A Day Without Me

A Day Without Me

Game Bagus nih buatan anak Indonesia, lumayan lah buat senam jantung sedikit di beberapa aspek :v, udah tamat dalam waktu sekitar 3 jam baru tamat 100% sama semua collectible.

Kelebihan (+)

  • Puzzlenya Bikin Pusing

  • Gambarnya Lumayan Bagus

  • Plot Twist di Akhir

  • Map nya Luas

Kekurangan (-)

  • ada beberapa Glitch

  • Tempatnya Terlalu Pusing wkwk

  • bisa ke tempat yang harusnya belom boleh di datengin

  • Jalannya Terlalu Lama

Ditunggu Kelanjutannya

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

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Curator page here-- [url] DaRevieweD #75 [/url] -- [i]New review every Sunday[/i]

Indie developers from Indonesia may be a minority, but they are definitely on the rise! Take the Dreadout franchise or the recent demo Who Is He: Let Me Out- and what’s one thing they got in common? HORROR!!! Gamecom Team’s A Day Without Me (ADW) is yet another! The dev’s portfolio includes having worked on the mobile game Babol, with a Crash-Bash likeness but as an animate box and Parakacuk, a gang-based brawler set in a school!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

A Day Without Me on Steam

The Dealer

The Dealer

It’s a cool idea. I like the concept. All the core mechanics seem like they work but I would recommend a few specific things which I posted on the discussions page.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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Well done salesman simulator

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

The Dealer on Steam



I love rhythm-based games!

This is a very fun and challenging experience, with a lot of customization and unlockable content. I really like the simplicity of the art style (it has kind of an outrun-esque feel to it), and the music is really good, very catchy.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

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Endline on Steam

No One’s Earth

No One’s Earth

No One’s Earth is a 2.5D action/adventure Metroidvania set in a post-post-apocalyptic Earth, which had been dominated by two alien races and are now at war.

Play as Harlie Jamoor, a member of the team responsible for evaluate the habitability conditions of the Earth, coming from the space colony that shelters the human refugees from the climatic catastrophes that occurred on Earth. Harlie must rescue team members who have entered the Earth and mysteriously lost contact with the ship.

  • Explore the abandoned CCTA (Climatic Control Testing Area), looking for the plants to complete the mission to help the Nularis so they can help to rescue your team.am.

  • Watch closely and shoot anything that looks suspicious, dangerous enemies, or secret places.

  • With just a visual reference and a brief description, venture through all of CCTA’s natural and artificial alien environments to find the plants almost hidden across the map that can save the Nularis from extinction.

  • Acquire new abilities that need to be well managed by the consumption of the two types of energy that circulate through your suit, which can be expanded and also affect map progression.

  • Survive the dangerous animals and security systems, which will try to stop you at all costs to prevent you from causing damage to the valuable species preserved in CCTA.

  • Be careful with the movement of the Ceresti, responsible for creating the virus that puts the existence of Nularis at risk. Avoid getting their attention, run away, or fight them if you are capable.

No One's Earth on Steam

Acolyte: Prologue

Acolyte: Prologue

My play through of the prologue here (once it uploads) if you get stuck and need help: https://youtu.be/9GET1gsMWZ0

I had so much fun with the prologue I’m super stoked to see what comes next also the link for the transcendent edition brought up a 404 error on itch.io. Check this game out for sure also it’s very easy to get stuck on a tangent if you make a mistake figuring out part of the puzzle. I had to close and reopen the game to get back to what I needed, luckily it saves your progress. I love games that make you think outside the box and use outside resources. I had two things that might have been glitches? I rated a haiku and the task didn’t complete I got information for a evidence database but I couldn’t find the evidence database I had two messages I couldn’t find in my message log and all messages were shown as read but regardless I still made it to the end of the prologue so nbd

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

so.. this sucks. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE this game, i just found it yesterday and I loved it. I beat the prologue, then went and bought the transcendent version to continue the story. (weirdly enough the transcendent edition has more actual bugs and not fictional bugs than the steam version, including spelling errors, but c’est la vie)

i’ve reached the part now where i had to fill my contacts list, and figure out the passwords to unlock the cosmetics. there are 0 hints for either. for the latter, the hints that ARE given, are extremely vague and i am unable to find any references for them that correlate to the actual game, and it’s extremely frustrating. what does “dog” mean in this context? the cosmetic was related to hair so i put poodle, nope. i also put cat, thinking back to the personality test, also nope. what does QR @ 0:40s mean? and the postal code? where would i even begin to find that? i understand this game is new, so there’s not a lot of info out there, but i’m stuck. (yes, i’ve looked through the discussions and reviews here for any hints, i’ve looked at the itch.io forums for this game, i’ve looked at twitter, ive looked at youtube, i’ve looked at reddit. i’ve even looked at your patreon to see if there was anything there.) i’m unable to progress because i have no idea what to ask, what the passwords might be for the cosmetics, or how to progress the storyline.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Acolyte: Prologue on Steam

LAZR - A Clothformer

LAZR - A Clothformer

You wake up in a resistance safehouse, memory wiped clean. You’re told to fight for the rebels, and that’s all you know… but what if you could chose otherwise? Who are your friends? Who are your enemies?

Take Alpha City back from the Mega Corps in this action platformer!

Jump, dash, climb, and shoot your way through hand drawn levels with tight, responsive controls.

Shoot LASERS from your EYES!

Science wants you to! Your primary weapon is your laser! Upgrades are available!

Climb and Swing on ROPES and MESH!

Cloth in a platformer? Watch out for explosives!

Character customization, with thousands of combinations

Design a loadout for your playstyle

Change your weapon and body mods to suit the situation

Buy mods and artifacts from Alpha City Vendors

Travel downtown and spend your hard-earned credits!

Travel and Fight on your sweet flying AIRBIKE!

Dodge, shoot, and boost through enemies and bosses!

Explore a semi-open world, with a single player story

Fight weird bosses!

From nanomachine infused reptiles to super powerful cyborgs!

A Cylindrical Overworld Map

Replay any story level using the story spiral!

Complete the Arcade Challenge Levels

Grind the arcade challenges for the best time!

Work in progress

Remember that the game is still in development and the footage shown is not final.

Holodog, among other things, coming soon!

LAZR - A Clothformer on Steam

Will of the Gods

Will of the Gods

Fun and enjoyable, maybe even a bit addicting game to play with friends.

Bots are allright, but after while you start to learn their pattern, and beat them again and again.

If you have friends to play with, I recommend this game.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

This game is actually pretty fun. Nothing special but it is only 3 euros.

  • Cheap

  • Fun time killer

  • Can give a real challenge when mutators are active

  • Easy achievements

  • Easy Steam cards

  • Supports the Xbox 360 controller

  • Limited multiplayer (only local or with Steam friends)

  • Too easy when no mutators are active

  • Single player gets boring since the AI is dumb

  • Mutators are a little unfair towards the player

  • Mouse moves too slowly

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Will of the Gods on Steam



An interstellar alien race, the Neera, has deployed an expedition to the long-lost planet Protea VI, hoping to discover their lost heritage. Eventually, the sand-swept planet turns out to be far more surprising than meets the eye, and suddenly the expedition goes quiet.

Your mission is to play as alien soldier Moadra and investigate the incidents on the planet. Upon discovering the expedition’s fate, Moadra becomes separated from the rest of the squad and is forced to delve deeper into the perilous depths of Protea VI.

From barren wastes and freezing ridges to lush caverns and decayed ruins, Moadra must traverse a sprawling world, face the unknown and unveil the secrets of their ancestors through non-linear exploration, offering a truly immersive and challenging gaming experience.

Traverse a massive interconnected world non-linearly and unveil the grim mysteries of Protea VI at your own pace. Endure the challenging combat and evolve Moadra’s abilities, solve light puzzles, and reveal countless hidden paths and secrets throughout your mission.

Strive through the desolate surface of Protea VI and ascend the deadly, freezing summits. Examine the infested research facility, kindle the crashed spacecraft, and explore the remains of an alien civilization that once inhabited Protea VI.

Experience Moadra’s agility by jumping over chasms and pools of acid. Roll and dodge enemies and crawl through narrow tunnels. Dive into deep lakes and reach immense heights using wall-jumps. Eventually, run with blazing speed and fly to unknown altitudes.

Confront the enormous variety of hostile creatures and malicious species inhabiting Protea VI. Fight against them with an arsenal of weapons and special abilities, and survive their onslaught by swift reflexes and cunning tactics.

Be prepared to encounter the ultimate challenge of Protea VI. Fight against gargantuan monsters in cruel and multi-phased battles that will push the limits of your skills like nothing else in the game.

Blow up unfriendly creatures and organisms to absorb their Protoplasm, lumps of energy-packed biomass. Consume it inside organic chambers to apply metamorphosis, and evolve your abilities and weapons to new levels.

Activate your scanner bot and use the X-Ray vision to examine the creatures and surroundings more closely. Reveal hidden paths and secret areas invisible to the naked eye, and map out the places you explored.

Untangle the tragedy of the Neera expedition, save yourself and the lone survivors. Uncover the lost secrets of your ancestors who once inhabited Protea VI, and conclude the events leading to their extinction 20 000 years ago.

Moadra on Steam

Minotaur Maze

Minotaur Maze

Oh no! The Minotaur got me… I’ll have to play until I find a proper shotgun!

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

I’d recommend this game, it’s a nice little dungeon runner game.

Your goal is to navigate through mazes to rescue the princess and then …

The controls are simple and effective, you can adjust your camera angle too if needed.

You go through seven different mazes while the Minotaur is hunting you too.

Each maze gets bigger and the Minotaur becomes faster.

The game fullfills what it has announced, it has nice music and audio and a pleasant looking artstyle.

And it’s free.

Overall, i think it’s a nice little game to spend time on, relatively short depending on your pace but the Minotaur might surprises you around a corner.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Minotaur Maze on Steam



Explore far and near in the world of Mughaan while battling or sneaking past the divine beings. In an event driven environment, with a complete day and night cycle, the enemies act differently depending on the time of the day. Find your way towards your goal or change the narrative as you desire. In a game where the events don’t wait for you, you have a new experience every time you play as you prioritize what you want to do.

Key Features

  • Level Structure: Mughaan is a multi-layered side scrolling platformer, you can go far or come near apart from the traditional 2D movements; hence, giving a feeling of depth in a traditional 2D game.

  • Event Driven: It is an event driven game where the world does not wait for you. This helps the player to prioritize what they want to do.

  • Day and Night: With the complete day and night cycle, enemies and characters act differently depending on the time and day.

  • Open: Mughaan gives freedom to the players in both exploration and action. In this open world game, you build the story you want the character to end up with.

  • Majestic: The world, its history, the divine beings, art and music are all aimed to stroke an emotional experience in this fantasy world.

Mughaan on Steam