Druid is an enjoyable puzzle quest. You play as a Druid who goes to a magical forest. He wants to find a mentor and become wiser. It is very difficult to find the right path in the forest: there are many ravines, reservoirs, impassable thickets. To get into inaccessible areas, the Druid needs to learn new abilities that are activated using magic runes. They can be obtained by helping animals in the forest. Runes can be combined.

Nice graphics, unobtrusive background music. The game is worth the money. I highly recommend it for playing with children. Although it’s hard to find the right path without a forest map.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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This is like a ‘metroid-vania’ game but instead of action-adventure, we have some light puzzle elements.

To put it another way, it is like if you replaced a point&click adventure game’s mechanics with the ‘HM moves’ that you use in Pokemon to open up new areas of the overworld map.

You are a druid seeking enlightenment in the forest, and you slowly gather a series of magical runes that let you interact with the environment, or take on animal form, to conveniently get past oddly specific obstacles you find in the forest.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Druid on Steam

Blade and Ham

Blade and Ham

There is a lot to like about this but the combat needs some work. Often when doing combos the character will go through the enemies making the combo miss. Weird hit detection. I guess that is why it is early access. There is a nice overworld map with some extra levels you can take on to get coins used to continue. Decent graphics and a good variety of characters. Hopefully the developer fixes the combat issues. I probably will not play anymore until it gets some patches.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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The game has nice graphics, but in its current state, I strongly don’t recommend Blade and Ham. The game is NOT ready for release to the public. Blade and Ham has several big bugs & is very unpolished.

The game’s bugs are its biggest flaw. For example, you can’t save your progress (you start over at every new game). Plus, can’t take any pictures (doing so causes an error, the game ends, & you can’t exit the game either).

On a side note, Valve, please stop distributing crappy games that lack basic features. Such behavior just makes people want to go buy their games elsewhere, such as Epic Games. I wouldn’t even play Blade and Ham for free in its current state.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Blade and Ham on Steam

邪神大陆(Evil God Land)

邪神大陆(Evil God Land)

Cthulhu continent, a 3d defensive rpg game of immortal cultivating elements, you will play as an immortal cultivator, learn exercise skills, purchase equipment, obtain artifacts, and guard the Blue Pole Star.

If you have played Warcraft, you should know that defensive rpg games, the better is that the effect of the game is better than 3d.

How to play

1. At the beginning of the game, there is a period of preparation time to hit treasure chests and hunt mobs and grow up quickly

2. Every time a monster will invade the crystal, you need to protect the crystal, the crystal burst game fails

3. There are dozens of weapons, dozens of skills, different weapons have different attack effects, including crit, stun, bloodsucking, etc.

4. Realm improvement Elementary Profound Realm, Entering Profound Realm, True Profound Realm, Spirit Profound Realm, Sovereign Profound Realm, Divine Origin Realm and so on. Some realm improvement requires medicinal pills

5. Heroes have different types of water, fire, earth, mines, and dark scenery. They need to be used according to their skills.

6. Equipment is divided into ordinary, excellent, legend, artifact, and equipment above legend can grow

7. The map is mainly divided into four areas: snow, volcano, swamp, and city.

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邪神大陆(Evil God Land) on Steam

We Are Live

We Are Live

I’m new to RougeLite games, so it took me a run or two to catch on. I really like the random encounters and rewards. But you also have options to shape your run. Together you need to think about your strategy for each run. I have not made it past the second level yet… I’m convinced spell crafting is the key and I get better each time.

All in all I think this game is fun, cute (in a pixel-heart kind of way), and mildly addicting (so far).

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

[Note: Low Hours Played on this account because I played a Beta off Steam previously]

I genuinely enjoyed my time so far in We Are Live, it has some innovative features to bring to the table while also keeping what makes a classic Roguelite. My favorite notable feature would be the spell creation mechanic where you’re able to find “nodes” which can be crafted into various spells, allowing a more or less infinite amount of unique spell combinations. The story is also intriguing and kept me pushing forward time after time to get to the next new bits of lore or dialogue. It’s not a huge game but certainly not too small either, it’s a great medium experience as a fair price point!

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

We Are Live on Steam

Alterium Shift

Alterium Shift

Join three heroes in training as they learn to master their individual strengths and harness the power of Alterium Essence. With their training nearly completed, Dolion, their teacher, prepares them for the most important mission they’ve faced yet.


You’ll begin your journey with three heroes in training; Pyra, Atlas, and Sage. Their teacher, Dolion, strives to mold his students into heroes, ones better than himself. The three heroes are taking their final test before being sent off on an important and life changing mission. What fate awaits these heroes and can they accomplish the tasks set forth before them?


Dolion: From war hero to teacher, Dolion seeks individuals to mold into heroes themselves.

Pyra: A strict and loyal leader, Pyra steers her team as straight as she does her spear.

Atlas: A young, shy, and nimble Archer, Atlas delivers every shot with deadly accuracy.

Sage: A very talented weaver of Alterium Essence, with an ego that matches their skill.


Alterium Shift has a full featured turn-based combat system with a turn-order display for important decision making! Exploit enemy weaknesses and gain experience to grow your party into an unstoppable force! Of course, the loot you earn will also help you a long your journey as well.


Explore the world of Alteria. Meet new and diverse people. Find loot and hidden treasure! Take on new quests. The decision is yours and every decision is important!

About Alterium Game and Developers:

Alterium Shift is a SNES JRPG inspired indie game developed by two friends (Mottzy and Drass_Ray) who want to share their love for games like Chrono Trigger and FFVI through their own games.

Alterium Shift on Steam

Arthurian Legends

Arthurian Legends

The Greatest Medieval Retro FPS to date…

Okay, so listen, son! This is the most fun, most historically inaccurate, bonkers, no-nonsense, Arthurian slaughter-fest you can ever imagine in videogame format. It’s like if it was made in 1996, before it was lost and forgotten for ages until a young and brave archeologist dug it out from some old crypt in Ireland.

It is highly addicting and rewarding with full of opportunities created by the wide variety of weapons, spells, and items. It’s almost like an immersive sim in terms of how many different ways you can approach an encounter or problem. It is hard but fair, very reminiscent of Blood where you need to adapt quickly to tense situations yet always thread very carefully to succeed.

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

This is an excellent game for fans of classic melee FPS games like, yes, Witchaven I & II. It’s absolutely a hoot to play, the secrets are very well hidden, and there’s a real attempt at atmosphere going on. I almost wish it was more like an immersive sim (or at least a step or two towards Hedon) in including notes to read along the way, just because the environments LOOK like they’d have little stories to tell. Excellent work, there.

So, all of that said, let me focus on what needs improvement, starting with one issue/disclaimer.

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

Arthurian Legends on Steam

Back Alley Inn

Back Alley Inn

Would definately call this a game with a lot of fun ideas mixed into it. The tutorial is both relaxed and not information overload, and even if you accidentally skip a tutorial, you can probably work out whats going on (hint: dont skip the adventure one like I accidentally did!). Developer is currently responsive and it seems will be making changes so even though the game is pretty solid, with a few small non-gameplay breaking quirks, I anticipate very good things for this game soon.

Real player with 22.8 hrs in game

The game is buggy and missing tooltips. The gameplay is extremely RNG heavy and unbalanced making the game unplayable without giving you a clue what you might be doing wrong or how to fix it.

The game appears to give you a massive amount of space to build in but the vast majority of that space actually can’t be built on.

  1. First of all, the energy system is very annoying. You have to wait for energy for everything and the fast forward doesn’t work. This makes trying to figure out the extremely poorly documented features an exercise in frustration because the buildings aren’t expensive but require energy which discourages exploration.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Back Alley Inn on Steam

Pummel Paladins

Pummel Paladins

Good fun local 2 man smash ur friends head in game :D

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

A very good game, it has got everything you want in a game like this. It’s free, and if paying I could be able to play alone, it would be nice and a way to make me pay the people that made this game. All I can say is thank you, developers, I’d deffinetly pay to play a game like this with some more content. A coop version would be cool too. Imagine playing with your friends and killing bosses in a game like this.

Try this game, it’s free, you don’t loose anything. In my profile I haven’t played much, but I’ve played in my friend’s account and the game has 11 maps and everyone with its own different aspects. It has got some more power ups, the only problem is that you can’t change the buttons of the actions.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Pummel Paladins on Steam

Malicious Mages

Malicious Mages

Malicious Mages is a capture the flag brawler – Choose from a various cast of magic users and battle it out against other players to capture the mysterious blue orb.

Everyone is after this glowing blue orb. Fight other players to grab the orb and bring it to your side of the level to win. Once you get it there, you have to place the orb down and protect it for ten seconds until you score.

What’s the gameplay like?

You play the game locally against other players, the levels are completely symmetrical and you have to move across the side-scrolling stage traveling from room to room until you reach your goal. 3D characters in a 2D plane

Each player has a very low health bar. It doesn’t take many hits to kill a player, killing them is just a way to quickly get them out of your way so you can keep moving to your goal. After you kill them, they respawn quickly ahead of you in your path.

The Side-Scrolling Camera tracks the player that currently has the orb. If you go off-screen, you will disappear and then respawn ahead of the running player’s path.

The level is broken down into different rooms. Once the running player with the orb goes into another room, the screen fades and the opposing player despawns and respawns in the next room.

Each player can cast powerful spells. Spells are considered specials, once you’ve gathered enough mana from breaking props in the level you can use them to give yourself an advantage or deal a terrible blow.

Base attacks are free. Players have a catalog of free combat actions they can do to attack the other player without needing mana

What’s the story about?

In modern times, a cast of magic users fight to gain control over a mysterious blue orb.

If they have control over the orb during a special alignment, they can use the orb to summon The Painter a god that painted the night sky. The Painter will then grant them very dangerous power. All of these mages have their own compelling reasons to gain control, who will come out on top?

Malicious Mages on Steam

Cascade Tactics

Cascade Tactics

Cascade Tactics is a tactical RPG full of interesting and interactive abilities. You are a novice mercenary in a war-torn world. Hire your team, choose your classes, upgrade your equipment, and see how long you can survive.

Whether you want to hack your way to victory with powerful soldiers or strategically maneuver in the battlefield to maximize your profits, you can enjoy Cascade Tactics.

Features a Dual-class system with interesting synergies.

A Commander can issues commands to other units. A Ninja can attack twice with his weapon. When a character’s two classes are Commander and Ninja you can issue commands to other units to attack twice.

A Sentinel can guard tiles with his weapon. A Pyromancer can deal damage to an area with Flames. When a character has both classes, he can guard locations with Flames: casting it anytime an enemy walks on the tile.

An Archer can add any magical ability to his weapon attack. A Necromancer can raise a Skeleton if the target of his ability dies. When combined, you can raise a skeleton upon killing a target.

A Lancer can add cast time to his weapon to deal more damage or add cast time to a spell to increase its area-of-effect.

Interactive Mechanics:

Status Effects are linked (or channeled). Deal damage to the caster to stop the status effect.

Many actions take time before they are executed. This gives the opponent time to react. Deal damage to the caster to stop the action. Move / Push / Teleport units into or out of danger. Protect the target with another action before he is hit. Change the target of the caster with Silencer’s Redirect. These opportunities allow the battles to feel fun and interactive.

Cascade Tactics on Steam