This is a great language learning game for all ages. The music and graphics are very upbeat and motivating. I would definitely recommend RoboLingo to anyone looking to learn a new language. There’s a good selection of languages to choose from so you will have plenty of vocabulary to work through.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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RoboLingo on Steam

Seaside Cafe Story

Seaside Cafe Story

I am in love with this game! The mix of 2d, 3d and pixel art is one of the most adorable visuals I have seen in a while :D

Then there´s the combination of time management with budgeting plus juggling different recipes in the menu and that adds to the difficulty that made me struggle for a bit before getting the hang of it (but I´m still almost always broke XD)! The price this game is set at I´d say is more than fair and my kudos to the people that put together this charming game :)

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

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It’s a cute game and I’m having fun with it.

I think certain things could be made clearer to the user though. I failed my first run and almost wrote a negative review based on the experience. It was my fault but I feel like if I had better visual cues I wouldn’t have mad the mistake I did. I spent too much money. I didn’t realise I was buying from the more expensive market cause foolish me thought it would have it’s own tab or something. I was much more aware of the exclamation mark and red numbers second time around.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Seaside Cafe Story on Steam



I love this game, it’s new and it’s incredibly fun. I just got lost in time for over an hour building satellites and generating substantial income. I’m super excited to see where this game goes in the future and I’ll definitely be playing more, definitely recommend!

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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This game is awesome fun to play no matter your interest on space and rockets! it fulfils the need to learn and experiment with different rockets and stratergys to launch rockets into orbit. im not so good at it :) but have had a good laugh trying my best to have a successful satellite internet company.

would highly recommend for any space and economy enthusiasts and any gamer looking for a cool, casual and chill space sim!

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Orbit-X on Steam

Cruise Ship Manager

Cruise Ship Manager

Fulfill your dreams of watching over a beautiful vessel, a large crew, and all sorts of passengers in Cruise Ship Manager!

Take cruises to a next level in this unique management game. Choose how you want your cruise ship to be built, make sure everything runs smoothly, set the prices for the passengers, and become a legend of the high seas!

Choosing the layout of the ship is up to you! Decide on the layout, where to place a canteen for your crew, and where 5-star restaurants should be. Does a casino strike your fancy or maybe an open pool? And don’t forget about rooms for your passengers! Make sure everything is well connected and that you keep enough money for food or fuel.

Pick your crew wisely. Their skills will lead to your success or failure. Once you leave the dock, you’re stuck with the people you chose so make sure you don’t regret hiring an untested rookie over an experienced veteran.

Once you settle on the amenities and prepare the necessary equipment, you can finally search for passengers to invite onto your ship. But there’s a catch - it’s not up to you who buys your tickets. So price your tickets accordingly. You might charge a premium if you do, your passengers will feel entitled to the best service there is and it won’t be easy to satisfy them. On the other hand, you could sell the tickets at a low price and improve your budget through other means. For instance, by charging extra for fancy cocktails.

As your renown grows, more people will want to experience the thrill of signing up for your cruise. Build your brand and reach a point where people will pay any amount of money, just to say they were on your cruise ship!

You have the power to choose the route your cruise ship shall take. Would you rather make some quick cash on a routine, 2-day cruise? Or maybe a long journey through the Bermuda Triangle is what strikes your fancy? You might be paid more for trips to exotic places but beware of the storms. Lives could be at stake if a fire breaks out or engines malfunction. It will be your task to end such a crisis - before it’s too late.


  • A cruise ship of your own that you can customize to your liking

  • Resource management (fuel, food, etc.)

  • Incredible variety of unique passengers with different expectations and behaviors

  • Random events

  • Crew members that have their own needs

  • Route selection

  • Many unique rooms to add to your ship

  • Unlimited fun!

Cruise Ship Manager on Steam

Diggles: The Myth of Fenris

Diggles: The Myth of Fenris

Very surprised Diggles/Wiggles has appeared on Steam, but VERY happy it did!

This is an unique game; nothing really compares to it then (20 years ago), and since then no game has been published (to my knowledge) that comes even close to it. So i almost immediatly bought it (again).

Didnt play Wiggles for years as the original sadly wasnt compatible with ‘newer’ Windows-version. (Could play the official Demo a bit longer though.)

Although graphics is a bit outdated and gameplay is quite slow, the game concept is so good, it was and still is the best game i ever played.

Real player with 310.5 hrs in game

WTF!?! Who’s feet do I have to kiss for finally bringing this game to Steam!! If you ever played and enjoyed, Oxygen not Included, and the new early access game, Hammerington, then you will like this game as well. I even purchased those aforementioned games in the hopes to fill the hole this game left in me decades ago. While a bit dated on graphics (released in 2002), the game still has its same charm and is still very playable. By the end of the game, your dwarves will be riding around on hover boards, and brandishing light sabers. How can you go wrong with that? Thank you

Real player with 48.2 hrs in game

Diggles: The Myth of Fenris on Steam

Cargo Company

Cargo Company

At present: very rough around the edges in the UI department, with a very tedious menu/window navigation scheme and hierarchy. Taking users through many pages of data that is both largely uninformative as well as redundant eventually requiring one to open window after window to reach the end of a menu thread which sometimes yields informative data or a shortcut to a specific object. Also featuring a very basic pathfinding logic regarding railroad placement which will very quickly bog down rail based transportation if not managed personally with signals and the “specific track placement tool.”

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

I’m quite new to this kind of game. Played some Open TTD before, which i enjoy a lot (free here on steam, check it out!)

This has a lot of the same concepts as Open TTD but expands on it in a smart way (settle on other planets like moon and you can have interplanetary supply chains that come with it).

Played for a couple of hours now and did not encounter any major problems. For an EA title this game is perfectly playable for me. I hope they will add some other methods of transportation in the future like ships and airplanes.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Cargo Company on Steam

Ravenous Devils

Ravenous Devils

Manage a tailor and a cook corpse based business in a city where crime, bribery and poverty are a commonplace. Percival and Hildred just moved here with nothing but a dream: get extremely rich.

Take control of Percival to manage the tailor shop, wait for the arrival of clients seeking for a new suit, kill them at the right moment, throw them in the trap door that leads in the kitchen and use stolen outfits to make new ones: nothing will be wasted!

Take care of Hildred’s pub and customers. Feed them with delightful corpse based meals, manage effectively resources and make sure not to run out of ingredients.

Increase the fame of their business by buying new tools and upgrading the shops, but beware… someone knows their secret.

Ravenous Devils on Steam

Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet

Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet

This is a perfect game to play in short sessions or while you are listening to music/working as it has a progresion curve perfectly balanced on every gameplay mechanic that it has implemented which leaves you with different options when it comes to decide how you want to play the game.

You can play for 20 minutes and start some automatization so you can just play relaxed with a slower progresion, you can play being 100% into the game for a faster grow of your bussines, you can focus for some minutes and get a lot of the game elements automatizated and just watch and click sometimes if you want.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

I didn’t realize I was playing the game for as long as I did which is a plus however I’m still confused on how much money I have while playing. I feel like what it says I have isn’t what I really have cause buying things is impossible. Enjoying the game though.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet on Steam

Glory of Rome

Glory of Rome

Cute little city builder. So far (scenario 6 complete) it has been pretty casual, a little slow at times. There are some speed adjustments, but everything still seems to go by very slowly. The quests that come along definitely help with cashflow for building and add a small amount of difficulty if you aren’t ready for what they throw at you.

The graphics are pretty cartoonish. The mechanics are straight-forward if you play a lot of these sort of sim games. (Banished, RimWorld, etc)

I dislike the one view camera. You can’t rotate at all. The play areas - even in sandbox - are prohibitively small. Buildings autoface pre-built roads with no option to change the orientation. However, the pips seem to walk through the walls anyhow so I guess it doesn’t matter a whole lot which way the building is facing.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

A nice and straight forward sim with pleasant graphics and good gameplay.

The Developer is quite responsive towards suggestions and feedback and has already confirmed there will be big future content updates which I’m looking forward to.

If you like Sim City, here is a roman-era version you should definitely check out.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Glory of Rome on Steam

Reactor Tech²

Reactor Tech²

A game about watching number rise. But what is life, if not watching the year count rise and your bank account dwindle?

Now, I’ve just finished my first “complete” playthrough and there are a few things I want to talk about. Let’s start with the most important: most of the negative reviews are old. The UI isn’t perfect but it’s not bad and same with the tutorial. In my entire playtime I’ve only found what I think was a bug once.

The artstyle, music and sound effects are gorgeous.

DO NOT buy this game expecting something similar to a city/base builder. Actually you build very few structures, and spend most of the time upgrading your existing buildings, changing the engineering cells and min-maxing the different configurations.

Real player with 17.0 hrs in game

It has the marks of an interesting, fun little game, however…

Be warned:

it’s not really release-ready, regardless what they claim.

The game is full of annoying bugs and overlooked illogical elements, the controls are inconsistent, the whole thing is sorely in need of a UI/UX overview, it’s hard to navigate, hard to sort out what’s what.

Currently expansion is impossible, due to a heating issue.

And in my personal opinion it does not look good.

I’ll persist, maybe it’ll be a good game; currently it’s a beta, that’s not very playable.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

Reactor Tech² on Steam