Castle Manager

Castle Manager

  • deploy the chambers, armoury, dungeons, throne room, and other rooms

  • take care of the castle expansion

  • repair damage on an ongoing basis

  • extinguish fires

  • build a moat

  • ensure that the blacksmith forges swords and the armourer makes the armour

  • see to the butcher slaughter the pig

  • make sure that the farmer sows the field, harvests the crop and the baker bakes the bread

  • ensure that the winemaker delivered the wine…

  • …and that the tables are laden with food

  • resolve conflicts

  • punish criminals

  • take care of the spiritual development of your people

  • suss out intrigues

  • plan sieges

  • negotiate with other kingdoms

  • take control of plagues

  • fight against epidemics

  • deal with natural disasters

Remember that your king must be satisfied with your work! Do your best to keep the castle alive, the people happy and the army ready for battle!

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Castle Manager on Steam

Heaven’s Hope - Special Edition

Heaven’s Hope - Special Edition

Good, not great.

It’s specifics:

  • Visually superb.

  • Fully voiced, perfectly subtitled.

  • Verbose, yet not annoying; instead it’s rather charming.

  • The humour is German, and this game is the historical source of this horrible stereotype, i.e., it’s not funny.

  • The story is interesting enough. It’s about a bunch of angels (from the Christu mythos) being mean to everyone and to each other, one of them relentlessly using a mouse as a slave.

  • The puzzles are often rather weak and abstruse. Sometimes things that cannot possibly work actually work, while things that would make sense fail with no explanation, a pitfall that better games avoid.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

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A fun but linear point and click game with charicaturized characters and medium production values. Play this if you are interested in the story and can tolerate the lack of freedom/emergent gameplay.


Atmospheric effects are ok to good.

Music is quite enjoyable and seems fitting to the themes, think Sleepy Hollow with a little angelic choir sprinkled in.

Voices are mostly good, but they are poorly timed. Considering the gold rule of comedy, the game suffers a lot from empty space in between lines of speech. It was very noticeable at the beginning but became less noticeable as the game progressed.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Heaven's Hope - Special Edition on Steam

Best Month Ever!

Best Month Ever!

Best Month Ever is a modern point-and-click story-driven adventure of Louise and her son Mitch. Life is hard for Louise as a single mom, struggling to make ends meet. But things can always get worse, and after being diagnosed with a terminal illness that leaves her with one month to live, the clock is ticking for her to raise her son. But how do you explain that to an 8-year old kid? Mitch is picking up things fast - like a duckling, he observes his mother and imitates her behavior - but time is running out and Louise has to think carefully about making the right decisions and setting a good example for Mitch to follow. Together, they hit the road to take back the time that was stolen from them and live a lifetime as mother and son in 4 short weeks…

This intense family trip takes place during a groovy 60s era. Mother and son are thrown into both dangerous and funny situations, all of which impact their relationship and future. Their intimate tale plays out against the backdrop of a United States torn apart by political tensions and divided by brutal social inequality.

You will learn about the facts and decisions from the past in flashbacks and through memories of the grown-up Mitch - the narration constantly switches between the “past” (the 60s) and the “present” (the 70s). Finally, we jump back in time to decide what choices Louise made and how they affected the future of the two. Players’ decisions will also help shape a unique image of her as to what kind of person she was.

  • Decisions REALLY matter! To keep track of Mitch’s growth as a person, each choice you make adds positive or negative influence to three statistics: Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations. As a result, this changes your story on the go, which makes each player’s experience feel unique.

  • Mother & Son relationship - Not only will their individual fates be subject to change, but also their mutual relationship. Best Month Ever is above all else the story of the touching, challenging and unique bond that can only exist between a mother and son.

  • Different Outcomes - Turn on, tune in, drop out… and decide! Different choices result in different endings of the game. It is up to the player to decide what kind of person Mitch will become and what exactly happened during his memorable journey through the USA with his mother.

  • Weird 60s trip - What a time to travel it was! Canned Heat was singing about “Going Up the Country” while Bob Dylan asked “How does it feel” to have no home and live on the street. Louise and Mitch travel across the country, meeting bikers, hippies, Klansmen, Native Americans, and far-out wanderers of all sorts.

  • No losers here! - Don’t be a square, you can’t ‘lose’ in Best Month Ever! Your decision will shape Mitch as an adult person. He may of course get some kicks on the way, but hey, the story will still be unique and rewarding! Can you dig it?

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Best Month Ever! on Steam

Nancy Drew®: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED

Nancy Drew®: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED

Unimportant little Rant:

People really want to find any flaw they can with the Nancy Drew series. I have been playing this game series since I was about 5. I’m 20 now. I love the clunky art style, and like 12 fps you get when scrolling around, it’s charming more so than ugly. It gives me a feeling of going back to 2007 and playing these kinds of games all over again, when I couldn’t just find a review or guide to it and beat it in half an hour, but actually had to use the in-game books and phone for clues and help. I guess as younger and younger people start to play this series, they might not fully appreciate it, much like I don’t think I could fully appreciate an N64 game. With that being said, I hope whatever your opinion on the series, you will try to rate it based on the time it came out and not now. It obviously is littered with problems if you think about it from a 2021 perspective, but if you could imagine yourself back in the 2000s, this game was one of the better series coming out for the point-and-click adventure genre at the time. Now you have much better story games like LIS and most of Telltale Games' series, but the Nancy Drew games to me still retain that old flair and charm of early 2000’s point and clicks.

Real player with 29.0 hrs in game

ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED! :) :) :) :) For those who love playing Nancy Drew games, you are going to love this one, because it’s much better than the majority of the older Nancy Drew games. If you read 2 reviews I’ve made on 2 of the older Nancy Drew games (Treasure in the Royal Tower and The Final Scene), and read the problems that are in both of them, none of those problems are even in this one, because it’s actually a remake, that’s why it’s called remastered, it’s a newer and improved version of the original ‘Secrets Can Kill’ one that was made in the 1980s, so it has the feel of the older games, with a better story than the majority of ones in the newer games lately, but has the features of the newer ones, like:

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Nancy Drew®: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED on Steam

The Epsilon Outcome

The Epsilon Outcome

The Epsilon Outcome is a wonderful and clever point & click adventure game. Kenneth A. Perrine clearly loves and understands the genre - if you have a similar feeling for these types of games, do not miss out on this thouroughly enjoyable five or six hour experience.

The game has a nice sci-fi foundation, but it knows how to have fun with it. There are the hilariously far-fetched solutions to puzzles and ways to overcome obstacles any aficionado of classic P&C adventure games knows and loves, but the game is never too vague about it. The challenges will make you think and the characters will make you smile.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

What a delightful game! It’s a love letter to the point-and-click, Sierra-Online-style adventure games I played as a kid. The hand drawn graphics and dry humor make this feel like a very personal, interactive art project as much as it is a game. I enjoyed solving the puzzles—always felt taken care of by the designer, in that things were hard enough to be interesting but not so hard as to be frustrating. Even the manual is fun!

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

The Epsilon Outcome on Steam

The Feeble Files

The Feeble Files

I played about an hour and already got some real laugh,voice acting just great along with smooth animations and colorful detailed backgrounds.

Please note: being depressed is a violation of Directives 2 3 772 and probably loads of others as well.

Since this game runs under ScummVM,use:

ctrl+alt+s to switch stretch mode,

or hit ctrl+f5 return to launcher edit game graphics there it can be set perma. also check fullscreen mode

AdvMAME2x under graphics mode - makes picture a bit smoother and without blur

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

This is a absolute MUST HAVE! Specially if you like other point and click adventures, from Monkey Island, to Day of the Tentacle, to Simon the Sorcerer, over to Kings Quest and so on ^^

The Feeble files in particulary is one of my best childhood memories in gaming. I love to feel this nostalgia.

Kinda funny tho, i just bought a Valve Index to play VR, now i want to play all the good old games.

Big thanks to the Devs/Publishers for bringing it up to steam after so many years. Much appreciated :)

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

The Feeble Files on Steam

In Cold Dark

In Cold Dark

An interactive space story about rediscovering a life, our friendships, our choices and regrets.

Three years scouting the distant reaches of the galaxy. You’ve been all on your own, but now it's time to head back home … to SAGI 499: a divided colonial society on the edge of the Sagittarius spiral, and your home. Old friends calling, new faces to meet, political turmoil … and hints of something far stranger. What will you choose?


#### What is In Cold Dark


In Cold Dark is a sci-fi point-and-click branching narrative. You're returning from a distant exploration gig with your trusty glitchy AI, SPARC, and soon you'll need to decide your priorities.

![]( ![]( ![](

#### What do you want to do?


*   Navigate interstellar jumps?

*   Read a book?

*   Watch your favourite show?

*   Tackle sector colonialism with the Voiders?

*   Reconnect with your old love?

*   Make a new one?

*   Just do your thing and survive?

The story places a focus on irrevocable decision-making each playthrough, and a blend of pixel art and paintings make for a unique and striking journey through the spiral arm of the Milky Way.

![]( ![]( ![](

#### Who are we?


**The director:**


Efehan Elbi is an animator, author, and interdisciplinary storyteller. With a constant desire to craft stories whether in colour, code, poetry, or prose, “In Cold Dark” aims to bring these elements together for an interactive tale of life choices, regret, and striking spacey futures.

**The team:**


done \ undone is a collaborative studio of friends, with a love of many kinds of games, art and experiences.

![]( ![]( ![](

✨✨ We're still in development! So look back for more details and news ✨✨



![Night in Riverager]( "")

## Night in Riverager

The developer mentions that there are some mild fantasy violence and also includes topics such as murder and torture; there is none of that in the game.

It's also rather short, about 10-12 minutes where you talk to your mom and then you leave to fetch her some medicine since she has some sort of illness. When you leave your home, you venture northward to access a bridge to go to your uncle's home.

You don't make it. It ends, to me, abruptly. I don't mind it being short, but I would like to have a bit more closure. At least let me get the medicine…

*– [Real player with 2.1 hrs in game](*

### DISCLAIMER: This is a full review, and NOT a first impressions review

Night in Riverager is a game developed by Two Star Games and published by V Publishing

The game offers some nice graphics and a really beautiful aesthetic, although some ugly glitches here and there, it is pleasant all the same

The game does suffer with some repetitiveness at certain areas of the game but a fun game nonetheless

Night in Riverager overall, however, is a fun game to play, yet sometimes repetitive and it does get boring if being played for a long time, but is a really good horror game to play in short bursts!

*– [Real player with 1.0 hrs in game](*




For those of you who might be considering buying this as a Fallout-like game set in a post-apoc South Africa..don't. While it may appear otherwise at first its entirely a point and click adventure game that while fun has little in common with Fallout. Combat is limited to a handful of incidents, always involves some sort of proxy, and outside of a single instance is purely optional. Something that can be missed if your not careful along with the bits it unlocks.

Now for the unpleasant bit. 

 ! I really wanted to like this game, I really did. I found the setting charming, its NPCs well rounded, and the story had me hooked…right up until the literal last minutes of the game. When you finally talk with Darius after realizing (something I suspected since the start) that you were playing out a pre-written prophecy jotted down by an entity who does not see time as a straight line.

*– [Real player with 22.2 hrs in game](*

Wakanda place is this?

Move aside Afrofuturism, District 9, Black Panther, Elysium, Chappie and all you other African takes on sci-fi, because one thing’s for sure… I can easily tell you that I’ve never seen anything quite like the world of Beautiful Desolation.

If you are South African like me, then you must already know that you’re gonna experience it in a slightly different way to the rest of the world and may get a kick out of various elements that feel familiar to home. Beautiful Desolation is without a doubt, a whole new bag of Simba chips. It launches you into a future so far ahead that the South Africa you might know (and the people who lived there) are completely unrecognisable. The more this story of crazy futures and prophecies unfolds, the more interesting it becomes.

*– [Real player with 22.1 hrs in game](*


![Nancy Drew®: The Creature of Kapu Cave]( "")

## Nancy Drew®: The Creature of Kapu Cave

This is the only nancy drew game i have played so far. Some puzzles in the game made no sense and others you had to die a million times to figure out. The Plot seems to lack a few things but it was okay..they couldve added more. sadly the villian characters stood out like a soar thumb. if it had built more into the story line and characters it wouldve been better. Making Characters more mysterious and harder to read, adding puzzles that acually had hints, better ways to buy/ find items (took forever to find certain things). what i hated the most was listeing to the characters lines, there is no skip option for that so everything i already read had to be spoken again and agian. The only reason i like this game is because its point and click. other than thats its a super easy game with stupid problem solving puzzles that are easy as fuck or just impossibe without a walkthrough. 2 outta 5\. if you like point and click puzzle games try it out. it may have flaws but surprisingly out of all the stress it put me ethrough i still enjoyed playing.

*– [Real player with 10.5 hrs in game](*

I really wish I hadn't bought this. I absolutely love the Nancy Drew games, and I grew up on Maui, so I thought "Hey, I love Her Interactive, they haven't let me down before, and I miss Maui and my family, it'd be nice to have a little reminder of home. This'll be perfect for me, right?!". But, no. I was wrong. So wrong.

I had actually bought a physical copy of this game when it first came out. However, I was still in Maui at that time, and I had a bunch of other ND titles I still hadn't played yet, so it got put off. And eventually I moved, one of the discs got lost somewhere along the way, and I couldn't play it. Recently, I got some birthday money, I found that the ND games were starting to be put on STEAM, and I thought "Oh, perfect! I'll FINALLY be able to play it!!" But the hype was short-lived. The searching for shells, the fishing, making necklaces, etc. were nice and calming, but they got boring and tedious very fast. ND characters are usually all so vibrant, varied, and interesting, so at first I thought these ones would be the same, especially with the interesting concept introduced at the very beginning of doing stuff, getting novelty money, doing more stuff, and repeat. I mean, it wasn't the most fun, but it was an interesting concept at least.

*– [Real player with 8.0 hrs in game](*