Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning

Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning

In this 1920s cartoon turn-based comedy RPG you’ll take to the stage using a variety of toons to entertain foes in your way as you help Otto the shy comedian in their epic quest to…make it to work on time??? Are you ready to joke and laugh your way through a rowdy roommate, buff bees, and big bullies?

Core Features

  • Journey through a 1920s cartoon world

  • Go on stage to outperform your foes

  • Giggle through a pun-filled narrative

Otto, a shy non-binary rabbit-like toon lives in the outskirts of the cartoon city of entertainment, Vaudeville after a terrible accident that crushed their hopes and dreams. Later rumors of dubious happenings have begun spreading across Vaudeville. As Otto wakes up to begin heading to work their morning begins to unfold in a maniacal fashion!

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Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning on Steam



In the game, players play the role of a vassal king who just succeeded to the throne in the spring and Autumn period.

Fully open the world, you can experience the life of princes and kings in it!

Main play method:

《1》 : internal affairs.

Players need to gather talents and build their own cabinet team at the beginning.

The official system in the game is completely consistent with the history books. It consists of taizai, Zongbo, Sikou, Sikong, situ and Sima. As Liuqing, he interacts with players and governs the country!

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Trickery&Strategy on Steam

Lux Primora

Lux Primora

Lux Primora tells the story of a vibrant world steeped in primal elemental energies. Air, earth, fire, water, and light crash together across a land shaped by the forces of nature and threatened by their chaos. Those born with the ability to control these elements must defend themselves against a world both hostile and beautiful.

Lux Primora follows in the footsteps of classic JRPGs. You’ll experience tactical turn-based combat, dynamic environmental puzzles, and a rich narrative-driven adventure. Four unlikely heroes must come together to discover the mysteries of the world. A classic tale of bravery, camaraderie, and magic retold.

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Lux Primora on Steam

Tactical Monsters - Strategy Edition

Tactical Monsters - Strategy Edition

Tactical Monsters Strategy Edition is a special version of Tactical Monsters.

Based on the connect6 rules for monsters deployment on the field and fight turns order, brings a fresh new playstyle concept which comes very close to a game of chess with the addition of strategic passive skills.

Tactical Monsters - Strategy Edition on Steam

Crazy Ludo

Crazy Ludo

Change based on classic flying chess! There is no end to our flying moves, and players no longer need to worry about getting there first. “Go around behind it and destroy it!” Combat is the core of gameplay and the ultimate victory of the game is achieved through combat.

More to worry about is how to chase down other players' planes and destroy them! Each of our planes has different skills, creating different combat modes and results for them. How to match and use different types of planes is the fun and challenge for players.

Crazy Ludo on Steam

Cascade Tactics

Cascade Tactics

Cascade Tactics is a tactical RPG full of interesting and interactive abilities. You are a novice mercenary in a war-torn world. Hire your team, choose your classes, upgrade your equipment, and see how long you can survive.

Whether you want to hack your way to victory with powerful soldiers or strategically maneuver in the battlefield to maximize your profits, you can enjoy Cascade Tactics.

Features a Dual-class system with interesting synergies.

A Commander can issues commands to other units. A Ninja can attack twice with his weapon. When a character’s two classes are Commander and Ninja you can issue commands to other units to attack twice.

A Sentinel can guard tiles with his weapon. A Pyromancer can deal damage to an area with Flames. When a character has both classes, he can guard locations with Flames: casting it anytime an enemy walks on the tile.

An Archer can add any magical ability to his weapon attack. A Necromancer can raise a Skeleton if the target of his ability dies. When combined, you can raise a skeleton upon killing a target.

A Lancer can add cast time to his weapon to deal more damage or add cast time to a spell to increase its area-of-effect.

Interactive Mechanics:

Status Effects are linked (or channeled). Deal damage to the caster to stop the status effect.

Many actions take time before they are executed. This gives the opponent time to react. Deal damage to the caster to stop the action. Move / Push / Teleport units into or out of danger. Protect the target with another action before he is hit. Change the target of the caster with Silencer’s Redirect. These opportunities allow the battles to feel fun and interactive.

Cascade Tactics on Steam

City of Hope

City of Hope

game introduction

“City of Hope” is a pixel adventure strategy game. The game has a well-designed plot, and the city has various functions such as forging, residents, and brave men. You need to use them reasonably to make this city stronger.

Game Features

The battle system of “City of Hope” recruits warriors in the recruitment hall, trains them, and equips them with better equipment to resist external threats.

The equipment function is a very important feature. If the attributes of the equipment can be adjusted better, it can greatly enhance the combat effectiveness of the warriors.

City of Hope on Steam

Forgotten Souls

Forgotten Souls

fun to play with friends

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game


Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Forgotten Souls on Steam

Woodland Saga

Woodland Saga

wasted a lot of time playing with friends

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Card battler with 18 cards. After 2 wins, you get a random card. The AI is not challenging, and you will find yourself winning almost always. Collecting all of the cards is what is going to take you the most time, and using a deck of gold cards should take you the longest time as your pulls are completely RNG.

Music is pleasant enough for short intervals of play. You can face your friends as well, which will give it more variety in strategy.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Woodland Saga on Steam

Outcasts of Orion

Outcasts of Orion

Outcasts of Orion is an autobattler roguelike combining a solid game loop and varied strategic potential to offer an engaging experience with much replayability. You draft from a variety of randomly presented abilities and units to craft your squad and discover unexpected synergies. The game does struggle a bit early on in conveying the appeal of its mechanic, but given some time, it reveals an underlying layer of depth that keeps you coming back. If you are a fan of either autobattlers or strategy roguelikes, this game is worth giving a shot.

Real player with 37.0 hrs in game

I’ve come back to add, this game has more layers and depth than I originally imagined it may be “feigning”. On the flip side, the enemy formations are a little limited. There is deviation from the standard, but buy in large, there are a few standard formations you will find them in. That said, for the price point, what you are getting is more than fair from where I stand, and the developer seems to be active on the boards, and they seem to be keeping an eye on this game and keeping it in a good state.

Real player with 22.0 hrs in game

Outcasts of Orion on Steam