String Rush

String Rush

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Good things:

This is just a short game that you play only by using WASD or arrows. I like the idea for this game as it requires you to think how to do each room in a perfect way to get the achievements. I think the graphic in this game is ok. It is good that there are different obstacles both stationary and moving ones that require you to learn their movement to be able to avoid them.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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BOOM Bound

BOOM Bound

BOOM Bound is a Fast-paced, Real-time, Strategic Movement and Pattern game where you can play online with up to 6 friends.

The goal of the game is to have the player get across the map by dodging repeating explosions and moving objects.

Inspired by one of the best real-time strategy UMS category (bound) of all time. This game currently has:

  • 100 unique levels that will keep you busy for hours!

  • 8 unique explosion patterns and level themes!

  • 7 Player skins!

  • True cross-platform/cross-device online multiplayer play (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)!

In the future, I plan to add these high-level features:

  • Endless Mode v1 (There are no safe zones and the Area is the level. You don’t have time to prepare and must dodge by memorizing where to go in a trial-by-error style fashion)

  • Endless Mode v2 (Player Spawns on the level with one life and upon beating it, will take them to the next level (or else they start over))

  • 13 More Levels with Explosion Patterns

  • Leaderboard/Achievements

  • Level Editor

  • Allow players to host private & public lobbies to show off their custom-made levels

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BOOM Bound on Steam

Legacy Bites

Legacy Bites

Play cards to save the population of humans and the rest of the animal kingdom!

Key Features:

Random Game with optional deck building

Campaign Mode containing 24 missions


The world is divided into human and animal populations. Your goal is to keep each population within specific boundaries.

A game is played over various rounds. Each round a threat card is played by AI which changes the population of humans and animals in the world. The player receives 1-4 cards for that round to negate the effects of the threat card. Although the threat card only affects populations when the round ends, player cards may affect populations that round and up to the next two rounds. Plan and play cards carefully. After the last round ends all remaining population modifiers are played out. Keep an eye out for that! To make matters even more interesting, the boundaries for each population may change during the game! And there is a round timer! You’ll need quick hands and a quick mind to succeed!

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Legacy Bites on Steam

My Father My Son

My Father My Son

Only cooperation can save them

Together with two lost castaways, a father, and son, experience a thrilling journey through a dark, uninhabited island that isn’t on the map. Overcome a path full of logic puzzles and hidden dangers and help the family get closer to each other. Escape from this mysterious place and discover together with the characters what’s hidden here.

Control two characters alone or in co-op (1 player - 1 character), using either a pad or the keyboard. You can change the control method at any time. Move along 2 paths, changing them freely as needed. Take wise advantage of the differences between the father (strong and high) and the son (small and agile), which will make it easier for the characters to work together on co-op puzzles.


  • Play alone, controlling two characters or in co-op (local on one screen or online)

  • Choose any method to control both characters: using pads or the keyboard

  • Solve environmental puzzles based on the co-operation of two characters with different abilities: a father and son

  • Fight for survival in thrilling arcade sequences

  • Two characters and two tracks that you can change at any time

  • Low-poly 2.5D side view game

  • An engaging story about a father’s relationship with his son in a thriller atmosphere

My Father My Son on Steam

Chicken Defender

Chicken Defender

Fun and short game. The game consists only of a couple levels which vary in difficulty. For the price just perfect, pretty polished tbh.

I would say there was a lack of weapons, a couple more would be fun. Also, the goal for the last level was 100, I got 26,000, that can probably be tweaked. But overall fun time, thanks developers.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

A $A1.50 well spent. Good graphics and sound.

Thought this Tower Defense title could be a walk in the park - after getting my bottom spanked my first 4 tries, I am happy to amend that thought. I particularly like the fact that the game advises you, and shuts the level down when you are not going to be able to meet the level requirements. I can see that I am really going to have to think the levels right through.

A terrific value for money title.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Chicken Defender on Steam



This is a great puzzle game. If you like puzzling things out with no time limits or pressure, this is for you. It reminded me of Kami in a way so if you like that you’ll probably like this. I loved that it has an undo button so if you make a wrong move you don’t have to start over. I used it often. Like most games it starts easy and gets harder and gradually adds more mechanics to make it more interesting. They also add new puzzles every day so it never really ends. There are six new puzzles a day that stay posted for five days. A few easy and then they get hard. You can open it about once a week and have 30 new puzzles to play. There’s also an extra mode that continuously generates new tiles and the point is to see how many moves you can make before you get stuck. Early on the puzzles only take a minute or two. Later they usually involve multiple tries and can take a while. Every once in a while I’d be working on one for half an hour or so. I really like that they always have three puzzles open above the last level you completed so you don’t just get stuck. You can skip one and maybe try it later. There are still a few I’ve left skipped that I couldn’t figure out yet.

Real player with 52.6 hrs in game

a minimalistic puzzle game where you have to match 3 or more of the same color or pattern by switching them around and clear all the tiles. might sound boring or ‘not this again’ but I found playing it a lot of fun even with several similar games under my belt, mostly because the visuals are very pleasant and it’s really quick and responsive. the game loads fast, takes you immediately to the current level and moving pieces can be as fast or slow as you want by holding the mouse button. I really loved this because as you start moving tiles, it reveals which ones will disappear if you finish turning them, and if I knew what I was doing, moving squares was instantaneous, but if I was experimenting, I could take it slow.

Real player with 19.3 hrs in game

Dissembler on Steam



CubeLines is balancing act. Taking a risk and go for the big score in one go or play it safe and steady. You can choose how you play it. There are no timers, take all the time you need for your next move or swing it and see how it goes.

By arranging 5 or more cubes in a line, you can clear them from the board but there is always those few that stay behind. It starts of easy; you think you have the control over the board but turn by turn it start to fill up.

Go for high score for longer games or complete a few challenges for a quick game. And for those moments when you simply want to relax there is an easy mode, to simply play!

CubeLines on Steam



The puzzle and gameplay aspect of the game is pretty good though the visuals is rather lacking, which may be part of the game’s aesthetic. The gameplay is what matters most though, which is a nice defense game where you need to place certain defensive mechanism in order to prevent an enemy from reaching the end of the level. There are a lot of levels which ramps up nicely and gets you to think. There are also various tools you use like mines and cannons. Other aspects also show up such as change in gravity from time to time which changes the direction the enemy moves, so that would be needed to be factored in when strategising and placing your defense. Overall, it is a good puzzle game, though with nicer visuals, would be great.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Stratside on Steam

The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian

Anything But

When I think about ‘hobby games’ like Destiny 2 or bottomless time sinks like AC Odyssey, I can only think of how much people are missing. It’s a privileged take, granted. People want value per hour out of economic pressures on top of a melange of other reasons. Only, The Pedestrian reminds me that in a perfect world we could all have the spice of life of twenty five short experiences that last longer in an altogether more meaningful way than a monster corporate product ever could. Media that doesn’t monopolise your time, but delivers a quick, sharp shock of everything you could want of entertainment as a means of adding value to your life.

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

The Pedestrian is a relatively short, but fun puzzle platformer. You are a character from one of those flashing ‘walk’ signs. You connect signs, and use your little pedestrian to solve various puzzles. The puzzles are quite unique. As for difficulty level, I’ve played lots of puzzle games, and I’d say this is a medium difficulty puzzle game overall. I found the puzzles satisfying and there were a couple of times I really had to stop and think about things to solve them. The game rewards you for patience in the puzzle solving not rushing. The learning curve on the puzzles is not bad, although there was one concept/mechanic that took me a bit to grasp and felt significantly more difficult than the others. As you complete the puzzles you move across different areas of a city. The game shines aesthetically as the surroundings as you travel the city the surroundings are nothing short of beautiful. There are different tracks of music as you go through the city, and they evoke a sort of peaceful feeling. There is a story inside the game, but I am not sure I understood the whole thing, and after talking with one of the developers the story is left up to some interpretation of the player. Without spoiling anything I will simply say the last half hour or so of the game is a culmination of your work throughout the game and really is something special that tells you a lot about the story.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

The Pedestrian on Steam



I’ve played a lot of puzzle games before, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve been this enthralled by one! There are so many interesting puzzle elements that are introduced completely organically, allowing you to understand them without the use of an explicit tutorial and, instead, through experimentation. New elements are presented even late into the game, which always made me excited to see what would lie in each new area.

The exploration is also fantastic, with secrets hidden in tricky to reach areas that give puzzles an extra layer of depth and make hunting around every nook and cranny feel properly rewarding. The amazing, outside-of-the-box solutions to some of the secrets were mind blowing and always felt amazing to figure out!

Real player with 324.7 hrs in game

On September 22nd, 2020 the game Chip’s Challenge became free on Steam. In Chip’s Challenge you control a character on a tile grid and solve a series of puzzles around moving blocks, opening doors, using tools, avoiding enemies, etc. to reach an end. Here’s the thing, Chip’s Challenge is now thirty years old and shows its age. Puzzle design that seemed engaging and exciting to me in 1995 is now tedious and dull. The joy has worn off.

On September 22nd, 2020 the game Blackshift published on Steam. Blackshift is Chip’s Challenge if it were, well, still good. The base description of the mechanics are the same (ok, you blow up a thing instead of finding an exit) but the “etc.” above keeps on going and going. Even as far as the 98th level new ideas are being added. Puzzles are often creative and surprising. Sure, across 100 levels not all are going to be winners, but by and large figuring out a level is a joy. Every time you beat one you just have to peek at the next one to see what it has to offer. And then you’re there and you just have to give it a try. Then suddenly it’s hours later than when you wanted to stop playing.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

Blackshift on Steam