A Day Without Me

A Day Without Me

Game Bagus nih buatan anak Indonesia, lumayan lah buat senam jantung sedikit di beberapa aspek :v, udah tamat dalam waktu sekitar 3 jam baru tamat 100% sama semua collectible.

Kelebihan (+)

  • Puzzlenya Bikin Pusing

  • Gambarnya Lumayan Bagus

  • Plot Twist di Akhir

  • Map nya Luas

Kekurangan (-)

  • ada beberapa Glitch

  • Tempatnya Terlalu Pusing wkwk

  • bisa ke tempat yang harusnya belom boleh di datengin

  • Jalannya Terlalu Lama

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Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

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Indie developers from Indonesia may be a minority, but they are definitely on the rise! Take the Dreadout franchise or the recent demo Who Is He: Let Me Out- and what’s one thing they got in common? HORROR!!! Gamecom Team’s A Day Without Me (ADW) is yet another! The dev’s portfolio includes having worked on the mobile game Babol, with a Crash-Bash likeness but as an animate box and Parakacuk, a gang-based brawler set in a school!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

A Day Without Me on Steam

Night in Riverager

Night in Riverager

The developer mentions that there are some mild fantasy violence and also includes topics such as murder and torture; there is none of that in the game.

It’s also rather short, about 10-12 minutes where you talk to your mom and then you leave to fetch her some medicine since she has some sort of illness. When you leave your home, you venture northward to access a bridge to go to your uncle’s home.

You don’t make it. It ends, to me, abruptly. I don’t mind it being short, but I would like to have a bit more closure. At least let me get the medicine…

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

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DISCLAIMER: This is a full review, and NOT a first impressions review

Night in Riverager is a game developed by Two Star Games and published by V Publishing

The game offers some nice graphics and a really beautiful aesthetic, although some ugly glitches here and there, it is pleasant all the same

The game does suffer with some repetitiveness at certain areas of the game but a fun game nonetheless

Night in Riverager overall, however, is a fun game to play, yet sometimes repetitive and it does get boring if being played for a long time, but is a really good horror game to play in short bursts!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Night in Riverager on Steam



A hidden machine in a forbidden arcade in south Nevada, Rumors of a lost fighting game, known to draw madness from its players. Soon ROMS of the game have surfaced, but needs to run on a custom emulator that can only be run on lost Operating Systems. The Application simply called “FIGHT.EXE”

Fight.EXE is a traditional fighting game that has something for new and veteran players. Special moves are performed by 1 button but can be enhanced with motion inputs.

Fight.EXE on Steam

Quiet Valley 2

Quiet Valley 2

I love this game. great visuals and style that if you can get a grip on does a great job getting the spooks. its a short and sweet game, ideas put forward are chilling and oppressive, basic style is still detailed in its implementation and surprisingly thought out. there are little additions that only show up for a few seconds and it keeps you on your toes and impress with there inclusion. this feels like a flash game made by a AAA experienced indy developer. its alot like silent hill in its progression where there are secrets, the progress is in exploration and it is willing to be appropriately aggressive when its required.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

fuk you and your shity view i wanted to play this but i cant tell where i cam because of the camera

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Quiet Valley 2 on Steam

Blue June

Blue June

#### STORY A young girl is tormented by terrifying nightmares, slowly pulling her into the past. Before long, the real world begins to feel strangely foreign. The colors, sounds, and smells are no longer the same. With every passing day, the dream world seeps into the real one and soon, she might not be able to tell the difference… #### GAMEPLAY Players will navigate the world as June and interact with her nightmares, people and objects. Puzzles will require a keen eye as they scale with the intensity of June’s nightmares and delusions. Although the main story path will require casual effort, collectibles and secrets or hidden paths may not be obvious at first. #### FEATURES

  • Dreamy 2.5D atmospheric horror experience

  • Immersive and mind-bending story

  • Beautifully gloomy low poly environments

  • Clever and interesting puzzles

  • Engaging collectibles and hidden secrets

  • Passionately developed by a one-girl team

Blue June on Steam



Set in a small town in the Mid-west. You are an investigative reporter sent out to document the local happenings of Eastville. Recently, a cult has taken up residency in the town and strange occurrences have prompted locals to pack up and leave. Prior to your arrival, the company you work for had sent out another reporter whom none have heard from in quite some time. You must use your skills to dig deeper into the mystery and reveal what the town is hiding, as well as locate the missing reporter.

Fade on Steam

FrightShow Fighter

FrightShow Fighter

The unique hand drawn visuals are creepy, and cute. The gameplay is similar to a 16-bit era Street Fighter wanna be, in a good way. Although characters are either gimped or broken, playing the game is fun, and with rebalancing and reconfiguring of the inputs (which are on the way) this game and it’s kooky cast of characters could be a great entry level fighter. If you’re looking for Street Fighter, Tekken, or Guilty Gear level of complex gameplay systems… slow down buddy, this game was made for tablet. But it’s still vert fun to play!

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

An excellent fighter, with awesome music. Controls may be a bit difficult for some to wrap their heads around, but once you get acustemed to them the game becomes a whole lot easier. Great to play with friends!


Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

FrightShow Fighter on Steam

Decaying Delicacy

Decaying Delicacy

100% play through (I believe here):



This game was sick I enjoyed the hell out of it finally a cheaper game that’s not just super bad or a cash grab. This was definitely worth the money it hearkens me back to the days of finding the weird part of youtube which is hard to find. Insanely creepy and surreal but it also keeps a pretty tangible story. The game is pretty dang hard to get the good ending in as well the timing on the tongues gave my fingers one of the most insane rejection of what I wanted to do ever I was so used to timing up the tongues when I was trying to run through the 4 back to back tongues in case they were programmed to be a straight run through my fingers absolutely noped me from being so used to waiting on the timing and the fact the punishment for losing on that stage is severe since it’s the only stage without a save before it. That rejection of what I actually wanted to do gave me one of the most severe feelings of defeat in a video game to be honest. I cannot recommend this enough I hope the sound track gets sold on here as well it was super good.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

This is definitely an A Tier Yai Game for those familiar with Yai Gameworks, it is very fitting that the genre for this game is Collectothon, the version of Collectothon this game is, is very unique. There is horror in this game but it really gets scary really far in, however because of a certain missing save point on the good ending it can quickly become a rage game. The surreal imagery in this game is also pretty A Tier compared to other Yai Games.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Decaying Delicacy on Steam

Hollow Bliss

Hollow Bliss

Your experience in Hollow Bliss depends on your choices, deaths, and consequences. Take control of five high school friends who end up trapped within a dark home, its twisted residents out to get them. As you explore the house, the space changes around you, and how you interact with it and respond to its dangers will make an impact on your chances to make it out alive. Everyone can die, but more than that, the imprint they leave can either benefit or hurt the chances of the others also trying to survive. You’re in a horror scenario, it’s up to you to make your choices of how to get out of the situations you find yourself in.

After the death of his childhood best friend, Chris Lansan struggles to feel normal with his friends, old and new. There was a comic he and his deceased friend were working on before her unfortunate passing, but it was in her possession when she died. He goes with his group of friends; Dustin, Julia, Hailey, and Sarah, to ask his mother if he could take the comic as a memento. After strange hostility from the mother towards Chris, seeing how important this is to Chris, Dustin proposes they sneak in when the mother goes out to find and fetch the comic. When they do so however, they find themselves trapped within the home, and unfortunately not alone.

Hollow Bliss is a gut wrenching 2.5D horror narrative game experience that plays out differently depending on you.


  • You’re in control of a horror scenario, who lives and dies depends entirely on you.

  • 32 endings, with various alternate ways every scene in the game can play out.

  • Every character has a unique ability, which if they die, is lost to you.

  • The game remembers previous runs, the past may come back to haunt you.

  • Twisted and strange horrors that’ll leave you guessing and what could possibly come next.

  • An original soundtrack and positional 3D audio adds to a thick atmosphere, best experienced with headphones..

  • A cast of characters who have more to them than you may initially assume. They may win you over.

Pulling down the moon would be easier.

Hollow Bliss on Steam

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance

bring back memories

Real player with 34.3 hrs in game

This is a dream come true. Being 10 years old I did not have a PC and I was obsessed With DOOM this game was the next best thing on sega. I really hope this game gets remade ultra violent in the future. I would stay up really late and complete this game start to finish and I plan to do it again :)

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Zero Tolerance on Steam