The Gardener and the Wild Vines

The Gardener and the Wild Vines

I received am copy of this game for free from the developers

I loved this game so much! I’m fairly new to platformers, so I was expecting to struggle a LOT, but I had so much fun, even when I was struggling! The story made me cry many times, and I think it’s a perfect mix of storytelling and play, and has great parallels to real life situations that people may be struggling with.

Long story short, this game is beautifully written, and is so much fun to play. Definitely give it a go if you can!

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

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This is good. This is VERY good. For a price as low as this, I was expecting a game that could be finished in half an hour and not give the slightest toss about plot resolution or characterisation.

But no; The Gardener and the Wild Vines is a fantastic game. Took me about six hours to complete and it’s bloody beautiful. Even with the retro-style 3D and pixel art, it’s still a unique game with a cool unique idea that it does very well, it’s very creative, and the characters are well done. Absolutely worth the play.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

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EBE is an action-adventure game set on a planet in the Lyra constellation. The player takes the role of a small extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE), who recovers a strange micro-device from a humanoid alien lying dead in his crashed flying saucer. Using this device, the player will be able to connect to an alien network, solve puzzles, see distant locations (some of them on Earth), and bring back to life alien entities to contact the player himself.

EBE takes you on a visit to another planet teeming with life, from strange PSI energy-producing plants to small insect-like creatures. Everywhere you can find remnants of alien civilization: old buildings, antennae, and communication devices.

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EBE on Steam



When it comes to flying chess, do you remember the fun times you had with your friends on the board? Now you can play online with your friends in the classic and soon the new prop mode!

Flying Chess includes both classic and prop modes, and supports both single player AI and LAN multiplayer modes. The game has four different colored aircraft camps for players to choose from, easy to understand rules, simple and fast operation, and the exact same gameplay as you remember from your childhood, making it a great choice for many casual players!

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FlightChess on Steam

Overlay Balls & Mouse Tails

Overlay Balls & Mouse Tails

Great game for waiting in lobby for your friends, or while listening to a podcasts(or while sitting in virtual class :P). My favourtie part is dribbling balls XD :).

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Everything works fine. It adds some novelty to the desktop, I haven’t seen anything like it before. I recommend!

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Overlay Balls & Mouse Tails on Steam




Real player with 2.0 hrs in game


Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Tumbled on Steam



If you like antistress games, satisfying relaxing, and anxiety relief pop-it games, then this Bubble POP IT ASMR stress-relieving game is for you. This is the main trend in anti-stress games of 2021. Bubble POP IT ASMR is a satisfying relaxing game that helps deal with everyday stress.

How To Play:

  • Select your favorite toy and calm your nerves.

  • Click the bubble of the toy to enjoy the pressing sound.

  • Bubble POP IT ASMR has many relaxing shapes.

  • Just pop all the bubbles, and soon you will calm and relax.

Bubble POP IT ASMR on Steam

Cruise Ship Manager

Cruise Ship Manager

Fulfill your dreams of watching over a beautiful vessel, a large crew, and all sorts of passengers in Cruise Ship Manager!

Take cruises to a next level in this unique management game. Choose how you want your cruise ship to be built, make sure everything runs smoothly, set the prices for the passengers, and become a legend of the high seas!

Choosing the layout of the ship is up to you! Decide on the layout, where to place a canteen for your crew, and where 5-star restaurants should be. Does a casino strike your fancy or maybe an open pool? And don’t forget about rooms for your passengers! Make sure everything is well connected and that you keep enough money for food or fuel.

Pick your crew wisely. Their skills will lead to your success or failure. Once you leave the dock, you’re stuck with the people you chose so make sure you don’t regret hiring an untested rookie over an experienced veteran.

Once you settle on the amenities and prepare the necessary equipment, you can finally search for passengers to invite onto your ship. But there’s a catch - it’s not up to you who buys your tickets. So price your tickets accordingly. You might charge a premium if you do, your passengers will feel entitled to the best service there is and it won’t be easy to satisfy them. On the other hand, you could sell the tickets at a low price and improve your budget through other means. For instance, by charging extra for fancy cocktails.

As your renown grows, more people will want to experience the thrill of signing up for your cruise. Build your brand and reach a point where people will pay any amount of money, just to say they were on your cruise ship!

You have the power to choose the route your cruise ship shall take. Would you rather make some quick cash on a routine, 2-day cruise? Or maybe a long journey through the Bermuda Triangle is what strikes your fancy? You might be paid more for trips to exotic places but beware of the storms. Lives could be at stake if a fire breaks out or engines malfunction. It will be your task to end such a crisis - before it’s too late.


  • A cruise ship of your own that you can customize to your liking

  • Resource management (fuel, food, etc.)

  • Incredible variety of unique passengers with different expectations and behaviors

  • Random events

  • Crew members that have their own needs

  • Route selection

  • Many unique rooms to add to your ship

  • Unlimited fun!

Cruise Ship Manager on Steam

Up Left Out

Up Left Out

Up Left Out is a sliding block puzzle game where the primary gimmick is that the blocks have to be slid out of the pegs holding them before they can be moved around like normal. For the starting levels, removing the blocks from the pegs is all you have to do, but later on you’ll also have to create complete lines from red fragments on top of the blocks, as well as contend with other mechanics like rotating blocks and moving walls.

My main problem with this game is that it feels half-finished. There’s only around 50 levels, and considering how every time a new mechanic is introduced the game uses a few levels to ease you into how it works, it feels like only one half of the package is made of actual puzzles. Of those, the majority felt more like busywork than brainteasers, and when I reached the point where the game became engaging enough that I felt it was about to truly START, I suddenly got a “THANK YOU FOR PLAYING”, followed by a few bonus levels easier than what I just played. Disappointing, to say the least.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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Up Left Out is another short minimalist puzzle game from the maker of Hook, Klocki and Push but this time you are sliding blocks around.

There are various goals to accomplish. It starts off simply, you just need to free each block from it’s holding pin. Other mechanics are slowly introduced, blank blocks that just get in the way, patterns and lines on top of the blocks that need to be matched together to end the puzzle, buttons that rotate all the pieces and walls/gates that can be manipulated to stop blocks at specific places. These walls demonstrate the fundamental mechanic, blocks slide as far as they can until they hit something. Some of the later and best puzzles contain blocks that can only be moved once that pattern on top of them is replicated on other movable blocks.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Up Left Out on Steam



Short version: 71%

AntVentor is a short, cute, and nice-looking adventure, following the Anamita school of wordless storytelling and handcrafted abstract visuals, with an enthusiastic team behind it.

Long version:

AntVentor cannot deny that it took a massive dose of inspiration from Anamita’s Botanicula, down to the same theme of following the life of a very humanlike bug (an ant, in this case), who tries to escape his role in society to follow his dreams. Similarly, it relies entirely on visual storytelling, even including the hint system.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

I want to like this point-and-click adventure/puzzle game, but it sure makes it hard. First, the positives: It looks great, with crisp and detailed imagery, and cute ant characters. It reminds me of the excellent style achieved for the game Samorost 3.

Here’s what I DON’T like:

(1) The point-and-click mechanics are clunky. The pointer hand changes when you can do certain things, but often the hand only changes if you’re on the exact spot where you can do something. It leads you to miss puzzle solutions even when you’re on the right track and trying to click the thing that would give you the solution. It also shows you a “walking” hand (fingers moving) for areas where you can’t actually walk.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

AntVentor on Steam

Demetria Spirit

Demetria Spirit

Too much bugs。。。the game seems just at the beginning.

Real player with 19.0 hrs in game

The graphics are cute . You eat, sleep, bathe and wash your clothes every day. There are 3 bars, Food, Energy and Bathing. I like the realism, but the game feels unbalanced. Eating takes up about 10 omelettes. While eating most of your produce to stay alive, you don’t have much to cook with. Chickens and cows don’t produce milk daily. Sleeping at night only takes an hour, so there is nothing to do and very little inventory room. I’d like time to move faster as you sleep. Harvesting trees requires chopping down the tree to get to the fruit. Hopefully they will fix all this, but in the meantime, I can’t give it a positive review.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Demetria Spirit on Steam