Diggles: The Myth of Fenris

Diggles: The Myth of Fenris

Very surprised Diggles/Wiggles has appeared on Steam, but VERY happy it did!

This is an unique game; nothing really compares to it then (20 years ago), and since then no game has been published (to my knowledge) that comes even close to it. So i almost immediatly bought it (again).

Didnt play Wiggles for years as the original sadly wasnt compatible with ‘newer’ Windows-version. (Could play the official Demo a bit longer though.)

Although graphics is a bit outdated and gameplay is quite slow, the game concept is so good, it was and still is the best game i ever played.

Real player with 310.5 hrs in game

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WTF!?! Who’s feet do I have to kiss for finally bringing this game to Steam!! If you ever played and enjoyed, Oxygen not Included, and the new early access game, Hammerington, then you will like this game as well. I even purchased those aforementioned games in the hopes to fill the hole this game left in me decades ago. While a bit dated on graphics (released in 2002), the game still has its same charm and is still very playable. By the end of the game, your dwarves will be riding around on hover boards, and brandishing light sabers. How can you go wrong with that? Thank you

Real player with 48.2 hrs in game

Diggles: The Myth of Fenris on Steam

Boulder Dash Deluxe

Boulder Dash Deluxe

A classic game updated for the future.

However, it looks very scary. Playing it, I could say that as a child I would have played this a lot, but as a grownup it’s not something that I would recommend. It’s past it’s prime and not updated to compare to other games today.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Boulder Dash Deluxe on Steam

The Dwarves of Glistenveld

The Dwarves of Glistenveld

It has been a while since I posted this review and much has changed since then. Having played the game now for a total of 300+ hours (and there was me saying I don’t get much time to play games), I have explored many of the game modes. My favourite right now is the Skirmish mode where you can hand-craft your map options, such as the number of enemies, their initial strength, the map size and style, etc. I am currently working my way up to more and more difficult settings to see how good I really am. My other favourite mode is the cavern mode (the game’s sandbox mode ) where I have also spend many hours. In this mode you can slowly build your base to ever increasing size while improving your tech tree. The current tech tree is already in place for the upcoming next chapter of the game and it allows you to build a railway network so that your miners don’t have to carry everything back to your base, improve and automate your defences, build automated farms for farming roots and mushrooms, light up your neighbour hood with lanterns, build cooking stations and much more. I have also played with the map editor and will be uploading my own hand-crafted map very soon. ‘hwill’ has uploaded a new map to the workshop which I enjoyed very much. I must add a comment.

Real player with 638.7 hrs in game

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This game, is absolutely fantastic! This RTS adventure strategy game is about leading a tribe of Dwarves trying to take back their homeland from the goblins that have ran them down underground. There are so many things that you find out during every level, there are nice challenges such as the achievements and the schematics that you have to find to advance with technology, there are song hidden choices through your first play through (such as when you meet Fishbeard’s first guard) it’s amazing, it’s so replayable and enjoyable for sooooooooooo many hours even when there is only 6 levels at the time of writing this. Along with the mechanics in this game are so nice and fluid such as the base building part, and the class switching system, the AI is pretty on-point, it’s not one of those games where the AI struggles with some of the commands that you try to give it, in this game, it just does it immediately!

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

The Dwarves of Glistenveld on Steam

No Parachute

No Parachute

This is what I call true art. This masterpiece is an evocative representation of the human condition.

Real player with 17.0 hrs in game

Unique concept executed well with nice graphics, good sound, good controls and a blast to play. Instant restarts and challenging. What more can you ask for? Great little game.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

No Parachute on Steam

All Over

All Over

Great adventure game; perfect way to employ my older son (8) for hours with an activity that requires brain, thinking, reading etc as opposed to just numblessly staring at Youtube.

We played the Hebrew version which was perfect for him since he can’t read English.

Hardly any guidance was required from my side as the game is very intuitive and the kid was carried away into hours of playing it (from time to time he came to share with me his experiences and adventures from the game).

Go get it, it is definitelly a covid-19 must have!!

Real player with 284.3 hrs in game


The ultimate saving for our children. I encountered this game during the Covid-19 lockdown period. We have 3 children (ages 11,9 & 4). After going crazy for a few days in the house, the children were introduced to the game. They immediately started to play TOGETHER which was just fabulous! They set with the Challenges and riddles AS A TEAM which we really liked.

It is just wonderful to watch all 3 of them play together trying to unlock the quest.

Highly recommended!!

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

All Over on Steam



Review Date: Nov 20, 2021

I wrote a giant review, and then after reading through it, realized my opinion was more like no than yes, and when I changed it, Steam erased everything I had written. So, rather than do it again, I’ll just drop some bullet points. I’ve been playing since early in Early Access, so that will color my review.

New overworld trade system is terrible. It’s boring. It’s grindy. and it doesn’t work. I’m at max rep with a faction, and have yet to see the “subversion” mission mentioned in the tutorial.

Real player with 158.5 hrs in game

A decent time killer as-is, but released far too soon for the ambition they sought to achieve.

  • Settlement milestones are sparse and largely uninteresting, with few “make your own goals” opportunities to fill in the blanks. You will pretty much always build the same structures in the same order, and most structures are not actually all that useful.

  • Overworld is shallow and brainless, with pawns moving around for the sake of moving. Factions have no personality or storyline aspects, and the “war” has nothing to make it compelling or interactive. This is actually a bit of a downgrade from the initial concept at the start of Early Access, where there was at least a good vs. evil kind of thing going on.

Real player with 116.1 hrs in game

Hammerting on Steam

Star Valor

Star Valor

  • Superb feel, responsive controls, pleasant visuals with a good use of color, and (mostly) intuitive UI. Nice physics model.

  • Transparent mechanics. If something on your ship isn’t working, you’ll know why.

  • Decent balance, especially for this stage of development.

  • Ship-building through component selection and upgrades is very satisfying.

  • Perfectly stable for me. No crashes, no lag, no freezes, nothing. The few bugs that do exist usually have workarounds. On this score, it’s already better in EA than most AAA games in full release.

Real player with 328.3 hrs in game

First off- this game is fantastic.

Addictive, even.

It fills a niche I’ve been dying to satisfy for ages; mining, fighting, trade, transport in a top-down space pilot sim.

Every ship has strengths, and weaknesses, as well as implicit faction stats. You can find ships with horrible, boat-ish mass but enormous storage and equipment capacities, you can find fighters deficient in those categories that more than make up for it in agility and handling, and anything in between. There are ships geared to transporting materials, warping between different sectors at much greater range, mining faster, extending stealth, increasing critical damage, increasing trade values, decreasing repair costs and so on. Every single deficiency you might encounter has some cure or other in the form of equipable components that alter almost any stat you can think of, or add special abilities such as cloaking, tractor beams, energy boosters, etc.

Real player with 302.3 hrs in game

Star Valor on Steam

Old School Maze

Old School Maze

Old School Maze - a series of mazes, made in the spirit of the old school. There is no map, the rooms kill you, and the atmosphere draws you nostalgia deep into the maze. Go through the walls, destroy them, find caches and try not to die from traps. You do not have and will not plan the way, as you need to think very quickly!

#### Features:

  • 13 unique levels;

  • Atmosphere of old school;

  • Mouse not works, only keyboard!

  • Wonderful music!

Old School Maze on Steam