Denari is a narrative-driven hack and slasher with a telekinetic twist. It tells the story of a boy who is aided by the spirits of the dead to save his people from an invading empire.​ Featuring the iconic toon-style art of Ninja Kiwi veteran Tamihana Greaves and powerful soundtrack from multiple award winning composer David Mason.


On top of snappy attacks, quick dashes, precise counters and slick executions, players can harness the power of the goddess Qira. As a lone warrior against an army, manipulating enemy attacks to cause friendly fire damage is crucial to gaining an advantage.


Ranged attacks can be caught and redirected. Some projectiles cause AOE damage upon redirected hit.


Taiu can wield spiritual energy that seeks nearby enemies.

Friendly Fire

Each enemy has a heavy attack that can hurt other enemies. Taiu can manipulate these attacks to gain the upper hand.


The player character of the story. Taiu is a young orphan who grew up on port Nali, a peaceful fishing village. He dreams of becoming one of Qira’s Apostles, a group of elite warrior monks who dedicate themselves to the service of the goddess Qira and her people.

Taiu’s zany teacher. Teach is a former apostle whose obsession with mastery has lead him to seek a disciple to train in the art of combat. As Taiu’s master, Teach takes it upon himself to push Taiu to his limits and beyond, sometimes at the risk of his dear student’s life.

The elder of Port Nali. Ooma’s long life of hard earned lessons have imbued her with great wisdom, enough to doubt even the most sacred traditions. Her disapproval in Taiu’s path and distaste for his teacher are rooted in questions of faith, ones she’s sought the answers to her whole life.


The Denari army are a terrible force powered by advanced weaponry and dark magic. From the brutish Beast to the fire-wielding Crone, the Denari are able to adapt to and overpower any force that stands in their way.

To make matters worse, Their general, “the Summoner” possesses the power to teleport his soldiers from afar, enabling the army to cross continents and conquer new territories efficiently.

To stop the invasion for good, Taiu must face the Summoner and end him.

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Denari on Steam



This is a great language learning game for all ages. The music and graphics are very upbeat and motivating. I would definitely recommend RoboLingo to anyone looking to learn a new language. There’s a good selection of languages to choose from so you will have plenty of vocabulary to work through.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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RoboLingo on Steam

30 Birds

30 Birds

Help our girl Zig to find the thirty birds. Explore the Lanterns, a gorgeous flying city built by the goddess Simurgh, and meet all kinds of bizarre characters : from djinns to magic animals, from regular weirdos to mafia rude boys… Zig will have to make them talk, to use her wits and play good dub music to collect all the birds' contacts. Only then may she be able to wake up Simurgh, the giant bird Queen, from her decade long sleep.

Features :

  • Beautiful hand-drawn environment inspired by Persian art, bursting with colors, patterns and strange perspective

  • Rich dialogues and lore mixing old tales, mythology and modern everyday life with a very contemporary humour

  • Unexpected DUB / SKA soundtrack with Middle-Eastern quirks makes the world feel alive

  • Play music with Lanterners and they will help you in your quests - find new sounds and use them on their instruments

  • Add birds on your last generation Gem-Phone™ chat app - the phone also includes an inventory, a gallery and other secret apps

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30 Birds on Steam

Aliens In Paradise

Aliens In Paradise

Aliens In Paradise is a Shoot’em Up game inspired by old school Shoot’em Ups like Contra and Metal Slug. Aliens In Paradise takes place in The Bahamas which is the first stop for the Aliens invading the Earth. They destroy the main character house what he spent most his life working to build so he sets out on a revenge quest to destroy as much Aliens and their Ships as possible. His thirst for revenge may actually save the world. Play the game and find out.

Aliens In Paradise on Steam



The game is a single RPG game, support multilingual mode. The game needs a lot of thinking, any rash choice may lead to the failure of the game.

There are different people in the magic tower who need help. Help them unlock more images. The magic tower is full of demons. How to kill them without effort?

It’s all about whether you can pass the customs perfectly. This game is a tough test for IQ.

So if you like challenges, please don’t miss them! This is a very classic game, as a warrior you have to break through one layer after another of the magic tower, and finally reach the top of the tower, save your beautiful princess.

通天魔塔-MagicTower on Steam

Rumours From Elsewhere

Rumours From Elsewhere

Deep and challenging platform action game attempting to meld Prince of Persia with a modern Roguelite. Momentum based platforming/parkour, ability based combat with character classes. Inspired level design, smooth controls, solid performance, excellent music, and imaginative worldbuilding are enough to carry the experience through a steep learning curve and significant UI deficiencies as well as occasional frustrating bugs (and sadistic gameplay systems that act like bugs).

I recommend this game if you like hard platformers with an emphasis on momentum rather than air control. Be warned, however, that the high-pressure gameplay involves features like a stamina bar (depletes with attack or dash but not jump or abilities), a timer on every level (which have randomized objectives), potions that do damage to you, weapons that kill you if you unequip them, monsters that CC you so other monsters can knockback you to the other side of the map where you fall in a lethal trap…you get the idea. This game is rewarding but punishing and a better UI would make it more comfortable.

Real player with 35.1 hrs in game

This game is a lot of fun!

I love the look of the game, and it has a ton of character in everything you play as, kill, pick up, or read. Not to mention the sound design and music are great. Once I got used to the core mechanics, I was hooked and kept starting new runs to discover more about the game. Each of the characters feels unique, just as each of the areas are distinct, vibrant, and fun (except Misty Peaks, that place is agony).

On the downside, sometimes the platforming is just a little unwieldy. The jumping or dashing or platform grabbing seemed to occasionally glitch and caused me some significant frustration. This didn’t ruin the game by any means, but it did feel like an unfair game flaw that would crop up now and again. Also, here and there a hit box would be in dire need of updating.

Real player with 31.9 hrs in game

Rumours From Elsewhere on Steam

Saffron Fields

Saffron Fields


An arcade tank game devoted to physics rather than hitpoints

You’ll have

A tank that can shoot, jump and do a somersault

A greedy, reckless, drug-dealing PMC, staffed by copters, fighters, digging tanks and mechas

Infinite fun of trying to throw everybody from the edge

Kickass, plunging into a battle trance soundtrack by Damscray

4 different game mods

  • Campaigntricky arenas, cutscenes and unique bossfights

  • Endless — compete with saffron farmers around the world in a global leaderboard

  • Co-op — see how long you can survive with your friend in local multiplayer

  • Dueldestroy your friendship by showing ultimate tank skillz

Saffron Fields on Steam

Alexey’s Winter: Night adventure

Alexey’s Winter: Night adventure

I enjoyed playing this short point and click game. The hand drawn scenes have a great sense of place and the snow gives shivery cold feeling so I really felt sorry for the main character locked out of his apartment. The music was a good match for the game. The dialogue was very funny and endearing.

I had a small technical problem with my computer before I could play this game but the devs were really helpful and responsive so that the game works as it should now.

I hope the developers add some more episodes as I would definitely play them.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

Alexey’s Winter: Night adventure is a very short point & click adventure set in the 1989’s USSR. The game was initially launched in 2017 on the mobile platform and gained positive feedback from the players. At a later date, it received a second episode (and as of Sep 26 2021 a third one) and underwent several design changes. This version was now ported to Steam as a paid item, while the mobile one remains free but was reverted back to one episode only.

The story follows Alexey’s troubles during one cold winter night, trying to get back his lost apartment keys. After a series of intricate puzzles he manages to regain access to his home, only to find out that in the meantime his TV was stolen. This sets the plot for the second and third episodes, which are slightly longer than the first one.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

Alexey's Winter: Night adventure on Steam