Druid is an enjoyable puzzle quest. You play as a Druid who goes to a magical forest. He wants to find a mentor and become wiser. It is very difficult to find the right path in the forest: there are many ravines, reservoirs, impassable thickets. To get into inaccessible areas, the Druid needs to learn new abilities that are activated using magic runes. They can be obtained by helping animals in the forest. Runes can be combined.

Nice graphics, unobtrusive background music. The game is worth the money. I highly recommend it for playing with children. Although it’s hard to find the right path without a forest map.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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This is like a ‘metroid-vania’ game but instead of action-adventure, we have some light puzzle elements.

To put it another way, it is like if you replaced a point&click adventure game’s mechanics with the ‘HM moves’ that you use in Pokemon to open up new areas of the overworld map.

You are a druid seeking enlightenment in the forest, and you slowly gather a series of magical runes that let you interact with the environment, or take on animal form, to conveniently get past oddly specific obstacles you find in the forest.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Druid on Steam



Pros / What’s good?


The Egyptian theme is an eye-pleasing hook, and consistent throughout most of the game. The Serket armor set looks like something from monster hunter and the Ishtar set has this silly blue-pink paint job going on.

Combat is challenging, tactical almost. To Some attacks cannot be blocked, only dodged. Some cannot be dodged, only blocked. These attacks have ‘colored trails’ on them: red is unblockable, blue is undodgeable. Parrying - I found it new that you could parry enemies blocking with their shield in order to get them to drop their guard.

Real player with 116.1 hrs in game

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Pharaonic is a game that has drawn many comparisons to the Dark Souls series with its action RPG features and the hacking and slashing. Honestly, I have not played one game of the Dark Souls series. I wanted to give Pharaonic, an indie game, a try because I was captivated by the art direction, the stunning environmental design, and the stunning background design. It is a side scrolling game with a steep learning curve, tough enemies, and a fantastic setting in Ancient Egypt.

The story of Pharaonic is set in Ancient Egypt and you play Dagi, a prisoner who tries to escape from prison to find out what happened to The Red Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt in the year 440. You get to escape with the assistance of a mysterious woman. This is where your journey truly begins, as you are almost fully naked and armed with a basic sword. The plot is not very deep, but the focus of the game is on combat. There are many enemies and the battles are very difficult. I died many times but was rarely frustrated. I quickly realized that getting killed was mainly my fault and it was a matter of understanding my strengths and weaknesses as well as understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my enemies. Your defense, like dodge roll, block, and parry, is just as important as your offense because taking a few too many hits will result in certain death.

Real player with 47.5 hrs in game

Pharaonic on Steam



You play as a silent protagonist armed with a charge gun, and your ultimate goal is to progress through all levels presented by the game. Each level is a room that has only one exit, and your goal is to overcome any obstacles (such as humanly unreachable platforms or remotely-controlled closed doors) to reach that exit and progress to the next level.

To your help you have charge gun, cube and charge-proof walls (emitting light-blue segments). Charge gun is capable of positively or negatively charging cube and charge-proof walls. Depending on the charges applied, the interaction between them will be different:

  • if cube and wall have opposite charges - cube will attract and eventually static cling to the wall;

  • otherwise (alike charges) cube will repel away from the wall.

The closer those are, the stronger the effect.

There are major restrictions when it comes to charging objects:

  • cube can either be positively OR negatively charged at the same time, or neutral;

  • only one wall charge of the same sign can exist at the same time, and applying new alike wall charge to another location removes old.

You will need to figure out how to take advantage of these tools and manipulate objects to progress through. Almost every level forces you to learn a new way of using these tools, and some of the mechanics that you already learned in previous levels are mixed in.

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Charge on Steam

The Forestale

The Forestale

The Forestale is a fun platformer with bright juicy graphics and skillfully crafted levels. Starting to play it, I got very carried away for several days. The game deserves attention, although it is not a masterpiece, since there are flaws in it too. I will list the main advantages and disadvantages.


1. The levels in the game are non-linear, and, in addition to enemies, there are many traps and obstacles. The author has definitely managed to create an interesting gameplay.

2. The main thing: you want to explore all the levels, and each of them contains secret places with prizes. Finding some of the bonuses was very happy, because they pump up the hero well.

Real player with 40.5 hrs in game


So retro that it makes me remember my childhood when I played my console…. Т_Т

I think it should be noted that the controllingis difficult to get used to, because of this I often died (it’s good that the checkpoints are nearby).

this game will help you get nostalgic for a couple of nights.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

The Forestale on Steam