A rare planetary alignment has transpired in the universe. The deep sea needs your help pulling Mother Ocean from her depression spiral for the water ritual to be complete. You must collect and deliver life energy pearls to the Nucleoid Portal to awaken her. You’ll receive mysterious messages, learn how to astral project and meditate with consciousness warriors as you navigate a fantastic deep sea world full of weird, alien underwater creatures. Will you be around long enough to experience universal oneness?

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Oceanarium on Steam

Venice 2089

Venice 2089

“It’s hard to forget a city like this”

The city of Venice, once a significant tourism destination but now almost uninhabited, is struggling with the unpredictable behaviour of tides. Some of the most important monuments are being taken away, among the complaints of the citizens, and the lower part of the city becomes inaccessible more often than not. In Venice 2089, you’ll explore the city through the eyes of Nova, a bored teenager who has no clue about what to do in life and just wants to relax from the stress of their usual routine. Yet tides change for everyone without exception…

  • Venice: Use your hoverboard to chill out and navigate the streets of the city in a unique 2.5D artstyle. Perform tricks and match your mood with the right vibes.

  • Characters: Meet diverse characters scattered throughout the city. Know their personalities, learn their points of view and help them in different quests.

  • Drone: Interact with the world using your drone. Collect objects out of your reach and hack into corporation billboards.

  • Memories: Fill your house-boat with important objects, and remember the experiences you made.

  • Tides: Tides are unpredictable and will change the way you travel. Learn new routes and explore newfound places.

  • Soundtrack: Enjoy a dynamic soundtrack, combining the vibes you pick up on your hoverboard.






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Venice 2089 on Steam



Explore far and near in the world of Mughaan while battling or sneaking past the divine beings. In an event driven environment, with a complete day and night cycle, the enemies act differently depending on the time of the day. Find your way towards your goal or change the narrative as you desire. In a game where the events don’t wait for you, you have a new experience every time you play as you prioritize what you want to do.

Key Features

  • Level Structure: Mughaan is a multi-layered side scrolling platformer, you can go far or come near apart from the traditional 2D movements; hence, giving a feeling of depth in a traditional 2D game.

  • Event Driven: It is an event driven game where the world does not wait for you. This helps the player to prioritize what they want to do.

  • Day and Night: With the complete day and night cycle, enemies and characters act differently depending on the time and day.

  • Open: Mughaan gives freedom to the players in both exploration and action. In this open world game, you build the story you want the character to end up with.

  • Majestic: The world, its history, the divine beings, art and music are all aimed to stroke an emotional experience in this fantasy world.

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Mughaan on Steam



While not perfect, the game is very well done from a mechanics standpoint. The story lines can be a bit janky at times and in its current state there are quite a few issues in the second half of the game where apostrophes and extra line breaks make the text less than ideal. At its core, this is a shoot-em-up space combat game on a two dimensional plane so more like driving than flying, but the visuals are interesting and the gameplay solid. Interested to see more development on this one.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

Multiple Gun Setups

Multiple Ships and Secret Unlockables

Multiple Upgrades

Great galaxy mapping system

Star systems really submerge the player; all of them have multiple points of interest, ways to make credits, quest lines and possible enemies or places to upgrade your ship.

Mission progression setup well; by following the progression of mission the player gets deeper into the game.

Battles seem fast and fun

Multiple enemy types to deal with; some fast and less accurate, others slower but more powerful

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

BlazeSky on Steam



Deepfield is a sandbox RTS set in the tiny world of microbiology. Deepfield’s microverse is alive and contains many biomes, each with their own mix of environmental mechanics and unique enemy types. Find and exploit resources, multiply in number and expand your territory to fend off extinction.

Sectors & Biomes

The Deepfield microverse is broken up into many smaller play areas called sectors; small groups of connected sectors make up a biome. Each biome has its own mix of environmental mechanics and unique enemy types; players will have to constantly adapt and pivot strategies in order to spread their influence across the microverse.

(As of 0.4.0, biomes and environmental mechanics have yet to be implemented)

Capital Units

The most important class of unit; if all your capital units perish, game over.

Capital units have a wide range of capabilities but most importantly they can store resources and use them to spawn new units. They are the only type of unit which can use the mutation mechanic to enhance their capabilities and the only type of unit which can initiate travel between sectors.


It’s an expensive and lengthy process but your capital units can be improved by mutating.

Mutations can change a wide variety of things. They can unlock new units to build, modify capabilities, boost/change stats and more.

Some biomes will be so hostile to a particular species that without mutating, units will die to the environment.

(The mutation system in 0.4.0 is a placeholder, this mechanic will be completely overhauled in the future)

RTS, not “RTS”

At its core, Deepfield is an RTS, however, it takes a lot of elements from other genres such as sandbox, RPGs, open world games and MMOs. This makes Deepfield unlike traditional RTS games.

The Deepfield multiplayer microverse is alive and persistent; it ages, changes and eventually dies. Your units continue to exist and will carry out simple tasks even when you’re not there. Players can drop in and out of the microverse at any time. How all this plays out can be configured by the host.

In multiplayer there are no specific PvE or PvP modes. Diplomacy is fluid so how you interact with others is entirely up to you; you can attempt to crush everyone you meet, create long-lasting alliances or cooperate until it’s no longer convenient.

Deepfield on Steam

The Henchmen

The Henchmen

The Game

The Henchmen is a pulp-inspired, 90s fueled top-down, action retro open-world game. Set in the fictional city of New Queens, The Henchmen blends classic PS1-era games experiences, such as Driver and the first Grand Theft Auto with a modern approach, producing a unique experience.

The game is also designed from the ground up to be a co-operative experience, as the game can be played both in single-player and local 2 players co-op (both shared screen and split-screen), with story elements and missions changing depending on the number of players.

The Story

During the late sixties, the Castellano Mafia family had complete control over the City of New Queens: They Controlled the guns, drugs, and sex workers that roamed the streets.

This started to change, however, as the Homura Yakuza Syndicate started to chip away at The Castellano empire in the late 1970.

Anthony, the new leader of the family, is forced to rely on his henchmen to get back what was his, starting a bloody gang war in the streets of New Queens.

The game is set in two time periods: In the 1970s you play as Rachel, a young single mother who wants to quit the gangster life for the sake of her daughter, while also being both Castellano’s best gun and lover.

In the 1990s, you deal with the aftermath of the gang wars, as you take control of Samuel, an ex-army man who left his job to help his brother Jamal who owes money to the wrong kind of people.

What we’re planning:

-8 to 10 hours long main campaign

-Entire game playable in both singleplayer and local two players co-op

-Original Soundtrack and cutscene artwork

-Explore the city in its two time periods: A snowy 1970s rendition and a hot, more modern 1990s version.

-Indoor and outdoor fights, with both melee weapons and firearms

If you are interested, please do wishlist us at it helps us a lot.

The Henchmen on Steam

邪神大陆(Evil God Land)

邪神大陆(Evil God Land)

Cthulhu continent, a 3d defensive rpg game of immortal cultivating elements, you will play as an immortal cultivator, learn exercise skills, purchase equipment, obtain artifacts, and guard the Blue Pole Star.

If you have played Warcraft, you should know that defensive rpg games, the better is that the effect of the game is better than 3d.

How to play

1. At the beginning of the game, there is a period of preparation time to hit treasure chests and hunt mobs and grow up quickly

2. Every time a monster will invade the crystal, you need to protect the crystal, the crystal burst game fails

3. There are dozens of weapons, dozens of skills, different weapons have different attack effects, including crit, stun, bloodsucking, etc.

4. Realm improvement Elementary Profound Realm, Entering Profound Realm, True Profound Realm, Spirit Profound Realm, Sovereign Profound Realm, Divine Origin Realm and so on. Some realm improvement requires medicinal pills

5. Heroes have different types of water, fire, earth, mines, and dark scenery. They need to be used according to their skills.

6. Equipment is divided into ordinary, excellent, legend, artifact, and equipment above legend can grow

7. The map is mainly divided into four areas: snow, volcano, swamp, and city.

邪神大陆(Evil God Land) on Steam



The current state of the game is raw, and offers around 4-5 hours of steady progression, but is not limited in playability.

  • Easy to find your way around and has a great introduction quest line

  • Fun survival game that often rewards exploration

  • Death/Home Totems FTW!

  • Crafting/Alchemy is easily digestible and offers a moderate selection of recipes at this time

  • Building is fun, but it takes time to collect the resources if you want to make your home look good.

I’m looking forward to seeing the future of Epocria, I’ll be sticking with it and would recommend others to pick the game up or follow its progression

Real player with 58.0 hrs in game

Epocria is a beautifully fleshed out and in depth survival game that is filled with unbounded fun! A game that stimulates your creativity in a world that never ends. Anyone can pick it up , experienced or noob, and get lost in the game’s vast dungeons , fun crafting, and boss battles. Go buy this game!

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Epocria on Steam



Set in a small town in the Mid-west. You are an investigative reporter sent out to document the local happenings of Eastville. Recently, a cult has taken up residency in the town and strange occurrences have prompted locals to pack up and leave. Prior to your arrival, the company you work for had sent out another reporter whom none have heard from in quite some time. You must use your skills to dig deeper into the mystery and reveal what the town is hiding, as well as locate the missing reporter.

Fade on Steam



Needs some work on bugs, mechanics, and missing materials.

I recommend this game to people who have patience working with incomplete builds and like a challenge. Otherwise I would recommend waiting until some more kinks are worked out. The game has a lot promise. I’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy paying it. Below I’ve put some more detailed notes on challenges I’ve encountered.

After five restarts I’ve managed to create a fairly stable colony of over 100 dwarfs that I believe can grow further as long as I can get the dwarfs to live in a dwelling within a reasonable distance to their assigned job. Spreading out clusters of dwelling cells centered around their respective taverns works fairly well but the dwarf AI doesn’t always pick the closest dwelling to live in and when I try to choose specific dwellings I want them to live in they reassign themselves to another dwelling. This means I have the occasional dwarf dying of thirst because their job is too far from the dwelling they chose to live in despite the fact I have empty dwellings available that are much closer to their job.

Real player with 52.7 hrs in game

The current state of this game has a lot of problems, most of it regarding the A.I.

Current Problems:

A.I. Dwarves will spend a lot of precious time idle even with dig spots and tasks needing to be queued

Due to poor A.I. and pathing, A.I. have trouble depositing and retrieving needed items from vaults

Due to this above issues, even with enough mushroom farms, a brewery, and a honeywell, they fail to create the process of beer

due to not creating beer, theres no supply to the tavern, which in turn causes your entire workforce to turn into dark dwarves

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Stonedeep on Steam