you just wanted to hang with your crush!

so how’d you end up stuck between them and your friends in your tiny dorm room watching a campy horror film?

And what happens when the movie comes to life?

This is not what you signed up for.

COME ALIVE! is a first person 2.5d mystery visual novel about a group of friends, where you play from several of their perspectives. Can you get to the bottom of why this movie has come alive? Or should you just roll with it and have fun?

  • A regular cast of normal characters

  • Definitely nobody dies ahaha

  • ~1 hour playtime

  • Original, dream-like art and music

  • Gamepad + keyboard/mouse support

  • For MacOS / Windows / Linux

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COME ALIVE! on Steam

Slap City

Slap City

This game is honestly a 10/10 platform fighter, as it has such stellar movement mechanics, while being very accessible to all level of players. I still laugh at this game even after well over a thousand hours of taking it seriously. It’s a gem…but the game isn’t the reason for the negative review.

The community for this game is slowly killing it. If you plan on competing, or getting help, or even finding matches on the Discord server, you’re going to need very thick skin. The community does have legitimately good people in it, but most of them stay quiet. The majority of the server is just crap posts and hate.

Real player with 1789.3 hrs in game

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If you’re into smash games I couldn’t recommend this game enough. It’s got all the mechanics that competitive melee players use with the addition of more, the biggest of which is “Clutch” which allows for some crazy moments. An instance of this would be when you almost die and have a lot of momentum from the hit, you can use a clutch move, which reversed your momentum, to send yourself flying super fast back onto the stage. Another fun example is with the Goddess of Explosions who is able to utilize Clutch so that she can literally go around the stage 3 times without touching it. The Clutch tool does a lot more than that and is definitely one of the best and defining features in the game.

Real player with 151.5 hrs in game

Slap City on Steam

Fight of Animals: Arena

Fight of Animals: Arena

I absolutely LOVE This game. It’s fun as hell and I almost want it to be more competitive honestly. I want to see this game go FAR !! I want to see Tournaments, tons of content creators playing and promoting this, and even casual players play this and then learn the game well enough to get even better!

A Game like this can really gain LOTS of attention and could be taken more seriously with just a few improvements.

Improvement Suggestions:

  • Allow us to Dash cancel Specials in the air ! This will allow even better combos and can really reward competitive players

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

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The game is really fun. I love the concept and execution. Maybe it won’t take long to get boring, but with friends, perhaps at a party this will give yall good time. Controller is a must, no way you play that on a keyboard. Even the menu doesn’t work as it should without a pad.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Fight of Animals: Arena on Steam

Mussoumano: Ataque dos Haters

Mussoumano: Ataque dos Haters

Very good, but why don’t you have Chinese? As the largest market in the world, if there is Chinese, more people will play it.

There are some difficulties in the game. If it can be saved, it will be better if it can be revived from the place of death rather than from the beginning

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Excelente jogo!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Mussoumano: Ataque dos Haters on Steam

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

Earlier this year, when I learned Bubsy was coming back in a new game after more than two decades, I, like many others, was stunned to learn about this. After that package of disaster known as Bubsy 3D got the franchise stuffed away and locked up in the attic, I never, I repeat, NEVER, in a million years, would think there’d be another official Bubsy game. We were all taken completely by surprise. Had my jaw dropped any further down, it would’ve detached from my face and fallen to the ground. At the same time, however, after thinking about why they’d bring back the Bubsy franchise, I was rather more optimistic about said franchise’s revival than I was pessimistic. The game looked good in the trailer. If Accolade were to ever bring Bubsy back, it couldn’t be that they were trying to make another bad Bubsy game. It sure as the Devil wouldn’t be too hard to make this better than Bubsy 3D! Accolade might’ve asked themselves, “What could possibly go wrong?”, but we, the gamers, would be the ones finding out once the game got released.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

Target Audience: No one. That’s right. No one.


Look, normally I put a video review together with this after I’ve taken the time to write a script and all that jazz. I mean, that’s the whole Youtube reviewer thing. But I can’t wait for that process at this point. I have to warn people about this game. Bubsy is not back. Bubsy was never back. Bubsy needs to have a bullet put in its head if this is how he’s going to come back. I’m speechless as a game that is normally 30 bucks has the gall to present what it did here and expect that Bubsy is going to come back in another form.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back on Steam

Deep Dark Fight

Deep Dark Fight

This game is not OK, it is bad. All sounds in game (music, jumps, sound of your death) are very annoing (but not gachi sounds of course). 1/2 of levels are VERY boring. Bosses are very boring, too. The last level had made so bad, that I deleted game. This game is not rofl-able, it is too good for that (but it is too bad to play it serios). I don’t want to play this game for free, and paying even 300$ hm hm… 1,5$ for it is silly

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

♂ T H A N K Y O U S I R ♂











Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Deep Dark Fight on Steam

Kazakh Drive

Kazakh Drive

This is an endurance racer: You have to drive for an hour or so without crashing to pass the first task. The apparent best strategy is pretty mindless: drive on the shoulder, keep your wipers on all the time, and spray fluid when the windshield gets dusty. The oncoming traffic lane is way too risky to use because you can’t usually see if it’s clear.

I do want to like this game, and certain improvements could make me recommend it:

1. controller support

2. some kind of meaningful decision to make while driving. There needs to be some reason I shouldn’t just drive on the shoulder to pass.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

This is one of the best games here on Steam. Scenario, game play - everything is just great. A lot of possibilities to discover, I’ve just started the game, but I already decided to spend the entire weekend playing Kazakh Drive for the sake of Uncle Eldos. You know, boards can’t bring themselves on their own.

Best regards and ALGA

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Kazakh Drive on Steam

Never Going Home

Never Going Home

This game rocks, at first it feels impossible but as you learn what you can and cant do. the game opens up to you in a challenging and beautiful way. I enjoyed making videos on the game and will make more, thanks to Star System Studios for always making great games.

Seriously worth the money 3

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

This rogue-like action shooter is fast paced and absolutely brutal. Shoot your way through hordes of enemies, collect items to upgrade your skills and try to finish the run as fast as possible!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Never Going Home on Steam

Fight of Animals

Fight of Animals

Fight of Animals is a fast-paced 2D fighting game, where all the characters have 20f overheads that convert into shittons of damage, where getting anti-aired means you’ll eat shittons of damage, and getting low poked from a confirmable range leads to shittons of damage. That’s why the game has a burst mechanic tied to a meter.

Most specials are dash cancellable on hit, which leads to a lot of cool interactions. Offense is strong as shit but so is defense because most overheads are punishable by shittons of damage when you block them.

Real player with 100.7 hrs in game

Fight of Animals is a fun, lighthearted fighter, with a nice rock/paper/scissors take on the genre. 6 characters, 3 stages, arcade mode, training mode and an online pvp mode. The character designs are nicely done and have a unique “cell shaded” look to them. The combos are fun to pull off and at a closer look, this isnt just a simple fighter. The game’s mechanics lets the player customize their playstyle so eveyone isnt doing the same cookie cutter combos. I really enjoy the soundtrack and it give the game a personality like no other. Any fan of fighters will love this game

Real player with 65.8 hrs in game

Fight of Animals on Steam

A Day Without Me

A Day Without Me

Game Bagus nih buatan anak Indonesia, lumayan lah buat senam jantung sedikit di beberapa aspek :v, udah tamat dalam waktu sekitar 3 jam baru tamat 100% sama semua collectible.

Kelebihan (+)

  • Puzzlenya Bikin Pusing

  • Gambarnya Lumayan Bagus

  • Plot Twist di Akhir

  • Map nya Luas

Kekurangan (-)

  • ada beberapa Glitch

  • Tempatnya Terlalu Pusing wkwk

  • bisa ke tempat yang harusnya belom boleh di datengin

  • Jalannya Terlalu Lama

Ditunggu Kelanjutannya

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Curator page here-- [url] DaRevieweD #75 [/url] -- [i]New review every Sunday[/i]

Indie developers from Indonesia may be a minority, but they are definitely on the rise! Take the Dreadout franchise or the recent demo Who Is He: Let Me Out- and what’s one thing they got in common? HORROR!!! Gamecom Team’s A Day Without Me (ADW) is yet another! The dev’s portfolio includes having worked on the mobile game Babol, with a Crash-Bash likeness but as an animate box and Parakacuk, a gang-based brawler set in a school!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

A Day Without Me on Steam