Regiment of Armour

Regiment of Armour

Set In WW1 and WW2 era, you are a battle hardened veteran that must complete contracts to improve your tank. Zombies and other hostile players are swarming the map. Its up to you to enter the fray with friends, solo, or capture other enemy players adding them to your team. Choose your objective by finding contracts on the map that will reward you with currency to unlock new abilities. In order to be successful in the battlefield, you need to be quick when killing the environment to become a higher rank, well also being cognitive where other players may be laying in wait. Traps and well layed plans will be what deterimines your victory in the battlefield.

  • Play Solo

  • Play With Friends

  • Ally With Defeated Players

  • Complete Objectives

  • Survive or lose your tank

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Regiment of Armour on Steam

C.A.P.S. - Cyber Animal Planet Survival

C.A.P.S. - Cyber Animal Planet Survival

Hard to stop playing. You’ll need strategy and patience to kill all enemies. Liked it!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

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i loved this game, the best point was the connection with the brazilian forests and animals. Funny.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

C.A.P.S. - Cyber Animal Planet Survival on Steam

Cat Packs

Cat Packs

Dare to follow the Cat Packs on their first adventure. Defend the Golden Burrow and destroy the invaders! Travel across forests, beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers to discover the source of the mechanized menace threatening civilization.

High difficulty level (ex: Souls-Borne, Alt-F4). Devious bosses. Hybrid 2.5D action, toss physics, platformer, shooter (ex: Mega Man 11) grappler (ex: Unravel Two). Multiplayer (up-to-4) available.

Controls are familiar and easy to learn, difficult to master. Climb, swing, jump, glide, dash, and shoot to discover new areas. ‘Bubble’ allows novice players to play with experienced players. Engage in epic battles with enormous and challenging bosses. Discover hidden secrets and abilities on your adventures. ‘Groundhog Day’ levelling system allows the Cat Packs to enhance their abilities even further. Friends may join your game at any time!

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Cat Packs on Steam



Mastodonte is an attempt to revitalize the classic genre of Shoot ‘Em Ups, giving the player the mechanics to change the view, which brings depth and a whole new set of dynamics to the game.


The plot takes place in a not-so-distant future, where Ivory Coast is a military and scientific superpower, and needs to deal with the insubordination of other nations. You are in control of three Ivorian elite pilots from the Mastodonte squadron, and will need to survive different types of missions.


  • Each Life is a different aircraft that can be upgraded independently.

  • Directional shield with destructive power.

  • Reversible cannon to shoot backwards.

  • Aileron Roll to avoid projectiles.

  • Music-driven levels.

  • Original 2.5D art style.

Mastodonte on Steam

Headbangers in Holiday Hell

Headbangers in Holiday Hell

Headbangers in Holiday Hell is your personal christmas elves h0locaust.

A place where you can show your christmas appreciation with bullets: 1 bullet = 1 appreciation.

Let me tell you a story. My 2 years old son loves christmas elves because every morning he finds a candy in the christmas sock.

“My dear child”, I’d love to say - “That’s not elves, It’s daddy.”

“Daddy buys candies with his precious, hard-earned money, and leaves them to you instead of eating them. And believe me, daddy loves chocolate.”

Real player with 23.2 hrs in game

Bought this game as a favour to a friend, not expecting a tonne of satisfaction as its quite a departure from my usual fare.

It has completely exceeded my expectations and the last few days when opening steam this has been the game I’ve wanted to play. I also very desperately want to nuke Santa. His carpet bombing is THE WORST.

The theming is in your face, the price is low. Give it a crack you might just like it as much as I did.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Headbangers in Holiday Hell on Steam

Apostle 3D

Apostle 3D

Honestly, I love shooters that give me a Wolf3D feel. They are simple, easy to play, and generally don’t waste your time. Unfortunately, this one is rough… very rough. I chose not to refund this because I feel like there is heart and potential, but this is a poor showing. Art was consistent throughout which was a positive and the music was passable.

The level design is very basic with random rooms where to leave you need to kill everything that spawns. Unfortunately, the levels themselves have no decoration, no environmental items placed throughout. Just hallways, walls, floors, sometimes you get a big room! The mini-map in the lower left hand corner is a neat concept, but when you get to areas such as small mazes it is little help. The only area that started to feel like they were using the limited variety of level design elements was hell, and even then that ended after E4M1. The start of E2M1 was the only “unique” level. The monster closet rooms were boring, since it was just stand in a corner and shoot left and right, then crossbow when they get stuck on a wall because pathing is basic.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Apostle 3D on Steam

邪神大陆(Evil God Land)

邪神大陆(Evil God Land)

Cthulhu continent, a 3d defensive rpg game of immortal cultivating elements, you will play as an immortal cultivator, learn exercise skills, purchase equipment, obtain artifacts, and guard the Blue Pole Star.

If you have played Warcraft, you should know that defensive rpg games, the better is that the effect of the game is better than 3d.

How to play

1. At the beginning of the game, there is a period of preparation time to hit treasure chests and hunt mobs and grow up quickly

2. Every time a monster will invade the crystal, you need to protect the crystal, the crystal burst game fails

3. There are dozens of weapons, dozens of skills, different weapons have different attack effects, including crit, stun, bloodsucking, etc.

4. Realm improvement Elementary Profound Realm, Entering Profound Realm, True Profound Realm, Spirit Profound Realm, Sovereign Profound Realm, Divine Origin Realm and so on. Some realm improvement requires medicinal pills

5. Heroes have different types of water, fire, earth, mines, and dark scenery. They need to be used according to their skills.

6. Equipment is divided into ordinary, excellent, legend, artifact, and equipment above legend can grow

7. The map is mainly divided into four areas: snow, volcano, swamp, and city.

邪神大陆(Evil God Land) on Steam



I completed the game and it was fun. A pretty basic Wolfenstein 3D like shooter with some neat sprites and textures. The 6 weapons also feel quite good and there are several types of enemies and several bosses. It’s cheap, so I recommend it. Just know that it comes with a big caveat…

You can’t adjust the brightness of the game in any way. It’s simply way too murky to look at. Not just dark - but lacking in contrast. I’ve just beaten the final boss and my eyes fucking hurt! This game needs brightness and gamma sliders really bad.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

The Fangs Huntress is not the perfect game. It is however very playable and fairly decent compared to a lot of stuff on Steam. From a Developer that makes nothing but crap smut games, this is a very much welcomed surprise. Thankfully this game was not made in the “Raycasting Game Maker” (which some devs have been using to dump many games on Steam with that god-awful engine.) It was created on the “Easy FPS Editor”. The Fangs Huntress is nice and short at 2 hours, it’s not too short and doesn’t overstay. I was able to finish the game and came out enjoying it!

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game


Mineirinho Shooter DC

Mineirinho Shooter DC

Too difficult :(

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

what am i doing here?

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Mineirinho Shooter DC on Steam

BE-A Walker

BE-A Walker

Be warned, im gonna include a few spoilers here and there in the review, if you dont want to see them, skip this review

I saw some gameplay from a youtuber and i was immediatly attached to this game, i played the demo and had a ton of fun, even just being 2 missions, it was still very fun (but i did have my problems with the overheating, however it has been fixed with the patch so i guess it can slide) i did have my problems with the walking since it had a QWOP feeling but i learned it after a bit and slowly started to master it and it wasnt that bad to learn.

Real player with 19.1 hrs in game

BE-A Walker is a sidescrolling re-enactment of the plot of James Cameron’s Avatar. You pilot a bipedal mech across the surface of an alien planet blasting and stomping on the natives as you go. Except you do that exact same thing…. repeatedly. For the whole game.

This game is definitely fun for a bit, but every mission is pretty much the same, broken up occasionally with a ‘walk through the base without stepping on the blind scientists’ mission or ‘walk through a minefield’ mission, which mostly just slow the game down, without improving it much.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

BE-A Walker on Steam