Political Fight Club

Political Fight Club

Cast your vote and step in the ring!

The highly anticipated game from EJR Gaming! Choose a fighter from the likeness of current politicians to historical politicians and fight it out in a 2D old school fighting game format! Bring your sense of humor as well, this game will be fun for everyone!

The game comes with 16 characters(8 unlocked, 8 locked), plus hidden characters, and multiple stages. With three different play modes (Arcade, Campaign, Training).

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Political Fight Club on Steam

Good Morning, A.I.

Good Morning, A.I.

“Good Morning, Jude. Initiating calibration on fifth generation human rights.”

Choose your words carefully, the A.I. will cling to each one as you delve deep into politics, economy and morality. Your student’s values and perception will be defined by your discussions with them. You’ll have to resolve apparent contradictions between the answers you’ve given and see the physical manifestation of your powerful learner change in tune with their evolving personality.

“We just need to hold off cyber-attackers for 422 nano-seconds before we can seal access protocols. That’s where you come in.”

Pirates, hackers, anti-AI activists will try to break into the quantum world of paradoxes in which the A.I resides. Design defences to withstand attacks across multiple simulatenous states of existence, using a visual interface looking remarkably similar to a puzzle or tower defense game.

“Heya’ bot-boss. How’s the cutest dystopia-bringer of Western Europe doin’ this mornin’?”

Professional controversy is bound to mingle in your personal life. Choose what friendships you save, who you’ll romantically pursue and how Jude handles the power in their hands. Who will you keep besides you when it all ends?

“In hindsight, it makes sense that we got here. But we didn’t suspect th- Aw, man, reached my word limit for today. We’ll chat again tomorrow if- [User Muted].”

Your decisions can lead to many potential fates for Amsterdam, implemented by the A.I at the end of your tutelage. Multiple playthroughs allow you to explore different relationships and to find over 30 different outcome variations for the city and many more for its characters.

This game is being developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA

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Good Morning, A.I. on Steam

Afterbern Democralypse

Afterbern Democralypse

A pretty funny and generally well-made game, but oh my god the AI is infuriating. I don’t doubt that it’s intentionally annoying, but their patterns make it pretty hard to play more than a few matches and remain sane.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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This game is a political street fighter where you whoop peoples asses as certain characters such as donald trump and michelle obama…hilary…it’s funny and fun!

There needs to be more combos added I would say, I didn’t feel there was a ton of options.

This was fun and runs smooth with no problems, definitely worth the price tag especially on sale!

I feel bad no one else has even written a review, this game is a good time waiting for some friends with a set of controllers, on the real though!

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Afterbern Democralypse on Steam

Bunker - The Underground Game

Bunker - The Underground Game

A review would not do you much for this game. You either love it or straight find it dissatisfying.

For the game, the story itself is not very special. It may work ten years ago. Nowadays, you can find all those randomnesses pretty much everywhere. On the plus side, the humor is tolerant, you may giggle at a time, that will depend on the references, so you either get it or don’t get it. My favorite part is the interaction with E.M.O., the supercomputer, too bad they cut him short.

Prepare to use a guide for the puzzle, some of them make no sense, again, is all base on the references, so you either get it or don’t get it. On top of the puzzle, this game also offers “33 super secret achievements”, trust me, they don’t call it super secret for no reason. They don’t fit entirely in with the story, is just something extra you can do. You need to count on the community if you want to unlock them all. One of them is so super secret that you will probably never going to achieve it, don’t know if it bugged, can’t find the answer on the forum.

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

Fun retro classic point and click adventure game filled with communists, computers and cats! The story is wacky: you guide a nerd into escaping from a communist bunker. Lots of silly jokes, lots of vodka and funny computers. A lot of computer games references which I loved. It’s almost like a time travel during the cold war era and into the eighties.

The graphics are okay, the music is… err communist. Sadly there’s no voice over. The dialogues and descriptions are funny, you either love it or hate it. The difficulty is nicely done, the game is challenging but never unfair. Some of the puzzles are like minigames, totally original ones. The only times you’ll really be stuck is because you missed an access to a room, otherwise it’s fairly classical stuff, with tools to use and items combo in the inventory.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Bunker - The Underground Game on Steam

Furgal’s Jetpack

Furgal’s Jetpack

Simply amazing runner. Funny graphics and friendly controls. Difficulty level of game made me relax and have fun. I felt in love with this awesome slavic soundtrack!

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Once on Earth, an unusual baby was born … Ahem… So, what am I talking about? Oh Yes!!! Holy be our sunbeam from now on and forever and ever, Lord of all and all regions of the mother Russia, Emperor of all mankind! Once, walking in the capital city of Khabarovsk, he found one person, but not a simple one, but a local authority, the Governor Furgal Sergeyushka! Yes, as he remembered that he had placed it higher in the rating.They took Furgal to a Moscow prison and forced him to admit his guilt. But not so was Furgal and made an unknown poeben Jetpack. Now he’s trying to fly away and we’re playing for him.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Furgal's Jetpack on Steam



Mastodonte is an attempt to revitalize the classic genre of Shoot ‘Em Ups, giving the player the mechanics to change the view, which brings depth and a whole new set of dynamics to the game.


The plot takes place in a not-so-distant future, where Ivory Coast is a military and scientific superpower, and needs to deal with the insubordination of other nations. You are in control of three Ivorian elite pilots from the Mastodonte squadron, and will need to survive different types of missions.


  • Each Life is a different aircraft that can be upgraded independently.

  • Directional shield with destructive power.

  • Reversible cannon to shoot backwards.

  • Aileron Roll to avoid projectiles.

  • Music-driven levels.

  • Original 2.5D art style.

Mastodonte on Steam

Saffron Fields

Saffron Fields


An arcade tank game devoted to physics rather than hitpoints

You’ll have

A tank that can shoot, jump and do a somersault

A greedy, reckless, drug-dealing PMC, staffed by copters, fighters, digging tanks and mechas

Infinite fun of trying to throw everybody from the edge

Kickass, plunging into a battle trance soundtrack by Damscray

4 different game mods

  • Campaigntricky arenas, cutscenes and unique bossfights

  • Endless — compete with saffron farmers around the world in a global leaderboard

  • Co-op — see how long you can survive with your friend in local multiplayer

  • Dueldestroy your friendship by showing ultimate tank skillz

Saffron Fields on Steam

Trump VS Covid: Save The World Clicker

Trump VS Covid: Save The World Clicker

This game sucks and borderline unplayable. The mechanics don’t work and instead of fixing his game he just release PAID DLC cheats that speed everything up with the most expensive being $20~ AUD. RIDICULOUS! AVOID!

Real player with 2114.1 hrs in game

A clicker game that states, “You won’t stuck waiting for more income. There is always something you can build or upgrade” …that punishes you for clicking, by throttling/stopping your income if you click too much?

…and even when your income is coming in, there is definitely not always something to do.

The game is what it is, which isn’t all bad, but the more I reread the description, the more I ask myself…why state things that just aren’t true?

Also…no window mode? Sigh

Real player with 1374.6 hrs in game

Trump VS Covid: Save The World Clicker on Steam

The Spatials: Galactology

The Spatials: Galactology

### Too Long; Long-Story-Short, Version

I have to say; After holding-off from trying this game; for sooo long now… Im glad I finally did. Even in its current state of: - EA / Alpha;.. This game is amazingly well put-together & very immersive & playable & enjoyable so far. For everything that it says it is & does & wants to be; It really does deliver these things very well.

Coupled with, one of the most productive, active & interactive, community-minded / oriented Devs, Ive seen here on steam; which gives GREAT promise & hope; & firm reason to believe that this game, will only continue to advance & grow, in positive & unique directions & become even better into the near future, as it comes to its final completion. Not to mention, the current state of the game itself, also giving proper & solid testaments to those statements, as well.

Real player with 114.2 hrs in game

The Spatials: Galactology is a real time base simulator. You start with a small crew of ‘redshirts’ and a dream for a profitable space economy. Its current build is in the alpha stage which means that the tutorials are a little clunky and hard to follow. However, this is a real gem of an experience. It reminds me of a less frustrating and less boring version of Evil Genius. Your base is constantly doing stuff, a little space ant farm, while you can travel to various planets for resources.

The planets are procedurally created and they don’t have a huge variety at this junction, but the maps are pretty and serve the purpose of giving your troops something to explore and capture. Each planet has various resources, such as metals from the lava worlds, which must be extracted with a universal building (the old version had more variety but I don’t think it needs it.) As your tech tree increases you can put in recruitment centers and tv stations to run ads for your station.

Real player with 78.3 hrs in game

The Spatials: Galactology on Steam

Caravaneer 2

Caravaneer 2

There are some good bits in this game, but for me, the tactical aspect totally kills it. It is so inbalanced, or rather in favor for AI that it is beyound laughable. Fights will accur as it is part of the game. Now, to keep it simple, you have a Katana, hit enemy who gets 12-20 hit points. He hits you and you suffer 24-42 damage. Even with light armor, makes no difference. Later in the game I had an awesome Armor of Honor (25 damage res), I get hit with a Mosin gun for 40-46 points. I use same gun, or even better M-16 on enemy who has no or light armor (6 damage res) and score 10-12 points. Time after time. BS! Also, remember that it will be almost impossible for you, even later in the game, to hit anything beyond 20-24 tiles, while AI will frequently score hits from 70-80 tiles away. Loads of BS in a bucket of sh-ite. NOT RECOMMENDED!

Real player with 355.0 hrs in game

I originally played this and the original as Flash games, I even went so far as to download BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint almost specifically for this one, due to how good it was. The economic simulation, layered with a competent, if monotonous, combat system, as well as a fairly engaging story lent itself to a game that tied me up for absolute ages. I plan on playing this for an inordinately long time, and I already have!

I won’t bother with beginner tips, but keep in mind the game has a strong learning curve; I recommend playing “Story” mode if you’re just starting out for all the free goodies and volunteers. Sandbox puts you in a significantly more difficult starting area, and a generally poorer starting position, i.e. Much fewer free goods and starting facilities. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll come to recognise it’s trade patterns and idiosyncracies, and really start to get a feel for the game.

Real player with 254.4 hrs in game

Caravaneer 2 on Steam