Ninja Stealth 2

Ninja Stealth 2

Shitty game with poor controls and where combat is just here to waste your time: it’s always the same without any progression, enemies respawn as soon as you leave a room and return to it, and drop the exact amount of healing needed to survive a fight with them. You gain “EXP” but you never level up, you can’t escape fight but you see the option (always greyed-out). Looks like the author used RPG Maker and didn’t even bother to remove/hide the elements he didn’t use.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

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Of the ninja Stealth series I enjoyed this one the most! Let me just say I like the RPG maker engine (all 3 use it but this doesn’t chage it a ton). This feels like a short and sweet RPGame! I liked that a lot! Not too cryptic… I didn’t need a walkthrough… I enjoyed it… It was… Dare I say… Fun!

Here are three things I will say to save fellow players some time withut spoiling anytning… Know your binary codes for number up to 10 and check BOTH the trunks and drivers sides of the cars in the parked car room! There are 2 cracked walls… One for each findable charater. One cannot go through both… the game is not broken… Stop trying :) If someone had just told me that my complete time would be at least an hour less!

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Ninja Stealth 2 on Steam

Reformers Intl Ver(变革者国际版)

Reformers Intl Ver(变革者国际版)

The game is more retro, although the picture is very ordinary, but there are many small eggs. Personally, I prefer this kind of game without hints to fumble on my own. Suggestions 1. Increase the minimap 2. Keyboard shortcut 3. I want to see the number of people online.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

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Solo Mode only! and can see online people only! i thought can help each other!(cannot)

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Reformers Intl Ver(变革者国际版) on Steam

Fallen Flowers(零落之花)

Fallen Flowers(零落之花)

About the game

The player plays the heroine Da Liana who has lost her memory. She wakes up in an unknown mansion and sees a girl standing next to her who claims to be her sister. She says she wants to take her back her lost memory. On the way to looking for memory, you will encounter an enemy who hinders you. By defeating the enemy, you will continue to strengthen your ability until the truth emerges and meet the real end.

Operation introduction

  • The “↑↓←→” of the keyboard is move, “Z” is OK, “X” is menu and cancel.

  • Equipment can be upgraded at the statue of the church. After the equipment is upgraded, it needs to be re equipped. It should be noted that after re equipping, the seats in the scene need to rest and return blood.

  • All enemies have the probability to drop materials for upgrading equipment after being defeated.

  • It is recommended to archive more records.

Story background

Pieces of memory puzzle, smoothly under the guidance of the girl, gradually spell it, however… There was an accident, all the beauty was punctured in the twinkling of an eye, and the cold reality came to my face……

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Fallen Flowers(零落之花) on Steam