Embers of Mirrim

Embers of Mirrim

This is, hands down, the most fun I’ve ever had playing a platformer. The controls are crisp, the mechanics are unique and well thought-out, it’s visually attractive, and the music is great. The single biggest complaint I have about this game is that it’s too short. I finished it in about 5 hours. I would love to have seen the kinds of puzzles they could have put in a longer game.

The difficulty curve isn’t bad. It’s hard enough to be satisfying, but doesn’t get hard so fast that it’s frustrating. There is one puzzle that uses a mechanic that isn’t used anywhere else in the game, and it can be difficult to figure out what the game wants you to do, but other than that, the mechanics have good clarity and the puzzles are fairly intuitive.

Real player with 59.0 hrs in game

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I’ve been craving a linear platformer and this really scratched the itch. While I enjoy metroidvanias, I feel like I ’ve been inundated with them of late and I wanted something a little simpler and straightforward, like the NES platformers of yesteryear.

Embers of Mirrim is a very polished puzzle platformer with heavy emphasis on platforming and navigating between sections and light emphasis on puzzle elements. The splitting mechanic adds variety, and the game continues to introduce other small elements to keep the game fresh throughout.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Embers of Mirrim on Steam

All Over

All Over

Great adventure game; perfect way to employ my older son (8) for hours with an activity that requires brain, thinking, reading etc as opposed to just numblessly staring at Youtube.

We played the Hebrew version which was perfect for him since he can’t read English.

Hardly any guidance was required from my side as the game is very intuitive and the kid was carried away into hours of playing it (from time to time he came to share with me his experiences and adventures from the game).

Go get it, it is definitelly a covid-19 must have!!

Real player with 284.3 hrs in game

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The ultimate saving for our children. I encountered this game during the Covid-19 lockdown period. We have 3 children (ages 11,9 & 4). After going crazy for a few days in the house, the children were introduced to the game. They immediately started to play TOGETHER which was just fabulous! They set with the Challenges and riddles AS A TEAM which we really liked.

It is just wonderful to watch all 3 of them play together trying to unlock the quest.

Highly recommended!!

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

All Over on Steam



Many of us old Phobos players have been involved in this game for 10+ years. If you want a game that can make you feel nervous about adventuring into the next dark chamber, then this is the MMO for you. Its beautiful landscapes and mysteries that lie within the deep will you keep you active for years. If you enjoy a game with a history and story then Phobos will bring you that warm feeling that many MMOs have forgotten about. The progress for your character requires vigilance and time to fully wield a mage or warrior in the world of Phobos. The PVP is balanced and ferocious. During PVP, team work is everything. This game will see Wars and challenges to come with its release. Phobos is a light in a world of so many confusing MMO’s. Be sure to check out there discord, and be sure to get to know the community. Join to be apart of something old and new.

Real player with 916.2 hrs in game

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It’s a good game. Don’t knock it until you try it. Phobos has been out for a bit over a decade now, and has finally released to Steam. Some parts of the game can seem a little clunky and unintuitive when you’re first getting familiarized, but there is a guide manual, as well as an awesome community of players in the Phobos Online Discord. Much can be said about the Myth Entertainment team as well; They have been passionately working on this project for years, making changes, tweaks, design changes to make this an unforgettable experience that will leave you coming back for more! Meet friends, explore, hunt creatures, laugh, drink, be merry! Phobos most certainly holds an excellent adventure for anyone daring enough to brave the wilds of the world of Erasen!

Real player with 536.9 hrs in game

Phobos on Steam

Knights of Frontier Valley

Knights of Frontier Valley

Get ready for unlimited adventures in Frontier Valley, a mysterious and unforgiving place. Take on the role of an adventurer and guide him through his years from age 20 to 40 in a unique and dynamic world. Gain fame and fortune, while never losing sight of the most important goal: staying alive!

  • Survive the dangers of both the wilderness and faction politics in a procedurally generated world full of secrets and lore.

  • Choose your character from a number of different classes, customize his skills and appearance to your liking, and pursue a profession that fits your style of playing.

  • Join a faction and gain titles and glory, or go at it alone in your search for long-lost wisdom and powerful artifacts.

  • Fight in gridless, turn-based tactical combat, or choose to have the AI battle for you quickly.

  • Adapt to a highly dynamic world with day/night-cycles, seasons, and ever changing places and characters.

  • Craft items from a large number of materials, and interact with the environment in creative ways to gain the edge over your enemies.

  • See your actions become part of the valley’s story, impacting friends and foes alike.

  • A true Indie game: designed, funded and programmed from scratch by one person who has never done this before.

Knights of Frontier Valley is the RPG that can be played over and over again. No two games are the same in this challenging fantasy adventure with survival and strategy elements. Making it to the end with one character will just make you want to start over right away with a different one.

Knights of Frontier Valley on Steam

The Tenth Line

The Tenth Line

A fantastic turn-based RPG experience that came out of nowhere. The game hooked me with its charm and then kept me with its surprisingly well-written dialog and character development. Every character has a clear reason to exist and be with the party throughout the story. There are many twists big and small that kept me glued to this game. I had trouble sleeping for a couple of nights over the course of my playthrough because of my desire to see how the story unfolded.

Like many have mentioned, the combat system has a steep learning curve. I have never played a turn-based RPG that requires such a great of amount of attention, pacing, and strategy as this one. The game starts out easy enough but ramps up the difficulty real quick, to the point where you may have to consult the manual and/or the disccusion forums to figure out how to play better. If you like your games to be challenging, you will probably love this, but if you don’t have enough patience to fail a few times before things click, this might not be for you. I spent four hours on a main story boss (I’m sure everyone who’s played this knows exactly who I’m talking about), but I had a real blast figuring out how to win (It’s worth noting that this boss had been toned down since I played). There is a story-only option that supposedly removes encounters on the way to bosses and makes bosses simpler. I think the story and writing alone makes this game easily worth it, so this is likely a good option for those who get frustrated spending so much time figuring out how to beat a game (though personally I think removing the hardship of the encounters makes the experience less epic).

Real player with 109.4 hrs in game

Before I go further, I’d never heard of this game before seeing it on a friend’s stream and I have to say, it’s one of the best games i’ve played in a while.

Now, to go in depth and please note this is based on playing full on, not the Light mode…

This game is one of those few games that, when you complete the Story, you can’t help but continue to play more and try to do everything, even with this I find myself playing the story again and again, I enjoy the gameplay and story.

The game’s battle mechanics are unusual, but they actually work quite well imo, also having to consider your SP and which attacks are best for the battle at hand adds to the fun, through defending can be hit & miss depending on certain factors, such as your Training, Power Flow build and Whether or not you use a specific Character’s Super Defense. Of course, Replaying does make battles somewhat easier depending, but battles later can still prove somewhat tricky if you’re not careful.

Real player with 69.2 hrs in game

The Tenth Line on Steam

Mines & Dragons

Mines & Dragons

A rather simple game, Mines & Dragons premise is solid enough but not a whole lot of polish went into it. The game is based off minesweeper but their is no option to seemingly plant a marker where you think mines are and clicking on the board wasn’t all that interesting (hope to find those big open spaces with no mines around them, blanket tiles around any 1’s you see, and you’ll do quite well).

I managed to beat a run of the game in under 15 minutes and can’t really say I’m all that inclined to go into another run. The enemies that are fought might have progressively more health but they don’t really do anything interesting. Weapon selection seems to favor heavy hitting items as even though they reduce your time limit they ultimately will let you melt bosses faster.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Mines & Dragons on Steam

The Lightnwatchers 1:海城(The Sea City)

The Lightnwatchers 1:海城(The Sea City)


One day in the future, the city is flooded, and the humans inadvertently open the portal connecting to the other world, from the other end of the door out of countless creatures from the other world, and the giant elder guardian also woke up and launched an attack on the humans. Exhausted by the attack, the survivors built a city under the sea along the coastline, Haicheng. In order to deal with the threat of alien creatures, the humans rebuilt their army to defend the city against the powerful Ancient guardians, and created the Lightn organization to fight dangerous creatures and rebels in The city. Under the guidance of fate, the protagonist joins Lightn and begins to protect the city as “J” against the dark forces from another world.


The player will take the role of the hero and embark on a dangerous journey. More secrets of the world can be discovered through dialogue and exploration.


The game is divided into melee combat, ranged shooting and medium range gun fighting, in the face of different types of enemies, players can switch between different attack modes, to achieve better results. In the face of massive damage, the player can use dodge to dodge. Collect ground items and guns during combat to increase your chances of survival against powerful enemies, and improve your stats and skills by gaining experience from killing enemies.

Story items

In the development of the story, there will be a special story props, players can use the exclusive story props to open the hidden map.

Game progress

The game will be updated in phases.

The Lightnwatchers 1:海城(The Sea City) on Steam

My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters

This game opened my eyes to the greater questions. Why are we here if not just to play My Singing Monsters? If there is any meaning in life I think I’ve found it. When the Fwog proclaims, “Wa wa wa wa wa wa,” I think I understand further why life was granted to us. Our whole purpose, was to create My Singing Monsters, and play it. The only thing we should have done, and the only thing we should be doing, is playing My Singing Monsters. I got choked up when the Maw said “De de, de de de, de de de, de de de, de de de, de de de, de de de, de de de.” It forced me to think, to open my mind to the bigger picture. Friends don’t matter. Nothing matters as much as My Singing Monsters.

Real player with 207.2 hrs in game

Shortly before My Singing Monsters was released on steam, my life was spiraling out of control. But then one day a friend of mine told me that My Singing monsters was on steam. I couldn’t believe it, it was true, it had just released and it turned my life upside up again. The second I heard the noggin gracefully slap the top of his head repeatedly to the first time I heard the mammot seductively say “Bummm”. I cried tears of joy, Every time I feed my monsters I feel proud and genuinely feel like my monsters care about my well being. I talk to my monsters every night and tell them about my problems. All I talk about is my singing monsters and my friends blocked me on discord because I only talk about My Singing Monsters. Thank you Big Blue Bubble. Thank you for bringing a purpose to my life again.

Real player with 194.0 hrs in game

My Singing Monsters on Steam

Survivor Jones

Survivor Jones

Go Jonesy, go!

Real player with 36.3 hrs in game

I died from a snake

I died from an orge orgy

I upgraded my character

I got a bit further

I missed the crocodile when jumping over the river and got a bit wet (…spoiler I died)

Difficulty: 11/10

Replay-ability: Hell yes!!

Fun: I cancelled my Netflix subscription

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Survivor Jones on Steam

Megania Online

Megania Online

all i need to say is 93h playtime in 4 days with many more hours to come! :)

Real player with 139.0 hrs in game

Tons of bugs still, I understand that it’s still alpha but there are a lot of game breaking bugs. It’s taking the devs a long time to even acknowledge the bugs. Every time they fix one bug they create another.

It has potential as game but I wouldn’t recommend playing until they fix quite a bit of it

Real player with 69.9 hrs in game

Megania Online on Steam