Wasteland Warden

Wasteland Warden


Gain Teammates

Help Others


In the near future, AI corporations have taken over and are hunting down anyone not cooperating. This lead to a robotic arms race as the remaining “free” people mod themselves with any tech they can find and fled to the deserts and other unpopulated oases. Now its every man for himself outside the giant numbered cities run by the AI corps. Squeezed between assassin robots and cyborg gangs, one man takes it upon himself to lock up anything that can be locked up and… reprogram the rest? Lets all just ignore the growing rumors of an “all consuming sludge” appearing from the south.


  • Turn based

  • Grid based

  • Level the protagonist via skill trees

  • Defeated enemies become allies

  • Level your allies

  • Choose a complementary team

  • Many roles to fill: DPS, Range, Tanks, Area Effect

  • Upgrade your base

Still in early development. All art is subject to change.

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Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning

Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning

In this 1920s cartoon turn-based comedy RPG you’ll take to the stage using a variety of toons to entertain foes in your way as you help Otto the shy comedian in their epic quest to…make it to work on time??? Are you ready to joke and laugh your way through a rowdy roommate, buff bees, and big bullies?

Core Features

  • Journey through a 1920s cartoon world

  • Go on stage to outperform your foes

  • Giggle through a pun-filled narrative

Otto, a shy non-binary rabbit-like toon lives in the outskirts of the cartoon city of entertainment, Vaudeville after a terrible accident that crushed their hopes and dreams. Later rumors of dubious happenings have begun spreading across Vaudeville. As Otto wakes up to begin heading to work their morning begins to unfold in a maniacal fashion!

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Monochrome RPG Episode 1: The Maniacal Morning on Steam

Tiny Strife

Tiny Strife

I have no idea why the game has no reviews… but now it will! First of: it is adorable! I like the cute design of everything. Also, it is turn based. So turn-based party RPG (I mean it says it above). You start with one character, but the higher you go: the more you unlock.

The game is… luck based. I lost on the first or second battle my first time around. Then when I showed my friend how bad I was at it: I completed 1-1 area! Afterwards I tried to lose, because if you do - there is a score that updates and you get new skills… so I actually won Chapter 1… Go figure!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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We Are Live

We Are Live

I’m new to RougeLite games, so it took me a run or two to catch on. I really like the random encounters and rewards. But you also have options to shape your run. Together you need to think about your strategy for each run. I have not made it past the second level yet… I’m convinced spell crafting is the key and I get better each time.

All in all I think this game is fun, cute (in a pixel-heart kind of way), and mildly addicting (so far).

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

[Note: Low Hours Played on this account because I played a Beta off Steam previously]

I genuinely enjoyed my time so far in We Are Live, it has some innovative features to bring to the table while also keeping what makes a classic Roguelite. My favorite notable feature would be the spell creation mechanic where you’re able to find “nodes” which can be crafted into various spells, allowing a more or less infinite amount of unique spell combinations. The story is also intriguing and kept me pushing forward time after time to get to the next new bits of lore or dialogue. It’s not a huge game but certainly not too small either, it’s a great medium experience as a fair price point!

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

We Are Live on Steam

Alterium Shift

Alterium Shift

Join three heroes in training as they learn to master their individual strengths and harness the power of Alterium Essence. With their training nearly completed, Dolion, their teacher, prepares them for the most important mission they’ve faced yet.


You’ll begin your journey with three heroes in training; Pyra, Atlas, and Sage. Their teacher, Dolion, strives to mold his students into heroes, ones better than himself. The three heroes are taking their final test before being sent off on an important and life changing mission. What fate awaits these heroes and can they accomplish the tasks set forth before them?


Dolion: From war hero to teacher, Dolion seeks individuals to mold into heroes themselves.

Pyra: A strict and loyal leader, Pyra steers her team as straight as she does her spear.

Atlas: A young, shy, and nimble Archer, Atlas delivers every shot with deadly accuracy.

Sage: A very talented weaver of Alterium Essence, with an ego that matches their skill.


Alterium Shift has a full featured turn-based combat system with a turn-order display for important decision making! Exploit enemy weaknesses and gain experience to grow your party into an unstoppable force! Of course, the loot you earn will also help you a long your journey as well.


Explore the world of Alteria. Meet new and diverse people. Find loot and hidden treasure! Take on new quests. The decision is yours and every decision is important!

About Alterium Game and Developers:

Alterium Shift is a SNES JRPG inspired indie game developed by two friends (Mottzy and Drass_Ray) who want to share their love for games like Chrono Trigger and FFVI through their own games.

Alterium Shift on Steam

Darkest Valley

Darkest Valley


However you want to play, choose your difficulty and hack and slash through 4 story acts. Each playthrough contains pseudo-randomly generated maps, ensuring that every playthrough is different. Hidden challenge bosses, extra magical loot, and comedic stories can be found for those looking!


Journey through a dark fantasy world, as you uncover the strange happenings in the valley. Help your new friends and a town of misfits face off against the looming threat that has followed you from your past.


Darkest Valley is an homage to the many great 2D action RPGs from the last twenty years. The original soundtrack, the visual style, and the story is a meld of our favorite elements from the classic and unforgettable titles in this genre. Relive those experiences in this modern indie creation.


Wield customizable weapons and armor with 8 item types and a wide variety of potions. Skills apply weapon hits to enemies with interesting effects, combining with crafted attributes to allow huge customization in the way you attack and defend. Coordinate with your skill tree selections, stat points, and the items you salvage for crafting materials to find the perfect build for your play style.


Choose to be an agile melee fighter, a point and click ranged tank, or a strategic summoner. Build your way across an interconnected skill tree with 5 starting points: Melee, Ranged, Summoning, Defensive, and Passives. Leverage your fast reflexes, careful positioning, or thoughtful planning to defeat the hordes you will encounter.


There is no grind-based experience system in Darkest Valley. Increase your level and grow your strength by seeking out and finding otherworldly crystals shards that bestow great power upon those who wield them.


Throughout your journey you will fight against an array of creatures, from at first seemingly harmless slimes to monstrous trees that can walk, to horrors that come from the darkest depths. Dodge traps and find unexpected allies, where danger lurks around every corner.


In Darkest Valley there is little need to backtrack. Each area contains a mysterious enoki-like waypoint that acts as a portal and can be used to instantly teleport you from one area to another. If you die, you can simply teleport back to the latest waypoint and continue on your journey.

Darkest Valley on Steam



Discover the origins of Dracula in this classics-inspired JRPG.

Everyone is happy and there’s never any trouble in this peaceful little village of Westminster. Everyone loves you and its a golden-era.

Alex was just an average boy until that one fateful night, then his whole life changed forever.

15 years ago a mysterious old man left a strange amulet to protect against great evil, but once Alex finds the amulet he becomes something everyone feared, something that everyone hated, and it wasn’t his fault…

Alex has been transformed into a Vampire by The Dark Gods. They want Alex to fulfill the prophecy and become The Chosen One…

…To become Dracula, the Eater of Souls.


📺 Classic Role-Playing Style

🧱 2.5D graphics

📖 Rich Storyline

🎆 Unique magic, skills, and items only found in the Dracula series

👻 Surprises and treasure hidden in every corner

‎‎‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

**inspired by Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Breath of Fire.

Dracula is made for the true fans of classic RPGs! Rediscover all the nostalgic charm today’s RPGs are missing.**

+Linear Storyline

+Explore towns freely to unlock new side quests

+Dialogue can’t be skipped, you can’t read behind signs, and all the typical cliché 90s RPG mechanics

+In classic RPG tradition, the last boss will surprise you, and has multiple forms

*The sequel to this game is Dracula all grown up:


Dracula on Steam

Mayhem in Single Valley

Mayhem in Single Valley

*I played in v 4.0.02 and finished the game in v 4.0.04.

Playing status: 100% achievement

Grindy Achievement(s): No.

Optional Achievement(s): Yes (29 achievements, all of them are missables).

Difficult Achievement(s): No.


There is mayhem in Single Valley. Everyone turned into radioactive, mindless monsters that can kill you in one hit. Explore the whole valley, dodging all monsters along the way, to save everyone.


  • A lot of collectibles to collect, some are hidden in tricky places

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

The 80s Never Felt So Good!

(a review copy of this game was provided. Check out my full review on GeektoGeekMedia)

What a fun ride! I want to hurry and finish the review so I can play more! Mayhem in Single Valley is a polished, sharp, fun little adventure game that hits ya like a catchy 80s pop song; you can’t get it out of your head!

Jack Johnson (no relation) is about to fly to the city to attend art school–a wonderful opportunity and chance to escape the dead-end lifestyle of his not-so-well-to-do family. All that remains is a couple of chores and…what’s this? Mysterious shadow entities dumping toxic waste into the town’s water supply? Oh, dear! Well, what’s a helpful/mischievous lad in a red-hooded sweatshirt supposed to do but grab some trashcan lids and fight mutant forest animals!?

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Mayhem in Single Valley on Steam

Tetra Cube

Tetra Cube

Tetra Cube is a solo project by DDal, an Illustrator, known for art from gacha game Girls' Frontline. With small budget and zero marketing, Tetra Cube gets instantly into a pile of Steam games with near zero discoverability on the release day, but let it not deceive you.

So what is Tetra Cube? Basically, if you played Into the Breach and Invisible Inc, the game will give you those feels, except on a much smaller scale since the game isn’t that complex. It’s fast paced, fun, small puzzle battles in 8x8 tiles or 8x4 tile rooms, and you control only 2 characters + 1 hacked robot of your choice. You dungeon crawl through floors, manage your resources, upgrades, equipment and try to win battles without taking any damage if possible. Full run from start till the end is around ~2-3 hours. Music is probably one of my favorite things in Tetra Cube. And surprisingly, plenty of different tracks for such a small project.

Real player with 98.5 hrs in game

Even though the price is deceptively low, this game received a lot of effort. It takes several hours to play until the ending, without feeling repetitive or watered down.

The strategic part is easy to understand, and feels fair and fun to play. Different equipment requires different strategies, which makes it fun to fight for another ending. Unlike many rouge-somethings this game follows the plot and doesn’t revolve around randomness and near infinite replays, finding good balance between procedural crawling parts, and story progression.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

Tetra Cube on Steam

Burg Battle

Burg Battle

Takes the boring parts of RTS out of it. Easy to learn AND easy to master!

Real player with 89.9 hrs in game

Great reverse tower defense game. Easy to get hooked!

Single-player is fun, but multiplayer up to 8 players over LAN (but can fill in bots with different difficulties if you’d like) means I can blow up my buddy’s armies from afar.

Make lots of armies, blow up the other guys' armies, make bigger armies, and conquer. Multiple factions and individualized talent trees allows versatility in playstyle and adds a lot of depth to the game. 5/5.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

Burg Battle on Steam