Universal Enemies

Universal Enemies

Universal Enemies is a depth-scrolling action shooting game that supports a variety of play styles: alone, with the CPU, or with friends. Each stage can be played in a short period of time, so you can conquer it little by little in your free time. Once a stage has been cleared, you can play it again and again by selecting the stage. There are also stages with bosses and mini-games. Please enjoy the story with the cute monsters.

Main features

  • Deep scrolling: Move forward to the back of the screen and defeat the monsters coming at you from the front!

  • Story: The story of the heroes' organization and the hostile organization that uses the monsters.

  • Diverse stages: A variety of locations on land, sea, and in the air, and a variety of monsters await you.

  • Short play time: Each stage is short, so you can play a little at a time in your spare time.

  • Cooperative play: You can play locally with up to four players, or team up with the CPU by yourself.

  • Mini-games: Shoot, infiltrate, and race your way through the game! Local multiplayer support.

  • Split screen: The infiltration and racing mini-games are split-screen and each can be moved as desired.

  • Retro style: Switch the screen to retro style.

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Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble

I always wanted to learn how to ninja rope like the pros in Worms 1999. Now there is Worms Rumble, a real time action game with ninja ropes. The jetpack will probably give you a bigger advantage, but that’s ok since ninja roping is way more fun! There were many bugs we came across at the release, but after a week the devs fixed most of them and continue to work hard making the game better. The devs always replied to my concerns and complaints in the forums. There are many complaints about wanting destructible environments, girders, land mines, and other cherished worms related things, but as you can see this is a real time action game and not turn based so I welcome the new changes.

Real player with 292.4 hrs in game

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Worms Rumble is an example of how to NOT do a online service. I respect Team 17 and their developers but its very apparent that this is their first attempt for a fully online experience.

This game is fun and I really enjoy it when I get around to playing it but my god is the waiting times a chore. If i’m not waiting 5-10 minutes if i’m lucky with 1/6th of the lobby filled, I’m waiting for the game to boot me out of searching for that match to reset the process.

The games bugs make the game almost unfun to play half the time. Any projectile based weapon like a bazooka or a plasma gun just clip through the map and do no damage. The shield will sometimes lose its collision box and just become a useless piece of junk and a mark on your back. The fact these bugs have been going on since launch its obvious they’re never going to get around to fixing them due to their only interest being cosmetic fluff.

Real player with 121.4 hrs in game

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Girl Agent

Girl Agent


Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

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Full playthrough w/ all achievements here: https://youtu.be/m04OoDr7WDY


I’m actually surprised by how fun this game was considering the creator emphasizes how early access it is. The game plays well and it really keeps you on your toes, because restarting from the beginning actually sucks. The enemies have some neat attacks and can pressure you pretty well and seeing your character progress it’s pretty entertaining. Improvements I would suggest is telling the player they can leave the run to use their trait points and continue the same run. I think having the shop upgrades cycle as you buy them would keep the game more balanced and interesting, because if shield upgrade and ranged weapon upgrade are available it’s a no brainer what you’re going to buy. I tried 4 different weapons before realizing the starter weapon is all you need I’m not sure if I got unlucky or what, but the starter weapon was the only one which would auto fire when I held the left click. The game can be abused a little bit as well since you can leave the game and rejoin it to make sure the shop has what you want in it. Overall I had a ton of fun with this game and hopefully I’ll be able to check it out again when it full releases.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Girl Agent on Steam



Riffle Effect is a hardcore TPS adventure game with cartoon graphics.


Gatto, a member of the Migratory Bird Mercenary Corps, and Rose, an astronaut A.I., wander into space without a destination.

They fall into a wormhole during a space trip, and the Ureun planet, where they arrived, was an unknown planet.

After an emergency landing, Rose is completely destroyed and Gatto fights aliens to fix the broken Rose.

he can’t lose my only colleague and friend.

To save her, he need to find parts all over the planet.

he fight aliens, avoid traps, and solve puzzles.

Various weapons are available and various skills are available.


  • cute cartoon graphics

  • Various Guns and Skills

  • a difficult level of difficulty that makes you want to challenge.

  • bosses with different patterns

  • Rescue the Cute Elbbak

RiffleEffect on Steam



I’m gonna bang this out fast since I wanna get this out here quickly. Apologies if it’s a bit messy.

I was informed of this game about 20 hours prior to the release. I checked out some videos and made up my mind that the game looks like it should be within the 15 dollar range (just my opinion) . The following day I got an email saying the game has released, and for 10.49 for the first week. I jumped on it and bought the game.


This is a top-down style survival horror shooter. You have 5 scenarios, a neat little tutorial, and an “onslaught mode” to complete. In my almost 4 hours of gametime I only completed the tutorial and the first scenario. Having only completed scenario 1, I can say that each one consists of a large map with multiple locked doors and small puzzles throughout, with plenty of documents to read that will fill you in on what is happening around you. Now you can’t just assume you are safe because you are reading something, ohhh my sweet child no.. THEY WILL COME AFTER YOU AND THEY WILL NOT STOP. So you’d best not dilly dally or you will become zombie food ( I did a few times -_- ). You have an inventory system that allows you to carry only so many items with you at a time. I had a few tough decisions to make between ammo and health while playing. You complete puzzles, fight monsters, and unlock doors while running for your life and trying to find the exit.

Real player with 26.1 hrs in game

Outbreak (or - as the fans refer to it as - ob2d) is the first game in the “Outbreak” series. It’s a 2D, top down survival horror game, which brings the player back to strict inventory control, limited resources, and even limited light, with the legendary tank controls set up.

I’m not going to pull any punches here; I strongly disliked this game in my first 5 or so hours… I just couldn’t get into it, and found it unnecessarily hard and punishing… I left it a negative review, uninstalled it, and vowed to never play it again. But as the developer kept work on his other titles in the series, I thought I’d give it one last look. This time around, and with a little research and correspondence in the series' Discord channel, I found the game much more enjoyable to play.

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

Outbreak on Steam



This review contains major spoilers. Be warned and proceed at your discretion.

LIBERATED is one of the games that you’re not meant to have fun with. It tells a dark story about dystopian future, where the government controls every aspect of human lives. Don’t purchase or gain enough via wire? Don’t post enough photos on social media? You’re under suspicion. Maybe you post an online comment doubting the current government? You’re asking to be arrested, discredited, pretty much erased.

There’s a group of people in that world. They call themselves The Liberated. Throughout the game they hunt for the proof that the government is corrupt, and ultimately, that it was behind the big terrorist attack on the school, which they needed to justify building this strict regime, where privacy is a crime.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

A digital interactive comic book set in a noir cyberpunk world of complete government control, eerily reminiscent and very close to the course our own blue ball of yarn is spinning into at the moment.

What excites about Liberated is the way it’s presented. Through a slick, black and white comic book, complete with textured panels, sounds of flipped pages and reflections. You even have the ability to tilt the view around the panels a bit. It’s a complete experience of reading a comic book. I can almost smell the paper. The art is wonderful (brings to mind Frank Miller’s Sin City, even a hint of Torpedo and some other noir comics) and the way the panels are framed really glues your eyes to a single panel, letting you linger on it as long as you want.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game


Space Mavericks

Space Mavericks

Get a spaceship, travel through galaxies and fight battles for your freedom!

Add Space Mavericks to your wishlist, contribute to the development, get access to early versions and exclusive benefits!

Coming Soon!

Still under development, Space Mavericks is a multiplayer artillery action game that is recreating the classic artillery style of aiming and shooting by adjusting the angle and power. However, the game is adding a few unique features to the genre:

  • Unlike most artillery games, Space Mavericks is played in Real-Time;

  • The game is set in space, and shots are affected by planets' gravity forces as they travel to reach the target;

  • Projectiles cause damage and can destroy planets and stars;

  • A variety of commanders and spaceships that have different kinds of attributes, shots, and special moves;

  • A diversity of multiplayer modes prepared with ranking systems for the competitive scenario;

  • An adventure mode with a rich story and giant bosses;

  • Fast, fun, and addictive.

Aim and Move

As with any classic artillery game, you can aim, shoot and move by adjusting the weapon’s angle and power. Be aware that gravity forces will interfere with your movement and shots!

Trajectory Projection

To help you deal with gravity interference, have the spaceship AI simulate the shot’s trajectory. An excellent strategy to check where you’re aiming to and avoid generating heat for nothing.


Heat dissipation is one of the most significant challenges in space, and that’s no different in Space Mavericks. Moving, defending and shooting will generate heat, so use it wisely.

Special Shots

Every Commander has their own unique shots, skills and special powers. Learn their abilities and specials to dominate battles against your enemies.

Choose a Commander that suits your Maverick style on battles. Each of them have unique powers and spaceship abilities. Level them up for unique skins!

We’re creating new Commanders in a regular basis, together with new abilities, spaceships and powers to give to them. What kind of power do you seek? Share your opinion with us.

Check out the Commanders we have so far:

  • Prophet DX7: A versatile commander that can shoot multiple projectiles at once;

  • Goliath: A natural leader that can take a lot of damage to conquer his enemies;

  • Salomea: Damage over time and great Heat control;

  • Locus: A solo sniper with serious damage and teleport powers;

  • Zurr: Combines her unique ability to avoid gravity on the shots or to create massive explosions.

The Universe is so vast, filled with infinite alien species and mysterious technology. Each Commander has their unique spaceship with different attributes, abilities and ultimate powers.

Fight with style! Besides unique powers, you can unlock new fabulous spaceship skins.

You can use your skills to face off other Mavericks from all over the Universe! You’ll be able to create battlegrounds for up to 8 players and customize them with different settings.

Free-for-all Matches, for those who are lone wolves and fight for themselves.

Team Matches, for those who enjoy some team spirit and more elaborate tactics.

You’ll be able to enjoy a friendly match to hone your skills against other players. Think you’re a true Maverick? Join the ranked battles and see how far you can blast your way up the leaderboard.

You’ll be competing for rewards, experience and resources. Victory will only come for those who use Commanders wisely!

Space Mavericks on Steam

Warrior Tycoon

Warrior Tycoon

Defender of the Turrets : Warp Attack

is an Arcade Shooter where you can buy different Towers and upgrade them to destroy incoming Enemies.

The enemies come in waves, you have to survive them. In special events you need your full concentration and accuracy of aim so that no enemy can overcome your defensive line of different towers.


  • Find the best gameplay to survive the different waves of enemies.

  • Unlock different towers in challenges and select them in the defense line.

  • Tower upgrade system to increase firepower.

  • Choose between different abilities to increase firepower.

  • Show your performance on global high score lists.

  • More then 20 Achievements to unlock


  • To unlock new towers, certain challenges must be completed for each tower.

Idle Mode

With Full Automatic Towers you only have to Upgrade your Towers and can Watch them Destroying Enemy after Enemy while your Money raises up. In a global high score list we will determine the Idle Master in Defender of the Turrets.

Warrior Tycoon on Steam

Beat Me If You Can

Beat Me If You Can

weird af

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Very annoying game


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Beat Me If You Can on Steam

Tiger Tank

Tiger Tank


Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Tiger Tank on Steam