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Quantumleaper is a platformer where you can manipulate quantum mechanics to warp back and forth to a previous location. It’s a simple mechanic but it turns out to be pretty fun to play with. 6/10

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Quantumleaper on Steam

Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator


Be in command of your own space program, from rocket design to interplanetary travel and achieve your dream of cruising through the cosmos in your custom spacecraft.

In Spaceflight Simulator, you will get to engineer your rockets, plan launches and flights, attempt landings, deploy payloads and explore new worlds.


You could be launching your first rocket within minutes, but landing it in one piece might be another story!

With so many parts to pick from, you will learn through trial and error how to build spacecrafts best adapted to each of your missions. You will have to master navigating through the Solar system and landing your vehicle on all the planets and moons, each with their own atmospheric and terrain conditions.


During the design phase, you will get to assemble your own launch vehicle from a wide variety of components and pair them with a multitude of engines, all modeled after their real-world counterparts. Each part possesses its own technical specifications (mass, aerodynamics, etc.) which will affect your rocket’s behavior.

All engines accurately model thrust and fuel consumption affecting how much payload you’ll be able to carry safely. You’ll be able to create multistage vehicles, control how they separate and when secondary burn occurs in order to achieve the optimal trajectory.


Fuel your ambitions, launch satellites, build exploration rovers, space stations, multiple rockets into space. Your world is persistent and only your imagination is your limit.

Conquer the harsh conditions of the Solar system, travel long distances and build your presence in space throughout multiple missions.


Each part is highly detailed and serves a particular purpose. They are all based on their real-world equivalent and allow you to recreate your favorite historical rocket.

● Fuel tanks (20 sizes and configurations)

● Engines and thrusters (6 propulsion systems and a reaction control system)

● Aerodynamics (13 fairings with many nose and side cones)

● Capsules, probes, payload systems, separators and docking ports

● Landing systems (legs, parachutes, wheels)

● Utilities (solar panels, batteries, electrical, structural)

● Skins (to personalize your rocket)


Each destination is modeled accurately in terms of gravity pull and atmospheric conditions, offering a challenging landing experience every time.

● Earth, your starting point

● The Moon, Earth’s celestial companion

● Mercury, the smallest planet of our solar system and the closest to the Sun

● Venus, Earth’s inside neighbour with an extremely dense and hot atmosphere

● Mars, the red planet with a thin atmosphere

● Phobos, Mars' inner moon, with rough terrain and low gravity

● Deimos, Mars' outer moon, with an extremely low gravity and a smooth surface

● Jupiter, the gas giant with its thick atmosphere

● Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Each with their how terrain and landing difficulty

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Spaceflight Simulator on Steam

The Judgement of Q

The Judgement of Q

After i tried it, i’m not considering it as a puzzle game only, but also a brainstorming game, where you think through this short trip about the meaning of life and about the truth of it (that’s how i would describe it). Great game from an ambitious developer and i hope there will be more games like this.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

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The judgement of Q is one of those simple games to play when you want to chill, the puzzles are thought provoking, but not frustrating. The soundtrack is soothing and harmonic with the progression of the game. The environment design is the most beautiful aspect of the game, giving the player a sense of discovery and curiosity, that goes along with the narration, which can get somewhat confusing at times, but the game is mostly visual anyway.

There are occasional FPS drops between loading screens, but nothing that will completely upset your experience. It’s an overall calm and relaxing experience with meaningful implications.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

The Judgement of Q on Steam

A Forgetful Loop

A Forgetful Loop


  • Simple mechanics that form some surprisingly complex levels

  • Writing is better than it has any right to be for a puzzle game

  • Music is top notch and rather catchy

  • Honestly peak gameflow


  • Lost track of time during play, which is ironic really

  • Existential dread about the nature of quantum mechanics

Disclosure: Was a beta tester for this, but purchased my own copy on release

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

This is a great, fast-paced worker assignment puzzle. it’s a lot of fun! As someone who likes time management/cooking games where you have to frantically cook multiple meals at once, I took to A Forgetful Loop immediately. It has a few bugs, which can generally be solved by closing and reopening. The story sections (which are text only) are sad and stressful and sometimes kind of horrifying, but you can skip them if you want to. I reported a bug and the developers were very responsive and nice. I would definitely recommend this game if you like fast paced time-management worker assignment games.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

A Forgetful Loop on Steam



I love this game, it’s new and it’s incredibly fun. I just got lost in time for over an hour building satellites and generating substantial income. I’m super excited to see where this game goes in the future and I’ll definitely be playing more, definitely recommend!

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

This game is awesome fun to play no matter your interest on space and rockets! it fulfils the need to learn and experiment with different rockets and stratergys to launch rockets into orbit. im not so good at it :) but have had a good laugh trying my best to have a successful satellite internet company.

would highly recommend for any space and economy enthusiasts and any gamer looking for a cool, casual and chill space sim!

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Orbit-X on Steam

Tetra Cube

Tetra Cube

Tetra Cube is a solo project by DDal, an Illustrator, known for art from gacha game Girls' Frontline. With small budget and zero marketing, Tetra Cube gets instantly into a pile of Steam games with near zero discoverability on the release day, but let it not deceive you.

So what is Tetra Cube? Basically, if you played Into the Breach and Invisible Inc, the game will give you those feels, except on a much smaller scale since the game isn’t that complex. It’s fast paced, fun, small puzzle battles in 8x8 tiles or 8x4 tile rooms, and you control only 2 characters + 1 hacked robot of your choice. You dungeon crawl through floors, manage your resources, upgrades, equipment and try to win battles without taking any damage if possible. Full run from start till the end is around ~2-3 hours. Music is probably one of my favorite things in Tetra Cube. And surprisingly, plenty of different tracks for such a small project.

Real player with 98.5 hrs in game

Even though the price is deceptively low, this game received a lot of effort. It takes several hours to play until the ending, without feeling repetitive or watered down.

The strategic part is easy to understand, and feels fair and fun to play. Different equipment requires different strategies, which makes it fun to fight for another ending. Unlike many rouge-somethings this game follows the plot and doesn’t revolve around randomness and near infinite replays, finding good balance between procedural crawling parts, and story progression.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

Tetra Cube on Steam

Shattered Slime

Shattered Slime

I think the art style is cute and I like the concept of altering mass to platform, but the Light form felt waaaay to floaty and you would lose all momentum when coming into contact with any wall which made some platforming areas difficult. Also unsure what the little orbs you collect were for?

Music was also missing in Level 2 while present in other stages. Soft music for the Menu/Level select would have been a nice touch as well as proper transitions from the start/end of the level to the Menu. Just felt kind of abrupt on completion.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

It’s good for a free game.

I wouldn’t recommend otherwise.

What I enjoy here are the peppy music score and the creative level design.

One issue is the controller being way too sensitive horizontally, with no option for adjustment.

A bigger issue, but an irregular one - it happens more in some levels than others - is the camera killing you. Sometimes it happens because of a sudden zoom in while you are navigating. More often, the game unfairly hides the deadly obstacles outside the screen, and uses sudden, large shifts instead of steadily centering on you.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Shattered Slime on Steam



Neo-Zero is a role-playing game which takes place in a hi-tech, dystopian, computer-simulated world. Neo-Zero features highly unsafe lab tests (puzzles) and rhythmic battles against husky military recruits.

In the 1990s, a scientist created the Neo-Zero™ Simulation Software to simulate a real world with real people. Their intent was to perform experiments on these virtual people. Shockingly, the simulated world devolved into a dystopia controlled by a single, abusive government. The world had started to build an artificial intelligence that could break itself out of Neo-Zero, so the scientist shut the Neo-Zero project down.

… two decades later, the (now broke) scientist decided to sell Neo-Zero as a video game.

As you boot up your copy of Neo-Zero for the first time, you will be entered into the world that the scientist had shut down.

You play as Apollo, an aspiring junior scientist at Oxylabs who is forced to perform tests using Oxylabs’ Propulsion Gun Prototype. During a morning of testing, Apollo finds himself stuck in the middle of a sticky situation: a military-enforced shutdown of the unethical Oxylabs.

Aela serves as the overseer to your tests on the day of the Oxylabs shutdown. She assists you on the journey to escape the facilities and prevent the government from laying their hands on Oxylabs’ most powerful device: Project Foxtrot.

After Oxylabs researchers determined that their world had a 99% chance of being a computer simulation, they developed Project Foxtrot, an artificial intelligence designed to exploit a glitch in the simulation. However, leaving Foxtrot powered on for more than 5 minutes has resulted in the simulated world falling apart…

Ferdinand is a coworker who led Oxylabs' Project Foxtrot. He may have the solution to stopping Project Foxtrot from destroying the world.

Perhaps Bonnie can help you find Ferdinand. Bonnie is a young entrepreneur who runs a chemical factory and is ready to make the deal of a lifetime. Bonnie may not realize it, but she has a stronger connection to Ferdinand than she is aware of.

You meet many other scientists throughout the game. Some of them do not take their careers as seriously as you do.

Soldiers are trained to capture any scientists they come across. Like typical video-game grunts, these soldiers have disgusting personalities and a terrible sense of humour!

Brobots are friendly devices which can feed you with corny jokes in times of despair. However, their software is pretty fragile, so handle them with care!

??? ????? ?? ?????? ? ?????? ????????? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ????? ?? ???????? ?????????? ??? ?????????? ?????? ? ??????? ?? ???????? ???? ????? ??????????

Battles: battles against enemies require you to press the WASD keys to deflect projectiles to the rhythm of the music.

Puzzles: you will encounter several puzzles that you must complete during your testing as an Oxylabs researcher. These puzzles feature bridges, locked doors, teleporters and the occasional riddle!

Money: you can spend the world currency, Jimmies, on snacks, lavish dining, as well as phone calls with your little brother Vlad.

As you struggle to escape Oxylabs and fight against the government, several characters develop along the way – including those that desire control over the artificial intelligence. Do you align yourself with or against the government? Can you save your family from impoverishment? Will you be able to stop the rogue intelligence from destroying the Neo-Zero simulation? That’s up to you to decide.

Neo-Zero on Steam

Space Defense Grid

Space Defense Grid

“Space Defense Grid” is a tower defense game. The enemies in the game will attack the energy center, steal energy and then escape. Players need to build defense grid according to different levels. It should be noted that different enemies have their own characteristics, such as some enemies get energy and speed up to escape, or open the energy shield, etc. players need to adjust the grid specifically, in addition,The game designs the enemy’s shield and weapon’s armor penetration, For example, the armor penetration of weapon a is 3, the shield value of enemy B is 4, the damage of a attacking B is reduced by 10%, and the effect range of weapon to enemy is 10% - 100%.

Space Defense Grid on Steam



It’s bouncy!

This reminds me of Portal so many times. The humor is there, the look and feel is just right. Controls may pose a challenge, if you think that you can learn everything within the first 5 minutes. Just dive in and get comfortable with the controls over time. Yes, you will probably fail 1-2 times but not too often. The game doesn’t start at 100% difficulty. Hence, you have a chance to make progress and be prepared for more complexity. The game gives a good tutorial-like introduction and is somewhat noob-friendly. For a puzzler, I very much like the fact that levels and parts of levels are not too open so that you cannot run into the wrong direction for too long. The level design seems thought through in this regard. Depending on your position, you may get a good grasp of where you have to go roll in the current level. I’m very much looking forward to playing this through and updating this review.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game


It’s a puzzle platformer that is true to its name. Play the game and you will see why. I’m not spoiling for ya.


  • it’s a new kind of concept for platformer

! (no, I haven’t not played portal, though people told it it’s like portal but since I’ve not played it, it is new to me)

  • I really love (mega love) the interactions between the characters

  • Nice story

  • nice progression of difficulty of stages

  • constant introduction of new elements

  • allow players to find shortcuts

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Beam on Steam