Oh No! Bugs!

Oh No! Bugs!

This game looks pretty, but it’s not always what it seems. It’s fun for the first few minutes but then that’s it, you’re doing the same thing over and over again with no difference but a few characters here and there. It has potential but it also needs much more content to feel fulfilling, anyways, in it’s current state, I do not recomment.


Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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A Co-Op Arcade Game


  • The gameplay is enjoyable. You mainly go around pushing blocks at bugs trying to squash them. You have to be careful though because blocks will bounce back at you if you miss, and you must avoid getting hit by the bugs.

  • Relaxing background music

  • Local and Online co-op

  • I felt the game as a whole was a bit too basic / lacking in content. After about 10minutes the game started to feel repetitive.

  • After you complete each level you get some coins and experience, which you can use to purchase cosmetic items for your character. Unfortunetely, I just didn’t feel like these were rewarding or worth while to work up to.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Oh No! Bugs! on Steam

Tanks: The Crusades

Tanks: The Crusades

This is the greatest Game ever released. The graphics quality and scaling is flawless and there are no glitches. The game is still officially supported by the dev and gets regular updates. Can’t wait for official world wide multiplayer. Better than any other Tank game I’ve ever played.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

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I got some ideas.

1.Add fog.

2.Add more generation options like:

-how large the world should be. Large, mendium, small.

-what type of blocks should be generated.(this is hard to code it ngl).

3.Multiplayer options:

-bullet travel speed

-mine explosion time

-tank speed

And i hope for some bugfixes. I found one, when you teleport and mine is planted close to teleport, mine explodes too early and dealing no dmg to tank.

I hope you will read this and please don’t feel offended.

Sorry for bad english.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Tanks: The Crusades on Steam

Saffron Fields

Saffron Fields


An arcade tank game devoted to physics rather than hitpoints

You’ll have

A tank that can shoot, jump and do a somersault

A greedy, reckless, drug-dealing PMC, staffed by copters, fighters, digging tanks and mechas

Infinite fun of trying to throw everybody from the edge

Kickass, plunging into a battle trance soundtrack by Damscray

4 different game mods

  • Campaigntricky arenas, cutscenes and unique bossfights

  • Endless — compete with saffron farmers around the world in a global leaderboard

  • Co-op — see how long you can survive with your friend in local multiplayer

  • Dueldestroy your friendship by showing ultimate tank skillz

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Saffron Fields on Steam

Tiger Tank

Tiger Tank


Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Tiger Tank on Steam

World War 2 Craft (二战演义)

World War 2 Craft (二战演义)

The levels do not seem to have a reasonable difficulty. The first mission is nearly impossible to complete with the forces given before one of the three bridges explode. However, game has a lot of potential if some UI and balancing fixes are made.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

World War 2 Craft (二战演义) on Steam

Furious Angels

Furious Angels

FA is a minimalistic, short and sweet arcade dogfighting shooter that is so much more than what you may think. Somewhat easy to get into, surprisingly hard to master.


Furious Angels (FA in short) is all about… blowing stuff up. While trying not to die. All while babysitting the helpless mothership. And of course, get a good looking score. Oh, and there’s no campaign, no story, no upgrade grinding. Only explosions. And scores.

Your goal - face the endless hordes of enemies that want you and your mothership dead. Losing either is a Game Over. Stay alive as long as you can, get that big big combo, but your fate is sealed before it all begins. You’ll lose. As for how, it’s up to you to decide.

Real player with 307.8 hrs in game

I don’t write many Reviews.

I think most Games do not deserve, or need my opinion.

And I usually don’t feel well as an advertisement writer.

But this one game is different. For me, this is a hidden Gem.

This is the only game i play everyday for 5-10 minutes. Since more then a Year.

No other game got me hooked like this. I think I can say I like it a bit.

Maybe it is just a me-thing. Maybe it appeals just to my personal taste.

It is arcade-y, and in a way that makes it great … I love the Explosions.

Real player with 231.7 hrs in game

Furious Angels on Steam

Retro Commander

Retro Commander

Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy wargame (RTS). Take command and fight it out in a world where a cataclysmic timeline has transpired on Mother Earth. Wage wars solo, against the AI, or take on your gaming comrades and friends in cross-platform multiplayer matches. Form teams and clans and fight co-op style with the AI and other players for ultimate victory.

Range of functionality is comprised of base building, exploration and expansion. In addition, the game features a multitude of pre-defined missions such as elimination, survival mode, capture the flag, defense and escort missions. A post-apocalyptic story campaign puts this all together into an engaging experience. Players have a variety of troops at their disposal to wage war on land, sea and in the air. Armed forces included are infantry, tanks, warships, submarines, fighter jets, recon drones and bombers to reign supreme over the enemy in battle.

  • Real-time strategy (RTS) played in a post-apocalyptic timeline on Mother Earth.

  • Challenging AI for single player games including co-op play with the AI.

  • Cross-platform multiplayer over LAN/internet including co-op team and clan games.

  • Deep campaign and story line of humanity after a cataclysmic event.

  • Troops including infantry, tanks, jets, helicopters, airships, warships, submarines and more.

  • Factions each with their own technologies including stealth, laser, shields and more.

  • Missions including elimination, survival, capture the flag and defense.

  • Demanding environment with day-night cycles, rain, wind and solar flare activity.

  • Map editor and a central server to host and distribute player-modded maps.

  • High scores, playing statistics, achievements and multiplayer ELO-ranking.

  • Engaging music, sound effects and fantastic graphics.

The game includes one map for FREE. Other maps are all available for download as a single purchase or 1-by-1 if desired. Multiplayer games are generally free to join. There is no subscriptions. This game is NOT pay-to-win.

If you like this game, please also try our other strategy games. You should be able to find the games in the same marketplace!

Thanks & Enjoy the Game!

noblemaster ]:-D

Retro Commander on Steam

War War

War War

A old-school style game that is fun and doesn’t take a gigabyte of storage in 2020? Crazy! Seems to be extremely optimized as it is small but brings with it a bunch of fun online matchups. 3 units, ground forces, a tank and 2 drones. I think I am best at the tank as it is easiest, but splitting up the ground forces and controlling individual groups of them with two joysticks on the same controller at once is awesome! Units can’t turn around (they can’t and it seems intended) so the game is a simple match up once you go to War War!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

War War on Steam

AOD: Art Of Defense

AOD: Art Of Defense

Clearly a mobile port but the game is kind of addicting, its basic tower defence with ability to level up the units and heroes that control one of each of the units. The units costs to put down along with the gems you get for doing missions is reasonable enough that you do not really need to spend real money on the game. It is in a sense a great time killer while you wait for your mates to come online or just to shoot a few missions before you retire for the evening, it is kind of relaxing mindless game play as a lot of the missions are easy, some though do throw you and you end up using the special gem based weapons to save the day. If you like tower defence this is for you, if you like it user friendly this is also for you but i wouldnt play this as a main game so to speak. Saying that 7/10 not bad time waster imo

Real player with 111.8 hrs in game

i am not a big fan of tower defence games, but it was free so i gave it a go.

well worth it. possibly the best tower defence game i have so far played and i still play daily weeks later. its challenging enough without being frustrating and its entertaining enough not to be dull. graphics are sufficient and not 90’s pixels like so many other free games and micro purchases are not massively over=priced which is another norm.

latter stages im sure the cost of microtransactions and what they provide will be redundant as the cost to reward ratio will be worthless, but early game it can be a real benefit. getting all 6 heroes unlocked early is a real benefit.

Real player with 79.1 hrs in game

AOD: Art Of Defense on Steam

Hijack Overdrive

Hijack Overdrive

_Why blow up an enemy vehicle when you can steal it?

Why stay in 1 vehicle when you can pilot a small fleet?_

Hijack Overdrive is a fast-paced action game where you steal enemy vehicles mid-combat to fight back. You’ll have to jump from vehicle to vehicle in order to grow and maintain your self-acquired-fleet as you pilot them single-handedly through the enemy forces.

It’s a unique genre-mix of Platformer, Shootemup, and a bit of Towerdefense.

Key Features

  • Innovative new game concept

  • 3+ hours of action-heavy gameplay

  • tons of different vehicle-types to acquire and use as you see fit

  • Bring acquired vehicles to the garage to dismantle them or built new ones, and take them to other missions

  • Grow your own personal fleet to lead assaults into the monster realm!

  • Defeat big boss-monsters

  • Unique scoring system by breakdancing on vehicles


You’re part of a small resistance fighting against a tyrant set on world domination. His quest for power has led him to look beyond our world in search of the elusive monster-realm and the power it contains.

He must be stopped before it is too late, but his forces vastly outnumber the resistance’s. In a last effort, “operation Hijack Overdrive” has been set in motion.

Now all hope rests on your shoulders, as you’ve been trained and equipped to turn the enemies’ numbers against them!


At it’s core Hijack Overdrive is a tactical side-scrolling platformer. Staying in 1 vehicle will often mean the death of you, so you’re constantly on the move, stealing different vehicles, creating a small fleet on the fly, all while dodging enemy fire.

Depending on what you decide to do, a vehicle can be an enemy, an ally, a platform, or a shield.

You decide how you want to tackle each situation, but you’ll have to think fast.


You’re stationed in a base near the front line, from there you will start each mission.

After completing a mission, the vehicles you acquired get added to the garage in your base.

You can use any vehicle from your base to start a mission with, and even summon one when in a pickle.

There’s also a unique challenge for each vehicle type in your garage, so try to collect them all!

Grow your own personal fleet and use them on special missions where you’ll need every last one of them!

You can redo completed missions at any time to get more vehicles in your garage. (and get the ones you missed)

Hijack Overdrive on Steam