Frontier of Fortune

Frontier of Fortune

fun enough game thats simple and straight forward, and very repeatative. There’s a single means of controling the battle, a slider. unfortunately it’s of limited use once troops start fighting as even if you’re fighting at the enemy’s gates and then disengage a good portion of your troops will continue to fight the enemy, and even those who have disengaged will often immediately rush back towards the enemy once they reach the point you’ve set, compounding how horrible this is is the fact that your troops won’t fall back all at once and instead will go back is in clumps of 2-4. additionally spawning in more troops happens in a similar manner, resulting in frequent situations where player troops are picked off piecemeal.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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Frontier of Fortune on Steam

Beach Volleyball Competition

Beach Volleyball Competition

Beach volleyball simulator.


  • x2 game modes, 3D or 2.5D isometric projection;

  • easy game play controls;

  • realistic ball physics and speed;

  • several levels, with several music



  • styled characters;

  • internal control for vfx, sfx, music;

  • partner AI character behavior customization;

  • training mode for learning correct action execution;

  • story mode have progress for increasing team skills;

  • versus mode vs bots configured using net orders from other real users teams or teams of story mode;

  • multilingual translation for general settings



3D game mode.

Planned replacement of background stuff to use completely 3d stuff.

2.5D game mode.

Court projection is isometric, that increase playable area.

Easy game play controls.

You need one click per action, on right or left side of playable area, that control game play.

Click on upper screen area show/hide modal menu.

Styled characters.

Available skin color, hair style, clothes, customization inside “PLAYER” menu.

Change at least the color of the skin of the character, not to be confused where you are in the team.

Internal control for vfx, sfx, music.

Visual effects can be turned on/off using “?” menu, that decrease cpu load of slow devices.

Sound effects and music volume, can be controlled using “VOLUME” menu, and using match popup menu.

Partner AI character behavior customization.

AI behavior can be controlled using “PARTNER” menu.

Story mode have progress for increasing team skills.

Next story level unlocked - dope capacity increased.

Versus mode vs bots configured using net orders from other real users teams or teams of story mode.

“VERSUS”- “CREATE NETWORK AI ORDER” , when complete, your team simulation was added on server, and other real users can take order and play versus your bots. Behavior simulate your behavior, less or more.

“VERSUS”- “TAKE NETWORK AI ORDER” , when complete, you can play vs other user team simulation.

That start match vs network AI use “TRAINING”- “USER VS AI”. That observe match of your team simulation vs other user team simulation use “TRAINING”- “AI VS AI”.

Multilingual translation for general settings.

Visual effects setting description inside “?” translated to few languages.

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Beach Volleyball Competition on Steam

Empires in Ruins

Empires in Ruins

Edit: The developer is super chill, and is looking to patch out the bugs soon. This is still a hard game with hit-or-miss writing and an imperfect UI, but serious props to anyone who can indie dev something this complex. Check it out if there isn’t something in the review that’s a dealbreaker for you.

This is a very “yes, but…” recommendation.

Empires In Ruins is a thing I should like. It’s a tower defense with a 4x strategy layer, and where you can econ yourself into an easier TD situation, or TD yourself out of a bad economy.

Real player with 27.9 hrs in game

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**This is a short excerpt of my longer analysis and review (available in English and German). I would recommend reading the full text or watching the YouTube Video (German Voiceover, many subtitles)

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Empires in Ruins Test / Review

Empires in Ruins Review – Conclusion and opinion**

For an indie game of a small team just entering early access, the game is already surprisingly polished. The campaign includes a very entertaining story and for strategy fans an appealing game depth.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

Empires in Ruins on Steam

Faster Than Possible

Faster Than Possible

This game is seriously just a masterpiece. It felt similar to playing a live version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules or just watching Holes (2003) for the first time. Most fun I’ve had in a while, plus I 100%’d it (steam please make it visible on my account)

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Faster Than Possible on Steam

Empire Takeover

Empire Takeover

This is a fun & amazing tower crush game! Crush enemy’s towers, take over the empire!

● Fight: Connect all your buildings together to grow them taller and then takeover the enemy’s buildings.

● Control: Simple drag controls from one building to another.

● Build: Build your empire, occupy more territory, crush your opponents.

● Heroes: Recruit legendary heroes.

● Special art style: Lowpoly Style Game.

● 3 Special Mode:

#1 Stage Maker Mode: design levels by yourself and share it to your family, your friends or all the worldwide players.

Empire Takeover on Steam

Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg!

Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg!

Simple little simulation. NOT going to test an Avalon Hill fan. Wait for it to be on sale, as it has no scenario designer so you only get what it comes with. Limited replayability. A few minor glitches where the game wont let you attack or even move into a grid that you should be able to. So sometimes, you cant eliminate an enemy unit.

Real player with 110.0 hrs in game

just got the 4 game bundle was looking for a break from high stress turn base games the bigger devs make .

wow was this a surprise a lot is packed into the game some is not , so will not be for everyone .

but looking for a good shot out game with minimal supply planning this can be it .

One thing I like is no max turns just objectives But you have to keep going since you will run out of supply but collecting objectives or Parachute drops gets you more . I played on normal and a few battles had to restart .

Real player with 56.7 hrs in game

Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg! on Steam

Raiders! Forsaken Earth

Raiders! Forsaken Earth



WHAT TO EXPECT: Be the villain. Sandbox generated world. Mixes strategy with management. Turn-based, side-on combat with many tactical options. Post-apocalyptic setting. Lots of raider and some base customisation. Large array of inventory. Item crafting. Artillery, siege engine and landsail craft. Slaves and cannibal options. Seed generated world maps. Alot of micro-management. Optional endgame scenarios or endless mode. Singleplayer only. Currently supported by dev.

Real player with 63.2 hrs in game

Can I recommend this game? Boy, that’s a doozey. If the game was $60, hell no. At its current price? Totally.

Basics of the game is, you start off with pretty much nothing. You got some raiders with you and they are bottom of the barrel. Its ok though because the way you level up is by fighting. There are, I believe, respawning caravans with really low level mobs that at first is a little bit of a challenge but after some levels and better armor, maybe weapons too, you can pretty much take on the whole wasteland. Your raiders quickly receive a message saying that Wasteland’s Rangers are coming in 120 days. I’m not kidding, they are pretty much the Wasteland game franchises Rangers. For some reason, after playing w2 and just devastating all the raiders, my head-canon really enjoyed being that ONE GROUP that won lol.

Real player with 24.8 hrs in game

Raiders! Forsaken Earth on Steam



StarForge is a port of the strategy board game where you will take the role of a race in growth: the Terrans, but in the depths of the galaxy, an old enemy emerges from oblivion: the Goo! They are back and seeks dominance over the entire galaxy. Through the choice of tactics, building ships with gradual improvements and conquering worlds to obtain resources, you must stop the spread of the Goo, protect your home planet and the entire galaxy in the process. Help them, you’re their only hope!

Starforge on Steam

BattleGrounds : War, Tanks And Nukes

BattleGrounds : War, Tanks And Nukes

This Sucks Swamp Water

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Lucky me has the dubious honour of writing the first review for BattleGrounds: War, Tanks and Nukes.

BattleGrounds: War, Tanks and Nukes is a paid version of the free game, Battlegrounds: First Blast. It’s a minimalist 2D top down tower/soldier defense game where you must send your tanks against enemy tanks and defend your base with the single tower and various abilities you get.

As the screenshots show, the graphics here were phoned in. On a bad telephone line while driving through a tunnel. While the phone was turned off. It’s that bad. The level design is terrible, too, it’s barely possible to pass the first level. Next to no thought went into level design.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

BattleGrounds : War, Tanks And Nukes on Steam

Frontline: World War II

Frontline: World War II

the animations are nice and the system is well made. Use the tactics of the era and you’ll do just fine.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game



WHAT TO EXPECT: WW2 themed turn-based wargame. ‘Beer and pretzel’ play style. Attritional combat model. Chess-like battles. Unit class levelling and combat abilities. Tactical combat states. Tiny hex-grid maps. Good-looking combat models. No core force. Dynamically purchased order of battle. Some annoying bugs. GUI obfuscated game rules/mechanics. Incomplete scenario implementation. Active dev. Single-player only.


Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

Frontline: World War II on Steam