The Gardener and the Wild Vines

The Gardener and the Wild Vines

I received am copy of this game for free from the developers

I loved this game so much! I’m fairly new to platformers, so I was expecting to struggle a LOT, but I had so much fun, even when I was struggling! The story made me cry many times, and I think it’s a perfect mix of storytelling and play, and has great parallels to real life situations that people may be struggling with.

Long story short, this game is beautifully written, and is so much fun to play. Definitely give it a go if you can!

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

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This is good. This is VERY good. For a price as low as this, I was expecting a game that could be finished in half an hour and not give the slightest toss about plot resolution or characterisation.

But no; The Gardener and the Wild Vines is a fantastic game. Took me about six hours to complete and it’s bloody beautiful. Even with the retro-style 3D and pixel art, it’s still a unique game with a cool unique idea that it does very well, it’s very creative, and the characters are well done. Absolutely worth the play.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

The Gardener and the Wild Vines on Steam

Blue June

Blue June

#### STORY A young girl is tormented by terrifying nightmares, slowly pulling her into the past. Before long, the real world begins to feel strangely foreign. The colors, sounds, and smells are no longer the same. With every passing day, the dream world seeps into the real one and soon, she might not be able to tell the difference… #### GAMEPLAY Players will navigate the world as June and interact with her nightmares, people and objects. Puzzles will require a keen eye as they scale with the intensity of June’s nightmares and delusions. Although the main story path will require casual effort, collectibles and secrets or hidden paths may not be obvious at first. #### FEATURES

  • Dreamy 2.5D atmospheric horror experience

  • Immersive and mind-bending story

  • Beautifully gloomy low poly environments

  • Clever and interesting puzzles

  • Engaging collectibles and hidden secrets

  • Passionately developed by a one-girl team

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Blue June on Steam



DOGGONE is the once in a generation story of a lost dog trying to find its way home, inspired by the animal movies we all grew up with. Featuring a vibrant Disney-inspired art style, you will fulfill the ultimate dog fantasy as you embark upon a life-altering journey back home.

It’s Homeward Bound meets INSIDE with an art style like Sleeping Beauty.


  • Find your way home by journeying through a beautiful, handcrafted 2.5d world

  • Sniff out points of interest and solve puzzles through Smell-O-Vision

  • Dig up important items and hidden collectibles

  • Bark, because… well, you’re a dog!

DOGGONE is a beautiful, heartfelt game and does not include violence, so in order to fulfill our promise to Phil Spencer, this will not be “like Old Yeller.”

The best way you can support our long journey home at this early stage is to wishlist the project!

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DOGGONE on Steam

Commissar Catlov

Commissar Catlov

Hopefully no animals were harmed in the creation of this garbage?

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Best $2.69 I spent.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Commissar Catlov on Steam



Druid is an enjoyable puzzle quest. You play as a Druid who goes to a magical forest. He wants to find a mentor and become wiser. It is very difficult to find the right path in the forest: there are many ravines, reservoirs, impassable thickets. To get into inaccessible areas, the Druid needs to learn new abilities that are activated using magic runes. They can be obtained by helping animals in the forest. Runes can be combined.

Nice graphics, unobtrusive background music. The game is worth the money. I highly recommend it for playing with children. Although it’s hard to find the right path without a forest map.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

This is like a ‘metroid-vania’ game but instead of action-adventure, we have some light puzzle elements.

To put it another way, it is like if you replaced a point&click adventure game’s mechanics with the ‘HM moves’ that you use in Pokemon to open up new areas of the overworld map.

You are a druid seeking enlightenment in the forest, and you slowly gather a series of magical runes that let you interact with the environment, or take on animal form, to conveniently get past oddly specific obstacles you find in the forest.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Druid on Steam

Mayhem in Single Valley

Mayhem in Single Valley

*I played in v 4.0.02 and finished the game in v 4.0.04.

Playing status: 100% achievement

Grindy Achievement(s): No.

Optional Achievement(s): Yes (29 achievements, all of them are missables).

Difficult Achievement(s): No.


There is mayhem in Single Valley. Everyone turned into radioactive, mindless monsters that can kill you in one hit. Explore the whole valley, dodging all monsters along the way, to save everyone.


  • A lot of collectibles to collect, some are hidden in tricky places

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

The 80s Never Felt So Good!

(a review copy of this game was provided. Check out my full review on GeektoGeekMedia)

What a fun ride! I want to hurry and finish the review so I can play more! Mayhem in Single Valley is a polished, sharp, fun little adventure game that hits ya like a catchy 80s pop song; you can’t get it out of your head!

Jack Johnson (no relation) is about to fly to the city to attend art school–a wonderful opportunity and chance to escape the dead-end lifestyle of his not-so-well-to-do family. All that remains is a couple of chores and…what’s this? Mysterious shadow entities dumping toxic waste into the town’s water supply? Oh, dear! Well, what’s a helpful/mischievous lad in a red-hooded sweatshirt supposed to do but grab some trashcan lids and fight mutant forest animals!?

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Mayhem in Single Valley on Steam



Embark on a clockwork puzzle-platforming adventure set in a mechanical ecosystem as Cognito, a curious creature whose duty to maintain the lifecycle of this captivating world leads him on a journey to heart of the machine in order to save it.

In this metallic jungle - where life is mechanical, rather than biological in nature - evolution has given rise to a beautifully orchestrated set of behaviours, which underpin the tactile clockwork puzzles and dynamic platforming of the game.

Mechinus on Steam



A well written experience full of interesting character and setting.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

I loved the demo of this game and was HYPED to play the full version.

Without saying too much, I will say you should take your expectations of what you think the game is and throw them out the window and enjoy the ride! I fully enjoyed this very odd story. You can see the amount of love that went into this.

10 Bi Raccoons out of 10.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

Backbone on Steam



Welcome to the world of CREEPSLORE, where text shown in all caps means someone is SHOUTING!

Take part in a surreal, interactive arthouse adventure inspired by older Adventure Games mixed with Choose Your Own Adventure books and RPGs. Supported by it’s massive list of (112+!) characters, heartfelt story, and uniquely weird art style, Creepslore is here to make you laugh, cry, and question it’s creators' sanity and overall well being.

The game takes place sometime during the 1970’s, and is told from the point of view of a sarcastic character who gets suckered into an adventure after arriving on a monster filled island. Realizing there’s no way back, he now has to deal with a bunch of intoxicated creatures with idiosyncratic tendencies (ergo: they’re also stupid) who think humans are the de-facto best gourmet food option.

What this game offers:

  • surreal & tongue in cheek humor

  • a story with 5 completely different scenarios (no forced repeats of dialogues to unlock ‘extra’ content!)

  • 18 explorable locations, ranging from cities to swamps

  • more than 110 individual characters

  • pre-rendered backgrounds created in Quake

  • even MORE NUMBERS to grab your attention

  • text, text and some more text

  • a sad fish

What this game DOESN’T offer:

  • saving the world

  • cute anime girls

  • fan-service

  • a happy fish

PS: if you’ve ever wondered why the Giant Spider in Skyrim carries coins, and where the hell it puts them, we’ll, let’s just say we have the answer to that.

Creepslore on Steam



Welcome to the worlds of Homewords! In this story focussed adventure game you play a mute boy who has to help a rude kid find her parents on an alien planet.

As Vincent, it is your goal to prevent Zoë from insulting anyone, be that human or alien, and guide her through increasingly difficult conversations to get closer to reuniting her with her parents.

Homewords travelling tips:

  • Explore the alien melting pot planet, Orbtüse, and discover it’s peculiar locations.

  • Hold intense conversations with charming and memorable characters.

  • Make sure Zoë doesn’t insult said charming and memorable characters by interrupting her mid-sentence.

  • Learn about alien etiquette to ensure a well-flowing conversation.

  • Use your trusty notepad to help Zoë make decisions, that is if she feels like listening.

  • Walk, run and jump around each location to look for items you can use during conversations.

  • This also applies to useless shiny items that Zoë wants to collect for the sake of it.

  • Visit Party Park, hosts of the biggest planet-warming party in the world.

    ((This ad was paid for by Party Park Inc.))

  • No crying until the end.

Homewords on Steam