Lotto Life

Lotto Life

Have you ever wondered if you could win the lottery? Here’s a chance to test that luck, without losing your shirt in the process. Lotto Life is an authentic lottery simulator similar to state-run lotteries.

Welcome to Ys, a modern city under the auspices of Lotto Life Megacorporation. Every day, in real time, a winning number is drawn for the in-game lottery. Buy tickets, read the daily newspaper, go to work, and maybe win big! Fail to pay the rent, though, and you’re looking at a new life (or perma-death, if you like) in debtor’s prison.

In line with simulating the wait-and-see experience of playing the lottery, this game plays out at a slow pace. Most days your session can take around 5 minutes to complete, and then real time must pass before more can be done.

Please note that this is a game, with no actual real-life cash payout in the event of picking a winning ticket.

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Lotto Life on Steam

Songs of Armageddopolis

Songs of Armageddopolis

Songs Of Armageddopolis is a point’n’click detective game. In a world where magic and technology go hand in hand, and people disappear without a trace every day, you will play the role of a young psionic named Glaz, who is doing an internship at a detective bureau. The bosses don’t like you. You think that the reason for this antipathy is the form of your head: it is too round. But that is not the point. The point is: you stink of death and defeat. Why are you even here? Well, there were some reasons, probably, but now they are of no significance. This city has secrets and you must reveal them. To become the best detective. To plunge your enemies into dust. And to find your true love.


  • Mysterious Tower, which combines platforming mechanics and point’n’click adventure mechanics.

  • Lots of mini-games.

  • The ending depends on your playing style

  • Telekinesis is your main tool. Use it to interact with the game world.

  • This game is not for weaklings. If you die on Normal difficulty, you cannot continue playing.

  • Realistic coffee machines.

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Songs of Armageddopolis on Steam

Malicious Mages

Malicious Mages

Malicious Mages is a capture the flag brawler – Choose from a various cast of magic users and battle it out against other players to capture the mysterious blue orb.

Everyone is after this glowing blue orb. Fight other players to grab the orb and bring it to your side of the level to win. Once you get it there, you have to place the orb down and protect it for ten seconds until you score.

What’s the gameplay like?

You play the game locally against other players, the levels are completely symmetrical and you have to move across the side-scrolling stage traveling from room to room until you reach your goal. 3D characters in a 2D plane

Each player has a very low health bar. It doesn’t take many hits to kill a player, killing them is just a way to quickly get them out of your way so you can keep moving to your goal. After you kill them, they respawn quickly ahead of you in your path.

The Side-Scrolling Camera tracks the player that currently has the orb. If you go off-screen, you will disappear and then respawn ahead of the running player’s path.

The level is broken down into different rooms. Once the running player with the orb goes into another room, the screen fades and the opposing player despawns and respawns in the next room.

Each player can cast powerful spells. Spells are considered specials, once you’ve gathered enough mana from breaking props in the level you can use them to give yourself an advantage or deal a terrible blow.

Base attacks are free. Players have a catalog of free combat actions they can do to attack the other player without needing mana

What’s the story about?

In modern times, a cast of magic users fight to gain control over a mysterious blue orb.

If they have control over the orb during a special alignment, they can use the orb to summon The Painter a god that painted the night sky. The Painter will then grant them very dangerous power. All of these mages have their own compelling reasons to gain control, who will come out on top?

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Malicious Mages on Steam

Minimal Maze

Minimal Maze

Short, but enjoyable. The difficulty gradually increases but it never really gets tough.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Great puzzle and Challenge levels! Very well placed at each stage very well polished progressively. excellent work, congratulations.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Minimal Maze on Steam

My Father My Son

My Father My Son

Only cooperation can save them

Together with two lost castaways, a father, and son, experience a thrilling journey through a dark, uninhabited island that isn’t on the map. Overcome a path full of logic puzzles and hidden dangers and help the family get closer to each other. Escape from this mysterious place and discover together with the characters what’s hidden here.

Control two characters alone or in co-op (1 player - 1 character), using either a pad or the keyboard. You can change the control method at any time. Move along 2 paths, changing them freely as needed. Take wise advantage of the differences between the father (strong and high) and the son (small and agile), which will make it easier for the characters to work together on co-op puzzles.


  • Play alone, controlling two characters or in co-op (local on one screen or online)

  • Choose any method to control both characters: using pads or the keyboard

  • Solve environmental puzzles based on the co-operation of two characters with different abilities: a father and son

  • Fight for survival in thrilling arcade sequences

  • Two characters and two tracks that you can change at any time

  • Low-poly 2.5D side view game

  • An engaging story about a father’s relationship with his son in a thriller atmosphere

My Father My Son on Steam

Radon Blast

Radon Blast

If you’re looking for a relaxing brick breaker this is a decent option.

That being said there are still some things that could be better. My biggest issue is how uninspired some of the stages are, with the priority being on making a cool or referential picture (like a floppy disk or face) instead of levels that are interesting to play. There are still some great levels here but fewer than you would expect from a game like this. Also, the settings are a bit sparse.

I did really enjoy that you bounce from screen to screen and you get a chance to save yourself, it was a fun take on the genre.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Great brick breaker game that has its own unique style and twists.

When you miss hitting a ball and one gets by you, a charged up red firey ball bounces around at what seems about double the speed. If it gets by you, you’ll lose progress each time it gets by you until you either lose a ball eventually or until you finally manage to hit it.

You cannot use the keyboard at all and it’s all controlled by moving your mouse up and down.

A few things missing from this game are the typical power ups I’m used to seeing in break breaker games like this. You know the power ups that make your paddle bigger for a short time, give you the ability to shoot the bricks for a short period of time, or offers you a shield behind your paddle in case you miss the ball..

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Radon Blast on Steam

Watch Your Helmet

Watch Your Helmet

You still could not even imagine how difficult it is to control a spacesuit with a jet engine in space. Thanks to this game, you will realize how interesting and exciting it is, especially if you need to escape from moving asteroids, dodge moving planets, collect fuel and minerals, and complete a rescue mission.

Test and then improve your spatial awareness and rocket management skills in zero gravity at 45 levels full of minerals, dangerous asteroids, planets and abandoned cats in space that need rescue.

Watch Your Helmet on Steam

Born of Bread

Born of Bread

Beings from another age are causing havoc across the land! And with their mischief comes a great threat to everyone. The unlikeliest hero, a golem born of bread, will find himself and his newfound friends in the middle of a drama that’s thousands of years in the making. Together, they will visit incredible locals and meet fascinating characters, from the mysterious ruins of the Forest of Roots to the bustling metropolis of South Munch City. Although he may not look like much, Loaf might be the hero this land kneads.

A Sentient Bread on a Quest

Play as a flour golem who possesses a never-ending childlike wonder and a set of odd abilities in this 2.5 adventure game! Explore the different regions of a wonderful world ripe with mysteries and team up with a colorful cast of fleshed-out characters. With the help of your buddies, face off against menacing and weird baddies and engage in a fun and quirky turn-based combat system. To successfully land an attack, succeed the required button prompt and make sure you know what your enemy is weak or resistant against! Skip the enemy’s turn by defending and, with proper timing, regain Will Points, an attribute essential to perform your attacks!

Born of Bread on Steam



Cool game. Once you learn a few shortcuts and get faster and faster, it’s really fun. Sometimes a bit frustrating when you fall down right before the goal, but that’s part of the fun ;)

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Neat little Platformer that has Rage potential!

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Overheat on Steam

Skate City

Skate City

The game is great, for someone like me who has always been addicted to skateboarding.. If you are a skater you will play this game all day. If you are a gamer who wants a challenge this game wont last long. I think its the best skate game on PC even with how basic it is. My only problem is that the game is lacking some basic tricks such as board slides, lip slides, feebles. The game is new and cheap so lets hop they keep up with updates so ones day the game will have more but I see endless opportunity especially with the PC community, if they could add a way the community can make levels it would be great. Some flip tricks are missing as well, laserflips are missing and 360 shuvits. overall Id say for the price its a must have.

Real player with 56.6 hrs in game

this is such a good game the style is clean and visually pleasing and all the tricks have such nice flow along with really nice smooth animations however this is probably just me cuss my laptop is a potato but if i do anything else besides free skate i get like 2 frames a second not even this happens when i do any challenges and if i try and record a video idk why this would be but ya my only suggestion is abit of optimisation with that but once again its probably cuz i have a potato computer i highly recommend you download this game

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game

Skate City on Steam