Wasteland Warden

Wasteland Warden


Gain Teammates

Help Others


In the near future, AI corporations have taken over and are hunting down anyone not cooperating. This lead to a robotic arms race as the remaining “free” people mod themselves with any tech they can find and fled to the deserts and other unpopulated oases. Now its every man for himself outside the giant numbered cities run by the AI corps. Squeezed between assassin robots and cyborg gangs, one man takes it upon himself to lock up anything that can be locked up and… reprogram the rest? Lets all just ignore the growing rumors of an “all consuming sludge” appearing from the south.


  • Turn based

  • Grid based

  • Level the protagonist via skill trees

  • Defeated enemies become allies

  • Level your allies

  • Choose a complementary team

  • Many roles to fill: DPS, Range, Tanks, Area Effect

  • Upgrade your base

Still in early development. All art is subject to change.

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Wasteland Warden on Steam

BOOM Bound

BOOM Bound

BOOM Bound is a Fast-paced, Real-time, Strategic Movement and Pattern game where you can play online with up to 6 friends.

The goal of the game is to have the player get across the map by dodging repeating explosions and moving objects.

Inspired by one of the best real-time strategy UMS category (bound) of all time. This game currently has:

  • 100 unique levels that will keep you busy for hours!

  • 8 unique explosion patterns and level themes!

  • 7 Player skins!

  • True cross-platform/cross-device online multiplayer play (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)!

In the future, I plan to add these high-level features:

  • Endless Mode v1 (There are no safe zones and the Area is the level. You don’t have time to prepare and must dodge by memorizing where to go in a trial-by-error style fashion)

  • Endless Mode v2 (Player Spawns on the level with one life and upon beating it, will take them to the next level (or else they start over))

  • 13 More Levels with Explosion Patterns

  • Leaderboard/Achievements

  • Level Editor

  • Allow players to host private & public lobbies to show off their custom-made levels

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BOOM Bound on Steam

A Snake’s Tale

A Snake’s Tale

Casual puzzle game, for the most part too easy but fun, harder level would help because for me this game is just a time killer.

Can’t run in full screen mode and awful music are mos def a minus.

Recommend if you are new to puzzle game genre or just want an easy puzzle game with 2 or 3 tricky levels.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

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I bought A Snake’s Tale out of multiple yearnings at once:

-Despair for a game where I can finally play as a snake- a diagetically-portrayed one, mind you, not just a sequence of squares chasing dots;

-A good puzzle game;

-A growing liking for smaller-project titles due to my chronic inability to afford any of the AAA games or the hardware to run them;

-An eagerness to support a fellow Austinite, and aspiring game creator.

In each of these, I say A Snake’s Tale delivers.


Turns out this game is a great brain-builder. We learn the rules as we go, and the simple ruleset is used to great versatility.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

A Snake's Tale on Steam



I’ve played a lot of puzzle games before, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve been this enthralled by one! There are so many interesting puzzle elements that are introduced completely organically, allowing you to understand them without the use of an explicit tutorial and, instead, through experimentation. New elements are presented even late into the game, which always made me excited to see what would lie in each new area.

The exploration is also fantastic, with secrets hidden in tricky to reach areas that give puzzles an extra layer of depth and make hunting around every nook and cranny feel properly rewarding. The amazing, outside-of-the-box solutions to some of the secrets were mind blowing and always felt amazing to figure out!

Real player with 324.7 hrs in game

On September 22nd, 2020 the game Chip’s Challenge became free on Steam. In Chip’s Challenge you control a character on a tile grid and solve a series of puzzles around moving blocks, opening doors, using tools, avoiding enemies, etc. to reach an end. Here’s the thing, Chip’s Challenge is now thirty years old and shows its age. Puzzle design that seemed engaging and exciting to me in 1995 is now tedious and dull. The joy has worn off.

On September 22nd, 2020 the game Blackshift published on Steam. Blackshift is Chip’s Challenge if it were, well, still good. The base description of the mechanics are the same (ok, you blow up a thing instead of finding an exit) but the “etc.” above keeps on going and going. Even as far as the 98th level new ideas are being added. Puzzles are often creative and surprising. Sure, across 100 levels not all are going to be winners, but by and large figuring out a level is a joy. Every time you beat one you just have to peek at the next one to see what it has to offer. And then you’re there and you just have to give it a try. Then suddenly it’s hours later than when you wanted to stop playing.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

Blackshift on Steam



A good retro tower defence that requires precision and thoughtfullness and u get to choose 1 out of the 2 systems to complete it ! The war path or the peace path .As u progress it gets all the more challenging and u will definatly restart the level at some point :)

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Kirkileons on Steam



This is the kind of game that can keep you playing for hours, I highly recommend.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

I definitely recommend this game! The puzzles are super fun and the character is so adorable! I would say it’s roughly 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. Perfect if you’re looking for some relaxing evening puzzle-solving.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Piozila on Steam

Table Top Turrets

Table Top Turrets

I downloaded ‘Table Top Turrets’ out of curiosity as, although I play a lot of tower defence games, most of them are quite boring and are very similar to each other. It was refreshing, therefore, to see such an eye-catching and colourful game appear on Steam. I thought I’d take a chance with it and I am delighted that I did.

The game is very fun to play. There are about 10 different levels, each with 3 different difficulties, all of which completely change the dynamic of the game. In essence, therefore, there are about 30 levels. The levels all have interesting track designs and the possibilities of placing down turrets are almost endless. Although the game is not what I would describe as a ‘sandbox’ mode, once you get some experience, it begins to feel this way. With a great selection of turrets to choose from, each one having a different effect on the enemies, it really does feel like you have unlimited ways of playing the level. Not only is this just fun from the get-go but it means that the game does not get boring.

Real player with 27.3 hrs in game

It’s almost a good game!

When you find-out how to turn off the terrible music, play on ‘Hard’ level, and

! refrain from using any of the ‘Beamers’ , this game is….almost not boring!

Oh! And you need to be a HUGE fan of TD games too!

But outside of that: Go for it! You’ll have a formidable 20 minutes of enjoyment!! ;)

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Table Top Turrets on Steam



Story-free, simple action-puzzle game where you trap enemies who are trying to eat you by surrounding them with blocks on all side while avoiding enemies. Each level you complete will have you advancing to the next level where you’ll trap additional enemies. With simple mechanics you’ll find yourself eventually facing a hoard of enemies blocking your every path. Different game modes will give you a variation of game play and leaderboards will let you know where you rank.

Boxed-In on Steam



CubeLines is balancing act. Taking a risk and go for the big score in one go or play it safe and steady. You can choose how you play it. There are no timers, take all the time you need for your next move or swing it and see how it goes.

By arranging 5 or more cubes in a line, you can clear them from the board but there is always those few that stay behind. It starts of easy; you think you have the control over the board but turn by turn it start to fill up.

Go for high score for longer games or complete a few challenges for a quick game. And for those moments when you simply want to relax there is an easy mode, to simply play!

CubeLines on Steam

Eterna: Heroes Fall

Eterna: Heroes Fall

The learning curve can be VERY FRUSTRATING! However even with just at level 20 I am getting just to see the depth and magnificent grace, flow, and subtleties of this excellent game! truly worth every penny of the price!

Real player with 188.7 hrs in game

very fun turn based rpg game, highly recommend! Interesting, diverse and powerful loot to hunt for and many skills so can build your character numerous ways.

Real player with 140.3 hrs in game

Eterna: Heroes Fall on Steam