Chicken Defender

Chicken Defender

Fun and short game. The game consists only of a couple levels which vary in difficulty. For the price just perfect, pretty polished tbh.

I would say there was a lack of weapons, a couple more would be fun. Also, the goal for the last level was 100, I got 26,000, that can probably be tweaked. But overall fun time, thanks developers.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

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A $A1.50 well spent. Good graphics and sound.

Thought this Tower Defense title could be a walk in the park - after getting my bottom spanked my first 4 tries, I am happy to amend that thought. I particularly like the fact that the game advises you, and shuts the level down when you are not going to be able to meet the level requirements. I can see that I am really going to have to think the levels right through.

A terrific value for money title.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Chicken Defender on Steam

Wasteland Warden

Wasteland Warden


Gain Teammates

Help Others


In the near future, AI corporations have taken over and are hunting down anyone not cooperating. This lead to a robotic arms race as the remaining “free” people mod themselves with any tech they can find and fled to the deserts and other unpopulated oases. Now its every man for himself outside the giant numbered cities run by the AI corps. Squeezed between assassin robots and cyborg gangs, one man takes it upon himself to lock up anything that can be locked up and… reprogram the rest? Lets all just ignore the growing rumors of an “all consuming sludge” appearing from the south.


  • Turn based

  • Grid based

  • Level the protagonist via skill trees

  • Defeated enemies become allies

  • Level your allies

  • Choose a complementary team

  • Many roles to fill: DPS, Range, Tanks, Area Effect

  • Upgrade your base

Still in early development. All art is subject to change.

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Wasteland Warden on Steam

Sovereign Tea

Sovereign Tea

The artwork is adorable and charming. The music is absolutely on point for setting the tone and atmosphere. The story has a good level of intrigue with compelling characters. The game play is challenging which made completing the game feel all the more rewarding.

Real player with 65.5 hrs in game

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Coffee? Tea? or perhaps Melee?

In 3HG’s most ambitious project to date, Sovereign Tea offers a unique Tactical Strategy adventure with a focus on unit-to-unit combat and resource management. Whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned veteran, this game will present a stimulating blend of challenge and catharsis to your experience. The tutorial is intuitive and the first levels offer plenty of room to catch and correct mistakes. There’s even a hint function before each skirmish. However, out of pride, I didn’t really check it. That is, until around the end of the game. Much to my surprise, they weren’t step-for-step guides, but little details to keep in mind that may inspire a new strategy. There were a couple of instances where I knew I had a winning strategy, but I needed to grind through a some extra turns to yield results. Luckily, battles can be revisited (reenacted?) and if I were so inclined, I could try new loadouts or beat my turn record. The characters are written with such detail, they practically read with their own voice. It was fun hearing about a character and speculating how they’d behave or interact with others when they’re finally introduced (based on what I know about their namesake).

Real player with 41.0 hrs in game

Sovereign Tea on Steam

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light

I love this franchise and the light series is one of the best Innovative fun RPG I had played in years.

I was really looking forward to play the 3rd game so much after (SAVE THE LIGHT) and

here I am.

On the Downside this game was created for mobile market first so expect

downgrade from the second game that was develop for console instead.

It is like the first game (ATTACK THE LIGHT), but other than that it still have

elements of surprises of the second game had. The game feels like a little

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

If you’re a fan of steven universe you should enjoy this game greatly! Not technically necessary to have played the previous two, but I definitely recommend it.

Fair warning: Unlike save the light, which was developed for consoles from the start, this game was originally mobile only (apple arcade). As such, movement is restricted to just transitioning between grids on an overall map like in the very first game which was mobile only (attack the light) rather than full free movement like in save the light. Regardless, the result is a game that’s a lot more stable than save the light was on release (which, from what I recall, was grumpyface’s first venture into making a non-mobile game, and still an amazing experience)

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light on Steam



SteelPinion is a steampunk turn based tactical strategy game with a dash of autobattler. Deep fleet customization synergies can be created or disrupted by the modding community. (NOTE: This steampage will be updated frequently as development continues)

An Alternate History

Experience a conspiratorial retelling of history where steampunkery,

chivalry, and explosive elemental weaponry prevails. Procedural spice flavors every encounter with new unknowns in the otherwise hand-crafted environments. Meet three warring factions with distinct technology and heros.

Tactical Battles

Combat in SteelPinion is a mix of well known tactics game genre staples, with a new difficult to implement mechanic - simultaneous turn resolution.

Position your airships well, allowing your best armored angle to withstand opponent’s salvos; all the while exploiting their exposed angle.

The advantage is not always as simple as “get behind and shoot em” since players may have altered an airship to their liking and your dismay!

Unique “Steamflakes”

While we want the game to have a low barrier of entry and will have some preset faction fleet configurations; players are encouraged to branch out mixing faction components and create a strategy that wrecks.

Speaking of which, salvage wreckage from other players and add their components to your own fleet as a reward for your victory.

Don’t worry if you lose, your engineers back at the shipyard can literally work miracles and bring you back from a pile of scraps. (Reminder to hug your nearest engineer buddy… umm on second thought, don’t do that).

Sit Down

Sitting can be exciting when you are customizing individual ships components/subsystems and pilot abilities that work together. Use a deck building approach when designing your fleet for a cozy unrushed experience.

Flip Tables

Hate customizing? Just want to see stuff blow up before putting on your pajamas? Then use player published presets to get by and smash our inferior AI (you’re better than AI right?).

Know Better Than Us

An ole saying “the customer is always right” has conflicting reception. We know that players inevitably will surpass us in playtime, eventually knowing the metagame better. So we want to make absolutely sure that the metagame is always in the hands of the player. A carefully integrated repo will expose public mods, automatically making them available in the game for playtesting and fun - woohoo devOps automation!

Friendly for Kids

That doesn’t mean “made for kids”, however, you can safely play this in front of your favorite young mind without fear. The game’s violence is steampunk machines blowing each-other up. Just like a little boy crashing a tower.

Get bailed out if you’re an underdog

You are admiral, and you should live with the consequences of your bad commands - or not. Get bailed out by allocating more engineers to repair your desolate fleet. Everyone knows that assigning more engineers speeds up delivery time! In the same way, you can order around your lackeys to “just get it done” and they will; there is no punishment for being a bad tactician, but there are rewards for being a good tactician.

SteelPinion on Steam

Crazy Ludo

Crazy Ludo

Change based on classic flying chess! There is no end to our flying moves, and players no longer need to worry about getting there first. “Go around behind it and destroy it!” Combat is the core of gameplay and the ultimate victory of the game is achieved through combat.

More to worry about is how to chase down other players' planes and destroy them! Each of our planes has different skills, creating different combat modes and results for them. How to match and use different types of planes is the fun and challenge for players.

Crazy Ludo on Steam

Forgotten Souls

Forgotten Souls

fun to play with friends

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game


Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Forgotten Souls on Steam

Kill Demons

Kill Demons

Classic RPG single game, carrying players full of memories!

Liu Qingfeng, a disciple of Sanqing palace, obeys his master’s orders to fight the sword protector in the demon cave and get back the demon sword. On the way down the mountain, I met Murong Xiaomei in Wangyou village and killed the snake demon with Murong Xiaomei. Later, he ran into the mysterious woman yuan Pingzhi in Jianye city. The three of them wandered the river and lake together. In the process of killing demons and demons, they gradually discovered a big secret. How will Liu Qingfeng choose? Can they finally save the world? It’s up to you to continue to write about the world of Voldemort

Kill Demons on Steam

Revolution: The Spark

Revolution: The Spark

Fight back in Revolution: The Spark, a story-driven, turn-based tactical RPG. With dwindling resources and enemies at every turn, what will you do to survive this revolution?

The Story

On the brink of revolt, the common people cry out for justice from their heartless queen. This story is set in an alternate steampunk world in the early 20th century in the Capital of the strongest Empire in the world. The game tells a story of a military veteran, Alex, who becomes increasingly frustrated with the growing corruption of the monarchy and the exploitation of the common folk. When Alex’s brother gets arrested for an attempted coup, Alex will have no choice but to fight if he ever wants to see his brother again. It appears that a concentration of power lies in the hands of a powerful few. But there is more to this than meets the eye. These few are being manipulated by supernatural beings that feed off of the fervor, lust, and wrath of humankind. A spark of revolution will change it all.


  • Strategic Turn-based Combat – People are your greatest assets, so take care of them. Those who fall in combat will need time to recover.

  • Recruit up to 25 Allies across 7 distinct Classes – You’ll need all the help that you can find on your journey to unseat the Empress. But beware, as some of your companions might not like others.

  • Explore 9 Dynamic Locations – From the mines to the noble villas, you must fight your way to the steps of the Empress’ palace itself across 9 exciting, beautiful, hand-drawn, isometric locations.

  • Forge Your Own Path – Your actions shape the future of a corrupt Empire. Choose how you want to solve conflict. Will you conquer all or reason with your foes? Every decision you make in travel, conversation, and combat has a meaningful effect on the outcome as your story unfolds.

  • Discover secrets and Unlock 5 Different Endings. – Explore and talk to everyone. You never know what you might find. There are many routes and options that will help you steer the ultimate fate of the Empire.

  • Steampunk Victorian Culture – Master the weapons of the early 20th century in this steam-fueled alternate reality where things aren’t what they seem.

  • Decide what you fight for – Peace? A new world order? Or do you just want power for yourself? Everything is possible in Revolution: The Spark.

Revolution: The Spark on Steam

Tactical Monsters - Strategy Edition

Tactical Monsters - Strategy Edition

Tactical Monsters Strategy Edition is a special version of Tactical Monsters.

Based on the connect6 rules for monsters deployment on the field and fight turns order, brings a fresh new playstyle concept which comes very close to a game of chess with the addition of strategic passive skills.

Tactical Monsters - Strategy Edition on Steam