The Soldiers Factory

The Soldiers Factory

The Soldiers Factory is a top-down stealth game and the start of a trilogy.

Go undetected and sneak past enemy soldiers or secretly kill them. Overcome surveillance cameras and laser barricades. Use the room scanner, the taser pistol and many other weapons. But remember, the alarm will make the mission even more difficult.

The playing time on the NORMAL level of difficulty is approximately 12 hours. Of course, it depends on the player. The story takes you to several locations, which is divided into over 60 levels.

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The Soldiers Factory on Steam

Cell Scientist: Beyond

Cell Scientist: Beyond

Cell Scientists is an interactive experience deeply rooted in science, yet exciting and addictive in a positive way.

At its core it is a puzzle game with 50 levels with an easy to pick gameplay mechanics. Your objective is destroy the disease caused by Chagas virus, you must perform this mission in the shortest time possible before the symptoms of the disease kill the patient, because there are no vaccines that can destroy it, so it is necessary to embark on an adventure to destroy it within the body of each patient.

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Cell Scientist: Beyond on Steam

Aria: Dragon Eater

Aria: Dragon Eater

you underestimate my power

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

Aria: Dragon Eater on Steam



It’s OK simple game for a free one.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

I had a lot of fun with this, a great little game with decent humour and some interesting ideas. A bargain at £0!

Look forward to more from this team.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Laserboy on Steam

Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning

Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning

In this 1920s cartoon turn-based comedy RPG you’ll take to the stage using a variety of toons to entertain foes in your way as you help Otto the shy comedian in their epic quest to…make it to work on time??? Are you ready to joke and laugh your way through a rowdy roommate, buff bees, and big bullies?

Core Features

  • Journey through a 1920s cartoon world

  • Go on stage to outperform your foes

  • Giggle through a pun-filled narrative

Otto, a shy non-binary rabbit-like toon lives in the outskirts of the cartoon city of entertainment, Vaudeville after a terrible accident that crushed their hopes and dreams. Later rumors of dubious happenings have begun spreading across Vaudeville. As Otto wakes up to begin heading to work their morning begins to unfold in a maniacal fashion!

Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning on Steam

A Day Without Me

A Day Without Me

Game Bagus nih buatan anak Indonesia, lumayan lah buat senam jantung sedikit di beberapa aspek :v, udah tamat dalam waktu sekitar 3 jam baru tamat 100% sama semua collectible.

Kelebihan (+)

  • Puzzlenya Bikin Pusing

  • Gambarnya Lumayan Bagus

  • Plot Twist di Akhir

  • Map nya Luas

Kekurangan (-)

  • ada beberapa Glitch

  • Tempatnya Terlalu Pusing wkwk

  • bisa ke tempat yang harusnya belom boleh di datengin

  • Jalannya Terlalu Lama

Ditunggu Kelanjutannya

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Curator page here-- [url] DaRevieweD #75 [/url] -- [i]New review every Sunday[/i]

Indie developers from Indonesia may be a minority, but they are definitely on the rise! Take the Dreadout franchise or the recent demo Who Is He: Let Me Out- and what’s one thing they got in common? HORROR!!! Gamecom Team’s A Day Without Me (ADW) is yet another! The dev’s portfolio includes having worked on the mobile game Babol, with a Crash-Bash likeness but as an animate box and Parakacuk, a gang-based brawler set in a school!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

A Day Without Me on Steam



CubeLines is balancing act. Taking a risk and go for the big score in one go or play it safe and steady. You can choose how you play it. There are no timers, take all the time you need for your next move or swing it and see how it goes.

By arranging 5 or more cubes in a line, you can clear them from the board but there is always those few that stay behind. It starts of easy; you think you have the control over the board but turn by turn it start to fill up.

Go for high score for longer games or complete a few challenges for a quick game. And for those moments when you simply want to relax there is an easy mode, to simply play!

CubeLines on Steam



Shoot, blast and slash your opponents to win this dynamic top-down shooter in luscious neon colors.


Once Gordy downloaded the file, but, as usual, the process freezes at 99%, and what should I do?

Only you can do it!

Log in and find the error to fix it, but be careful, there are tricky bugs and pitfalls everywhere.


  • 10 types of guns and the possibility of upgrading

  • Cheerful emotions of characters

  • Cool level design

  • Various game modes: Campaign, Arena, Time.

QUICKN on Steam

6 Feet Behind

6 Feet Behind

Make monsters clash with each others to win. Cool arcade gameplay with horror aesthetics and 4 distinct campaign (game-modes). But sadly it’s gets old fast.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

6 Feet Behind on Steam



I’ve played a lot of puzzle games before, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve been this enthralled by one! There are so many interesting puzzle elements that are introduced completely organically, allowing you to understand them without the use of an explicit tutorial and, instead, through experimentation. New elements are presented even late into the game, which always made me excited to see what would lie in each new area.

The exploration is also fantastic, with secrets hidden in tricky to reach areas that give puzzles an extra layer of depth and make hunting around every nook and cranny feel properly rewarding. The amazing, outside-of-the-box solutions to some of the secrets were mind blowing and always felt amazing to figure out!

Real player with 324.7 hrs in game

On September 22nd, 2020 the game Chip’s Challenge became free on Steam. In Chip’s Challenge you control a character on a tile grid and solve a series of puzzles around moving blocks, opening doors, using tools, avoiding enemies, etc. to reach an end. Here’s the thing, Chip’s Challenge is now thirty years old and shows its age. Puzzle design that seemed engaging and exciting to me in 1995 is now tedious and dull. The joy has worn off.

On September 22nd, 2020 the game Blackshift published on Steam. Blackshift is Chip’s Challenge if it were, well, still good. The base description of the mechanics are the same (ok, you blow up a thing instead of finding an exit) but the “etc.” above keeps on going and going. Even as far as the 98th level new ideas are being added. Puzzles are often creative and surprising. Sure, across 100 levels not all are going to be winners, but by and large figuring out a level is a joy. Every time you beat one you just have to peek at the next one to see what it has to offer. And then you’re there and you just have to give it a try. Then suddenly it’s hours later than when you wanted to stop playing.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

Blackshift on Steam