Brutal Fate

Brutal Fate

Brutal Fate is a fast-paced ultra-violent retro first-person shooter inspired by 80’s and 90’s sci-fi movies. As a marine from the Global Order Alliance sent to Callisto to take over the local corporate government, you find yourself surrounded by legions of demonic alien invaders and you must fight for your survival.

It blends the best features of classic shooters such as non-linear level design, a huge arsenal and large enemy variety with some modern aspects, making it a unique mix that does not try to hang on nostalgia, but be something of it’s own.

This game is a finely crafted first-person experience designed to be the most satisfying and detailed possible. Enemies that can be dismembered and exploded into pieces, destroyable environments including lamps, cars and even trees. All many details that makes you really feel like you are in a real living world.

Do you want to know more?

  • This game features a huge arsenal of weapons that may require the use of all your keyboard numbers to scroll through. We got battle rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, smart missiles, laser rifles, you name it.

  • Immerse yourself in a 3 episode campaign, with branching patches, multiple endings, and a story full of twists.

  • Fight an entire circus of monstrosities, carnivorous demons, zombie-like cultists, shuffling supernatural incomprehensible abominations from beyond, and corporate henchmen that want to make sure you won’t leave this haunted colony alive after seeing everything you just did. Just like in classic fps style, each enemy type acts like a piece of chess made to compensate the weakness of another. Gib them into delicious meat pieces, burn them to ashes, almost every enemy features locational damage and dozens of death animations, including different deaths for different weapons used.

  • Explore huge non-linear levels, look for secrets to find special rare alternative ammo types for your weapons, health and armor upgrades, and much more. No “procedural generated levels”, no faux-retro arena level design, just handcrafted levels by someone with over 10 years of experience in classic game level design. Get the feeling of exploring believable highly interactive locations, fight enemies in many different scenarios, scripted or not, pick them alone or in small groups and sometimes try to come up with a strategy to fight up to 50 enemies at once.

  • Command your fellow marines out of this hell. Your character’s rank as a Staff Sergeant isn’t only for show. Find any survivors of this disastrous operation and they will follow you. They have an acceptable AI that will actually follow your commands, won’t block your movement, and will kill enemies for you. Magnificent, isn’t it?

  • Mod it until it breaks. Running on the highly reliable GZDoom engine, this game is extremely easy to be modified. You can make mods, add custom weapons, enemies, levels, and entire new user-made campaigns.


In the end of the 21th century, after a catastrophic nuclear war followed by a famine that wiped out half of Earth, the remaining governments united their military under the same banner in a vow to prevent another disaster, and so the Global Order Alliance was born.

Later the G.O.A. united with corporations in an effort to terraform and colonize other planets in the solar system, by using a method that allowed artificial black holes to be created at the center of the planets to imitate Earth’s gravity. 60 years later when the terraforming of Mars and Jupiter’s moons were completed and mass migration started, the corporations betrayed the Terran governments and decided to declare independency and not use their newfound resources to help Earth get back on it’s feet. Their moto was “We terraformed these planets and now everything on them belongs to us. If you want these resources, come and take it."

Betrayed and left for dead, the peoples from all around the world vowed to invade the colonies and take back what belongs to Earth. The armies of the G.O.A. which were once considered heroes and peacekeepers of mankind, became a violent, fanatic, imperialistic military legion. They launched military campaigns against Mars and Io that lasted for decades. Now the year is 2297 and the people of Callisto started rebelling against the corporate rule due to recent strange phenomena caused by the planet’s artificial black hole, all the interplanetary communications are shut down by the regime, and the G.O.A. sees this as a perfect opportunity to invade the planet and “liberate” it with the local population’s support. The corporate conglomerates warns that the situation in Callisto is “complicated” and warns Earth to stay away from it.

You are part of a special international battalion of the Space Division of the G.O.A. Marine Corps sent to intermediate the situation. After a four month journey, you arrive at the planet with orders to destroy the corporate government forces and secure their industrial facilities. Drone scans shows literally hundreds of thousands of dead bodies littering the streets, apparently they genocided the local populace which saves you from the work of having to watch your targets… Your orders are clear: Descend into the planet with companies of battle-hardened Marines, combat androids, tanks, mechs, gunships and orbital artillery, and eliminate any colonial military forces you may find. They are considered dangerous irregular war criminals and you have no legal requirement to grant them any human rights, engage on contact. All weapons are clear… Exterminate with extreme prejudice, just the way the Marines likes to operate.

The Marines quickly find out that something is wrong. The planet is dead. Non-combatants and colonial guard alike were slaughtered, women and children included. No signs that a war happened here, some bodies defiled in unspeakable macabre religious rituals.

You realize that what killed these people weren’t humans, it weren’t using guns, and it’s still here. An unfathomable evil from beyond lurks these dead streets, its hungry eyes are gazing upon you. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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Brutal Fate on Steam

World War 2 Craft (二战演义)

World War 2 Craft (二战演义)

The levels do not seem to have a reasonable difficulty. The first mission is nearly impossible to complete with the forces given before one of the three bridges explode. However, game has a lot of potential if some UI and balancing fixes are made.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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World War 2 Craft (二战演义) on Steam



Mastodonte is an attempt to revitalize the classic genre of Shoot ‘Em Ups, giving the player the mechanics to change the view, which brings depth and a whole new set of dynamics to the game.


The plot takes place in a not-so-distant future, where Ivory Coast is a military and scientific superpower, and needs to deal with the insubordination of other nations. You are in control of three Ivorian elite pilots from the Mastodonte squadron, and will need to survive different types of missions.


  • Each Life is a different aircraft that can be upgraded independently.

  • Directional shield with destructive power.

  • Reversible cannon to shoot backwards.

  • Aileron Roll to avoid projectiles.

  • Music-driven levels.

  • Original 2.5D art style.

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Mastodonte on Steam



Shoot, blast and slash your opponents to win this dynamic top-down shooter in luscious neon colors.


Once Gordy downloaded the file, but, as usual, the process freezes at 99%, and what should I do?

Only you can do it!

Log in and find the error to fix it, but be careful, there are tricky bugs and pitfalls everywhere.


  • 10 types of guns and the possibility of upgrading

  • Cheerful emotions of characters

  • Cool level design

  • Various game modes: Campaign, Arena, Time.

QUICKN on Steam

Soldat 2

Soldat 2

It’s a good, fun game, but still lacks a fair bit of refinement.

Hit registration is absolutely horrendous at the moment. You throw a knife at someone, you can see it hits the mark, because it then stops and drops to the floor, but no damage is done.

Similar thing with sniper rifles. You see the bullet pass through the opponent and it does zero damage.

Grenades. Sometimes you hit a person with all 3 grenades and they still don’t die, but they throw just one back at you and poof, you’re dead.

Player balancing system is just silly. When you join a server with an even number of players, you become the poor soul that is going to be tossed back and forth between teams whenever the team you’re in exceeds the other team’s score by 2 (flag caps or bases occupied). You might get thrown into the opposing team just as they’re about to lose. Lovely.

Real player with 71.2 hrs in game

I wouldn’t recommend buying this, even if it’s for nostalgia purposes.

The game is literally dead, whenever I attempt to play there’s noone online on any servers - I’ll join a game and play with bots for a while and occasionally 1 or 2 people may join but then leave after 10-15 minutes.

There’s no Oceanic community, that’s for sure. The only community is a few Russians and Germans that sometimes populate their server, but other than that - it’s essentially dead.

There’s also no effort to boost the player population, such as creating communities for specific regions, simple things such as in the Soldat 2 Discord you can create a rank specifically for their region so people can tag @Oceania or @Australia “let’s populate a server” - there’s none of that or anything close.

Real player with 56.6 hrs in game

Soldat 2 on Steam

Tactical Vanguard Saga

Tactical Vanguard Saga

Nice game sofar,, but right now it seems only the first Mission is playable, it will not let me continue to the next Map after the 1st intermission.

For a Game that lasted less than 30 minutes 4€ is a bit much, hope it will bne updated in Future with more Missions.

For now sadly i cannot recommend it

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

A slightly-edited worked example of TShadowKnight’s SRW Engine MV, featuring some unique assets but just one stage that’s all of 15 minutes long. So, this is blatantly unfinished crapware trying to get money out of people by promising a game but then not actually creating the game.

Can’t recommend buying this for any reason.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Tactical Vanguard Saga on Steam

War War

War War

A old-school style game that is fun and doesn’t take a gigabyte of storage in 2020? Crazy! Seems to be extremely optimized as it is small but brings with it a bunch of fun online matchups. 3 units, ground forces, a tank and 2 drones. I think I am best at the tank as it is easiest, but splitting up the ground forces and controlling individual groups of them with two joysticks on the same controller at once is awesome! Units can’t turn around (they can’t and it seems intended) so the game is a simple match up once you go to War War!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

War War on Steam

Castle Manager

Castle Manager

  • deploy the chambers, armoury, dungeons, throne room, and other rooms

  • take care of the castle expansion

  • repair damage on an ongoing basis

  • extinguish fires

  • build a moat

  • ensure that the blacksmith forges swords and the armourer makes the armour

  • see to the butcher slaughter the pig

  • make sure that the farmer sows the field, harvests the crop and the baker bakes the bread

  • ensure that the winemaker delivered the wine…

  • …and that the tables are laden with food

  • resolve conflicts

  • punish criminals

  • take care of the spiritual development of your people

  • suss out intrigues

  • plan sieges

  • negotiate with other kingdoms

  • take control of plagues

  • fight against epidemics

  • deal with natural disasters

Remember that your king must be satisfied with your work! Do your best to keep the castle alive, the people happy and the army ready for battle!

Castle Manager on Steam

Frontline: World War II

Frontline: World War II

the animations are nice and the system is well made. Use the tactics of the era and you’ll do just fine.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game



WHAT TO EXPECT: WW2 themed turn-based wargame. ‘Beer and pretzel’ play style. Attritional combat model. Chess-like battles. Unit class levelling and combat abilities. Tactical combat states. Tiny hex-grid maps. Good-looking combat models. No core force. Dynamically purchased order of battle. Some annoying bugs. GUI obfuscated game rules/mechanics. Incomplete scenario implementation. Active dev. Single-player only.


Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

Frontline: World War II on Steam

Tiger Tank

Tiger Tank


Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Tiger Tank on Steam