Sea Bubble

Sea Bubble

Very wholesome game with nice aesthetics.

The kind of game you play at a couch party with some friends, controller and keyboard needed, haven’t tried playing with 2 controllers tho(and dunno if you can).

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

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At first I was a little sceptic, watching the trailer only gave me questions about purchasing this game or not, does this kind of game really fit me? But I went to the steam page and I saw that the game wasn’t really expensive, so why not to try it? I downloaded and tried it with my roomate, and you know? It made our afternoon. This game may not have top-notch graphics or be as complex as Rocket League, but is fun to play with a friend, is that kind of game that is better when you play with someone physically and joke about it, or play with some friends a friday night before going outside.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Sea Bubble on Steam

Retro Commander

Retro Commander

Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy wargame (RTS). Take command and fight it out in a world where a cataclysmic timeline has transpired on Mother Earth. Wage wars solo, against the AI, or take on your gaming comrades and friends in cross-platform multiplayer matches. Form teams and clans and fight co-op style with the AI and other players for ultimate victory.

Range of functionality is comprised of base building, exploration and expansion. In addition, the game features a multitude of pre-defined missions such as elimination, survival mode, capture the flag, defense and escort missions. A post-apocalyptic story campaign puts this all together into an engaging experience. Players have a variety of troops at their disposal to wage war on land, sea and in the air. Armed forces included are infantry, tanks, warships, submarines, fighter jets, recon drones and bombers to reign supreme over the enemy in battle.

  • Real-time strategy (RTS) played in a post-apocalyptic timeline on Mother Earth.

  • Challenging AI for single player games including co-op play with the AI.

  • Cross-platform multiplayer over LAN/internet including co-op team and clan games.

  • Deep campaign and story line of humanity after a cataclysmic event.

  • Troops including infantry, tanks, jets, helicopters, airships, warships, submarines and more.

  • Factions each with their own technologies including stealth, laser, shields and more.

  • Missions including elimination, survival, capture the flag and defense.

  • Demanding environment with day-night cycles, rain, wind and solar flare activity.

  • Map editor and a central server to host and distribute player-modded maps.

  • High scores, playing statistics, achievements and multiplayer ELO-ranking.

  • Engaging music, sound effects and fantastic graphics.

The game includes one map for FREE. Other maps are all available for download as a single purchase or 1-by-1 if desired. Multiplayer games are generally free to join. There is no subscriptions. This game is NOT pay-to-win.

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Thanks & Enjoy the Game!

noblemaster ]:-D

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Retro Commander on Steam