Playing Superverse is really awesome experience.

Whole universe against you, just like old retro games when we were saving world and universe from bad guys, those were good old times. What can one wish for more.

Excellent graphics and fluid gameplay is something that is typical for this game.

Tested on keyboard which can be playable but i recommend with Joypad. It is totally different experience.

Once you get used to controls it becomes very natural and easy to play even versus tougher opponents.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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Have you ever played Gate88? How about Chicken Invaders? Imagine Gate88 space mechanics and controls where you are floating and you can power up your weapons in Chicken Invaders style and just enjoy nice space scenery?

SUPERVERSE will give you all that and more. Although it is an early access game, it is offering interesting content. You are a small space vessel and you roam around different universes and upgrade weapons, Chicken Invaders style where more is better, enjoy the scenery and destroy enemy vessels.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game


Nebulas Lasso

Nebulas Lasso

A Sport of Capturing Humans

Play in this fast paced inter-galactic sport, where you score points by capturing humans.

Unqiue Characters

Choose from up to eight different characters, and pilot spaceship with it’s extraordinary weaponry; some can freeze incoming rockets, others can shield friends, and others can satisfyingly blow up opponents!


Compete in this fast paced, action packed arena, and enjoy how weaponry interact. The game relies on mechanical skills, and good understanding of each spaceship’s strengths and weaknesses inside this physics-based battle arena.

Online Multiplayer

Players can create rooms, and also navigate existing rooms to join other players to play together online.

Local Multiplayer

Compete against your friends as a space combatant to see who is the best human hunter of all! You can play with friends locally in free-for-all or team oriented matches.


A classic-style Arcade mode that tell stories of each character and what they have been promised in joining Nebulas Lasso. Some compete to reclaim lost glory, others compete to avenge their conquered race, while others simply enter for the joy of the hunt.

Supports both Controller and Keyboard+mouse

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Nebulas Lasso on Steam



Mastodonte is an attempt to revitalize the classic genre of Shoot ‘Em Ups, giving the player the mechanics to change the view, which brings depth and a whole new set of dynamics to the game.


The plot takes place in a not-so-distant future, where Ivory Coast is a military and scientific superpower, and needs to deal with the insubordination of other nations. You are in control of three Ivorian elite pilots from the Mastodonte squadron, and will need to survive different types of missions.


  • Each Life is a different aircraft that can be upgraded independently.

  • Directional shield with destructive power.

  • Reversible cannon to shoot backwards.

  • Aileron Roll to avoid projectiles.

  • Music-driven levels.

  • Original 2.5D art style.

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Mastodonte on Steam

The Spatials: Galactology

The Spatials: Galactology

### Too Long; Long-Story-Short, Version

I have to say; After holding-off from trying this game; for sooo long now… Im glad I finally did. Even in its current state of: - EA / Alpha;.. This game is amazingly well put-together & very immersive & playable & enjoyable so far. For everything that it says it is & does & wants to be; It really does deliver these things very well.

Coupled with, one of the most productive, active & interactive, community-minded / oriented Devs, Ive seen here on steam; which gives GREAT promise & hope; & firm reason to believe that this game, will only continue to advance & grow, in positive & unique directions & become even better into the near future, as it comes to its final completion. Not to mention, the current state of the game itself, also giving proper & solid testaments to those statements, as well.

Real player with 114.2 hrs in game

The Spatials: Galactology is a real time base simulator. You start with a small crew of ‘redshirts’ and a dream for a profitable space economy. Its current build is in the alpha stage which means that the tutorials are a little clunky and hard to follow. However, this is a real gem of an experience. It reminds me of a less frustrating and less boring version of Evil Genius. Your base is constantly doing stuff, a little space ant farm, while you can travel to various planets for resources.

The planets are procedurally created and they don’t have a huge variety at this junction, but the maps are pretty and serve the purpose of giving your troops something to explore and capture. Each planet has various resources, such as metals from the lava worlds, which must be extracted with a universal building (the old version had more variety but I don’t think it needs it.) As your tech tree increases you can put in recruitment centers and tv stations to run ads for your station.

Real player with 78.3 hrs in game

The Spatials: Galactology on Steam