broken seed that doesn’t spawn any enemies - you can check this almost immediately by noticing the absence of the first enemy you’re supposed to encounter. If you want to start a new run, you need to close out and re-open the game first. Second, you’ll come to rely on a highly-exploitable quirk where enemies will teleport back to their starting position if they wander too far away from it, where you can basically spawn-camp them. (Better than them getting lost, though.) Third, upon each death, you’ll respawn at your spaceship with a scooter, but not necessarily the same class of scooter you had - meaning you might get a free upgrade. I also encountered a CTD on my first run of the game, none afterward though.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

A good, albeit buggy game. There is an issue that when you delete a save then try to start a new game, some old events from the previous run will be saved. I solved this by just closing and reopening the game, but still a big issue. It is an interesting game, with a cool way of finding things (hint, talk to NPCs). The world is very confusing and could’ve used a map, as well as a way to differentiate between places you’ve been and haven’t been better. Good pickup for the price.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

WILD-9 on Steam

Chaos Road

Chaos Road

Put your supercar on the asphalt! In an unheard of racing and shooting game that mixes 2D and 3D graphics, you need to rid the city of chaos by eliminating multiple crime bosses. Destroy enemies on the way, launch rocket, dodge bombs on the lane and make use of unique special weapons that raise the level of classic shoot ‘em up style. Chaos Road is an action-packed shmup race shooter where you can drive different cars and rid the city of crime with an arsenal of weapons. Take the fast lane on traffic, attack and smash cars rivals on the road to revenge the city!


● Chase bosses and gangs to reach the top and rid the city of riot.

● Make improvements to your car and equipment by adding armor, equipping drones and acquiring unique special weapons.

● Accelerate your ride through horizon of many different fast lane tracks: from asphalt to 4x4 off road dirt rally, and kill enemies riding bike, truck, tank, plane and more.

● Challenge the big bosses of criminal gangs, each boss has his own vehicle with challenging gun weapons, every battle is a rocket!

● Detonate your enemies with guided missiles, rockets, laser beams, gamma-ray, nuke, bomb and power ups that will help you in the riot.

● Fight for survival and be fast, fast and faster to win this amazing high-speed top racing and shooting free game.

Chaos Road on Steam