Lost Remnant: The End Tides

Lost Remnant: The End Tides

So far I’m very much enjoying the game. It’s a point and click, story heavy game.

You have been left an inheritance by your grandfather, his cabin, now yours. Through found letters you find that your grandfather wants you to leave the town, though by what means you’ll have to play to find out. You start by collecting roaches to use as fishing bait and from there you can start to craft and sell items in order to make the money needed to do as your grandfather wished.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

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I thoroughly enjoyed this game it was not what I was expecting when I read mysterious point and click with eldritch horrors. The game is basically a resource management gathering game with some point and click aspects but not many which is nice cause instead of looking for one hidden object or how to use an object for hours your steadily progressing towards your goal. Game was really enjoyable with messages constantly to break up the grind with plot or story there’s not much visible eldritch creatures but there’s ton of mention of them. my full 100% play through with all letters and endings here (once it finishes processing): https://youtu.be/B8UwzltTPnc I had to replaythrough the game since eldritch horrors ate half the video but just a heads up the game says you get 2 redwood logs a tree but you only get one not

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Lost Remnant: The End Tides on Steam

Soulfire : Weapon Master

Soulfire : Weapon Master

Öğretici modunda iksir kısmında takılma oluştu böyle olunca öğretici modu direkt geçip oyuna başladım. Zaten bir iki oyun sonra oyunu kavrıyorsunuz. Çok oyunculu olarak herkese karşı teke tek mücadele ettiğiniz bir arena oyunu diyebiliriz. Geliştirildikçe ve farklı modlar geldikçe tadından yenmez.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Soulfire : Weapon Master on Steam

Burg Battle

Burg Battle

Takes the boring parts of RTS out of it. Easy to learn AND easy to master!

Real player with 89.9 hrs in game

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Great reverse tower defense game. Easy to get hooked!

Single-player is fun, but multiplayer up to 8 players over LAN (but can fill in bots with different difficulties if you’d like) means I can blow up my buddy’s armies from afar.

Make lots of armies, blow up the other guys' armies, make bigger armies, and conquer. Multiple factions and individualized talent trees allows versatility in playstyle and adds a lot of depth to the game. 5/5.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

Burg Battle on Steam

Write ‘n’ Fight

Write ‘n’ Fight

Join our discord! https://discord.gg/dnTMQMNcr7

The greatest writers of all time are fighting each other in the arenas that were inspired by their work. Each character can summon his own “magic” arena where he becomes the boss of the level for a short amount of time. Each character can be knocked out with one hit in standing in “danger” zone. Once the “magic” arena is summoned by one of the 15 combatants - the fighting game becomes an arcade while the “boss” player is trying to defeat the opponent before the magic arena time runs out.

Included game modes:

  • 2x Speed mode - a good way to train superhuman reaction

  • Prophet mode - turns the game into a turn-based strategy in a way. Both players blindly enter the string of commands without knowing the commands of the opponent. Once the required number of commands is entered both characters start executing them.

  • Retro mode - Pixelated graphics, old but gold.

  • I know Kung Foo - AI game mode where the AI is trying really hard to loose to you making it look as cool as possible.

Write 'n' Fight on Steam

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

Just to preface this, I have played virtually every adaptation of Lovecraft in video game format. It’s one of my favourite fictional universes and the concept of otherworldly horror is one I am yet to find tiring. Below you will find many reviews of the game complaining about bugs, lack of polish, performance bla bla bla. As other RPG fans have, I have had to suffer through these things for many years in order to experience some of the best this genre has to offer. In the defence of the team that has put this together, I think that this is a noble effort for one of the hardest things to properly implement - a reactive RPG that is able to anticipate the different paths players will want to go down.

Real player with 90.7 hrs in game

Update 30th Nov 2019: The game has been out for more than two months and there still has been no major patch addressing the numerous problems. Until the devs have taken care of at least some of the worst bugs, I can’t recommend the game at the current stage.

Stygian is definitely not a game for everyone, not just because of its theme, but also because it is both a gem and a train wreck at the same time. It is, in my opinion, the best Lovecraft game so far made, even better than Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. But it is also largely unfinished and riddled with bugs (at the time of its release).

Real player with 52.7 hrs in game

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones on Steam

Fall For You

Fall For You

If you’re reading this, then you probably just died and got thrown out of Heaven. Sorry about that. Good news, though; you get to be on a gameshow!

Conquer Hell With Love and Snuggles!

Fall For You is a rhythm-based roguelike. Move and attack with the beat to power up, win the hearts of every damned soul you meet, traverse perilous obstacle courses, win fabulous prizes that change the way you play, and cuddle with a scary demon mom to keep yourself going!

Dance Party!

Move it when the kick drum kicks, and attack when the snare drum snares to become faster and more powerful!

Friends in Unexpected Places!

Shoot fellow damned souls with Cuddle Bullets to earn their admiration! Earn Khaos Roses from your adoring fans that cheer you on below.

The World Changes Around You!

Stay above the UnderFog, as the world’s grid rises and falls around you! Take on procedurally generated platforming challenges to stay in the game and win prizes!

Fabulous Prizes!

Save up your Khaos Rozes, and win prizes that change the way you play!

A Place to Rest Your Head

Cuddle with a scary demon mom to keep your health bar up! Survive the crazed whims of a self-proclaimed Goddesz of Chaos! Be nice to the twins!

Fall For You on Steam

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale

Brave The Dark Tale

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale is a 2.5D action platformer, set in a toon dark fantasy world, where a mad king, in search for immortality, opens portals to a dark dimension. As Ghost Knight, a spirit bound to a suit of armour, you must traverse an epic land of Undead, Demons, Witches, and Beasts to stop the Mad King’s misled quest. Can you free the land of Lorentia from the Mad King?

Game Features

  • Test your reflexes with the dash move and a variety of spectral powers

  • Fight your way through Atmospheric and Spooky Levels filled with monsters, traps, and bosses ready to destroy you

  • Difficult but fair boss fights

  • Platforming

  • 2.5D Atmospheric Toony Art style

- Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale is a solo developer effort using Unreal Engine 4.

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale on Steam

Tormentum II

Tormentum II

Tormentum II, a long-awaited continuation of the dark adventure game inspired by the works of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksinski, will appear on the Steam platform in 2019.

In 2019, thanks to the Polish studio OhNoo, the door to the dark world of Tormentum will open again. Tormentum II is a Point & Click adventure game taking place in a dark, surreal world full of gloomy characters and repulsive creatures taken straight from the scariest horrors. The hand-drawn graphics, referring to the work of outstanding painters such as H.R.Giger or Zdzisław Beksiński, will take care of the one-of-a-kind impressions that spice up the players with shivers.

This time the adventure will begin in the future - in a universe where computer games bring relief in a hopeless world devastated by technology. Players will lead the fate of a game creator whose ambition is to create what has never been achieved before - a world inhabited by characters with intelligence equal to that of a human being.

When one day he receives a mysterious package with a strange processor, worrying visions begin to haunt him. Reality mixes with a nightmare, and characters from the game begin to penetrate his world. Or maybe it’s the other way round…

He decides to place a mysterious processor in his computer. From that moment nothing is certain anymore, and he himself becomes a prisoner of his own creation.

He wakes up in prison on an island in the middle of the sea and starts exploring the world he has created. However, he turns out to be different from his imagination - much less friendly, much more aggressive. However, one thing puzzles him the most: the characters he encounters tell him about a god who lives on one of the most remote islands. About a god who has never been in his game, which he himself has not created.

Players will be able to get to know the huge dark world stretching to several islands. Full of secrets and rich in various creatures. In order to find his way home and find a mysterious god along the way, the protagonist will have to travel through a vast land, which will consist of more than 130 locations - twice as many as in the first part of the adventure.

While wandering around the world, players will encounter situations in which game developers will question their conscience, forcing them to make often ambiguous decisions affecting the fate of the characters they meet. Thanks to such a procedure, the linearity of the game will be disturbed, which will enable more than one ending, depending on the choices made by the protagonist.

The unique atmosphere accompanying the game will be emphasized by a unique musical setting, this time enriched with metal sounds.

Tormentum II on Steam



On first look, it’s not a good game. The controls makes the game borderline unplayable, and there’s no alternate control scheme, so you’re stuck with what the game gives you.

Once I configured a way to control the game with a controller, the game became playable, but unfortunately it still isn’t anything special. It’s just a straight up Doom game and that’s really it, although the music is pretty decent in my opinion. But even with the new control scheme, the button to shoot seems to jump the camera to the right no matter what, so I basically just use the chainsaw the whole time to avoid pressing the button, which makes the game a breeze since all the enemies can’t move while they are being hit by the chainsaw.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Retro shooter with time near 86-88 years. Pop music in style (MISTERY) and nice gameplay. I wish for creaters more ideas for my favorite ( Cars\Races) in style 80 years

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Bit-Boom on Steam

AOD: Art Of Defense

AOD: Art Of Defense

Clearly a mobile port but the game is kind of addicting, its basic tower defence with ability to level up the units and heroes that control one of each of the units. The units costs to put down along with the gems you get for doing missions is reasonable enough that you do not really need to spend real money on the game. It is in a sense a great time killer while you wait for your mates to come online or just to shoot a few missions before you retire for the evening, it is kind of relaxing mindless game play as a lot of the missions are easy, some though do throw you and you end up using the special gem based weapons to save the day. If you like tower defence this is for you, if you like it user friendly this is also for you but i wouldnt play this as a main game so to speak. Saying that 7/10 not bad time waster imo

Real player with 111.8 hrs in game

i am not a big fan of tower defence games, but it was free so i gave it a go.

well worth it. possibly the best tower defence game i have so far played and i still play daily weeks later. its challenging enough without being frustrating and its entertaining enough not to be dull. graphics are sufficient and not 90’s pixels like so many other free games and micro purchases are not massively over=priced which is another norm.

latter stages im sure the cost of microtransactions and what they provide will be redundant as the cost to reward ratio will be worthless, but early game it can be a real benefit. getting all 6 heroes unlocked early is a real benefit.

Real player with 79.1 hrs in game

AOD: Art Of Defense on Steam