The puzzle and gameplay aspect of the game is pretty good though the visuals is rather lacking, which may be part of the game’s aesthetic. The gameplay is what matters most though, which is a nice defense game where you need to place certain defensive mechanism in order to prevent an enemy from reaching the end of the level. There are a lot of levels which ramps up nicely and gets you to think. There are also various tools you use like mines and cannons. Other aspects also show up such as change in gravity from time to time which changes the direction the enemy moves, so that would be needed to be factored in when strategising and placing your defense. Overall, it is a good puzzle game, though with nicer visuals, would be great.

– Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

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– Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Stratside on Steam

Mochi Jump

Mochi Jump

Mochi Jump is a simple, fun and addictive challenge of your reactions and reflexes.

Control your little mochi, simply click and hold to make them jump. Make sure you time your jumps and judge their heights carefully as you climb moving platforms higher and higher while collecting stars to unlock new mochis and different colours.

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Mochi Jump on Steam