This is a great language learning game for all ages. The music and graphics are very upbeat and motivating. I would definitely recommend RoboLingo to anyone looking to learn a new language. There’s a good selection of languages to choose from so you will have plenty of vocabulary to work through.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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RoboLingo on Steam

Pedro’s Adventures in Spanish [Learn Spanish]

Pedro’s Adventures in Spanish [Learn Spanish]

Very simple, suitable for learning Spanish in a fun way; the graphics are in 2D but detailed enough so that you can see the details well.

The game has a plot that you have to follow, you play the young Pedro, the story starts with a beautiful princess who is kidnapped, but who took her? and where did it go?

You have to help Pedro to get to the Castle to find the princess and bring her back home.

There is no translation, but only the Spanish language, there is a tutorial that helps you at the beginning, it is quite easy to understand because we can associate the words with the objects we see or the actions we have to perform.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

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Hola soy Pedro.

I started this game knowing not a single word of Spanish but after persisting I was gradually able to work out a lot of the key words. You can just click around and try and do the puzzles without trying to figure out what people are telling you but I soon got stuck with this approach. Spending a bit of time in the world you will find obvious clues that people tell you. Sometimes they just outright tell you what to do which you can miss if you are not carefully listening. Music in the game is really relaxing and reminds me of Activate Jetpack cross with a JRPG.

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Pedro's Adventures in Spanish [Learn Spanish] on Steam

War Solution - Casual Math Game

War Solution - Casual Math Game

Hello Yaw Studios!

I don’t usually play math games, but I ended up giving this one a chance …

It was a great decision because the game is very beautiful and it also has a win-win relationship. I say this because when I’m playing the game in a few minutes I forget the mathematics because I have to worry about other things that are happening in the battle and without realizing it I improve my thinking agility and my knowledge.

Congratulations, looking forward to seeing the next shows!


Real player with 11.8 hrs in game

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In fact, a great game for an affordable price. There are many game modes! Particularly, the survivor and adventure modes were the ones I like most. If you are looking for an adventure game where you can learn Math in the journey, this is it. Strongly recommended!!!

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

War Solution - Casual Math Game on Steam

Vocal Space Shooter

Vocal Space Shooter

A game to feel and interact

A game where the player uses the musical notes and decibels of his voice to play

Vocal Space Shooter brings a deep feeling with the piano sound

An experimental way of using musical interact in games

We hope you enjoy


*Vocal Inputs

*Musical Interaction

*Piano Sounds

*Physics-based game

*Amazing effects and Colors

*Deep Space

Vocal Space Shooter on Steam

King of the Universe

King of the Universe

In the 24th century BC, the Sumerians have turned the land of Mesopotamia from a simple Cradle of Civilization to the home of empires. It is your mission to take control of the kingdom of Kish and conquer your enemies, in order to become Lugal Kiški, King of the Universe.

The Sumerians, or “the black-headed people” (Sag̃-g̃i-ga in their native tongue), were the first people to invent both civilization and writing. Their well-organised and state-run societies make the perfect setting for a strategic video game. In King of the Universe, you will not only try to conquer your enemies, you will also have to take care of your own people.

Through military means you gather land and slaves, and through economic means you build new structures for your people. If your citizens do not produce enough supplies to quench your war machine, you will fail. If you do not protect your citizens from foreign invaders, you will fail. This game is about balance, and only by finding it will you become King of the Universe.

  • Tiles

    Claim tiles and build or destroy structures. Watch your people go about their day-to-day lives.

  • Wealth

    Garner Silver and resources, such as Food, Metal and Tools.

  • Troops

    Build an army, and order your soldiers around. Follow your individual troops with the camera.

  • Slaves

    Collect slaves when conquering foreign land, and use these to build new structures in your kingdom.

  • Citizens

    Keep an eye on the hunger and health of your people. Make sure every class in your kingdom has enough money to survive.

  • Pricing

    Decide the prices of wares in your kingdom, to control the economy to ensure profits for your state.

  • Trade

    Buy and sell with the other empires, to build relations and gain an extra income for your war machine.

King of the Universe on Steam

Watch Your Helmet

Watch Your Helmet

You still could not even imagine how difficult it is to control a spacesuit with a jet engine in space. Thanks to this game, you will realize how interesting and exciting it is, especially if you need to escape from moving asteroids, dodge moving planets, collect fuel and minerals, and complete a rescue mission.

Test and then improve your spatial awareness and rocket management skills in zero gravity at 45 levels full of minerals, dangerous asteroids, planets and abandoned cats in space that need rescue.

Watch Your Helmet on Steam

Good Morning, A.I.

Good Morning, A.I.

“Good Morning, Jude. Initiating calibration on fifth generation human rights.”

Choose your words carefully, the A.I. will cling to each one as you delve deep into politics, economy and morality. Your student’s values and perception will be defined by your discussions with them. You’ll have to resolve apparent contradictions between the answers you’ve given and see the physical manifestation of your powerful learner change in tune with their evolving personality.

“We just need to hold off cyber-attackers for 422 nano-seconds before we can seal access protocols. That’s where you come in.”

Pirates, hackers, anti-AI activists will try to break into the quantum world of paradoxes in which the A.I resides. Design defences to withstand attacks across multiple simulatenous states of existence, using a visual interface looking remarkably similar to a puzzle or tower defense game.

“Heya’ bot-boss. How’s the cutest dystopia-bringer of Western Europe doin’ this mornin’?”

Professional controversy is bound to mingle in your personal life. Choose what friendships you save, who you’ll romantically pursue and how Jude handles the power in their hands. Who will you keep besides you when it all ends?

“In hindsight, it makes sense that we got here. But we didn’t suspect th- Aw, man, reached my word limit for today. We’ll chat again tomorrow if- [User Muted].”

Your decisions can lead to many potential fates for Amsterdam, implemented by the A.I at the end of your tutelage. Multiple playthroughs allow you to explore different relationships and to find over 30 different outcome variations for the city and many more for its characters.

This game is being developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA

Good Morning, A.I. on Steam

Help Me!

Help Me!

정식출시 이후 약처방 선택을 못하게 된것같은데… 버그인가요?

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

The game lags so much that the mouse moves after 1 second. Can anyone help?

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Help Me! on Steam

Word Wise

Word Wise

Fun game a little strange on exiting

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Very chill, low pressure game.

The kind of thing that’s fun and easy to mess around with while watching YouTube, listening to a podcast or whatever.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Word Wise on Steam

Minimal Maze

Minimal Maze

Short, but enjoyable. The difficulty gradually increases but it never really gets tough.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Great puzzle and Challenge levels! Very well placed at each stage very well polished progressively. excellent work, congratulations.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Minimal Maze on Steam