Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime

Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime

Get ordained in The Abbey of Crime, THE most awarded Spanish graphic adventure game of the 80’s and solve the dangerous mystery that has been hidden among the dusty pages of history for more than five centuries.

Become the friar Guillermo de Mosce and return to your order to discover the reasons why you were imprisoned by the Holy Inquisition.

“_After being accused, deemed guilty and imprisoned by the very Pope John XXIII during the fourteenth century, Guillermo de Mosce flees from the jail in Avignon to seek asylum in the court of Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria. But after his death, Guillermo decides to come back to his order, accompanied by a young novice with the intention of meeting Bernardo Moi, head of the inquisition led by the pope.

Nobody never knew what really happened. There is only a disciple’s account left, which would shed light several years after upon those horrible and astonishing events, which remained secret ever since…_”


  • Original studio game

  • Rewind option

  • Original instruction manual

  • Original material

  • Development notes

  • Trophies

  • Steam/Nintendo Switch/PS4

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Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime on Steam

Castle Manager

Castle Manager

  • deploy the chambers, armoury, dungeons, throne room, and other rooms

  • take care of the castle expansion

  • repair damage on an ongoing basis

  • extinguish fires

  • build a moat

  • ensure that the blacksmith forges swords and the armourer makes the armour

  • see to the butcher slaughter the pig

  • make sure that the farmer sows the field, harvests the crop and the baker bakes the bread

  • ensure that the winemaker delivered the wine…

  • …and that the tables are laden with food

  • resolve conflicts

  • punish criminals

  • take care of the spiritual development of your people

  • suss out intrigues

  • plan sieges

  • negotiate with other kingdoms

  • take control of plagues

  • fight against epidemics

  • deal with natural disasters

Remember that your king must be satisfied with your work! Do your best to keep the castle alive, the people happy and the army ready for battle!

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Castle Manager on Steam

Solar Echoes: The Star Legation

Solar Echoes: The Star Legation


Soon after the alien races began to explore outside their own star systems, they discovered each other. Hostilities grew into skirmishes and eventually, wars. However, some still desired peace. We’ve been taught that the Interstellar Union was formed in the year 1,023 LN. And we’ve been told of the human, Trey Donovan, who led the peace legation to unite everyone across the stars.

Details beyond that are varied and embellished, but we do have records of Trey’s past. This man, now considered a legend, was no diplomat. He grew up in entirely human-centric surroundings and had never ventured beyond human territories. He was banished to an exile colony after a dishonorable discharge from the military. He received no training for the peace legation that he supposedly led. Trey’s only known redeeming quality was his leadership and success in bringing law to a planet overrun with criminals.

How did this man travel to alien worlds and speak before powerful leaders? How was this human able to convince those alien leaders to send a representative with him to join the Interstellar Union? How did he survive the dangerous journey through space among an alien crew, several which were technically still at war with each other? There are still many unanswered questions about Trey Donovan and his journey across the universe. What really happened aboard that starship?


Solar Echoes: The Star Legation is a Sci-Fi Visual Novel game with RPG elements, full of intriguing alien characters, bizarre foreign cultures, and interstellar conflict. Journey through space to gather and manage an alien crew, visit new worlds, negotiate with alien leaders, and even risk romance across the stars! Survival and success depends upon your choices and the reputation you’ve built among your alien crewmates. Can your diplomatic efforts with alien leaders lead to a peaceful alliance between all the races, or will you incite a massive interstellar war? Will your words bring unity, or chaos?


  • The Star Legation’s beautifully authentic style blends realism with a cel-shaded, anime touch. Design, art, and audio create a unique space-opera atmosphere.

  • 100’s of decisions to make in this epic, choice-driven branching story

  • Experience an engaging narrative filled with intrigue, humor, science, treachery, and heart.

  • RPG elements with 8 different character design skill choices to make

  • 32 possible endings (including 5 main endings)

  • Immersive and realistic dialogue: some character sprites have over 100 different expressions!

  • Optional Romance story routes with 2 human characters

  • Detailed background art, cinematic camera work, expressive character sprites, and animated sequences make this visual novel a dynamic experience!

  • Build relationships with memorable characters and develop a reputation that will alter the course of the story!

  • Over 20 hours of gameplay, with additional hours in alternate routes and endings

  • Awesome SciFi soundtrack by composer Andy Mitchell, featuring over 75 minutes of original music!

  • 15+ High Res CG’s to unlock, designed by the talented artist, Aeghite!

  • Hidden skill-related choices based on your character design that unlock extra routes

  • Optional Combat (auto-win option), or Challenge Mode

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Solar Echoes: The Star Legation on Steam

Star Sonata 2

Star Sonata 2

I cautiously recommend this game only if you can look past its shortcomings. I have been playing since ~2008 when I was only 12yr old.

The Good:

There is something about this game that can get you addicted like no other. The player base is very close (admittedly also rather small) and everybody knows everyone else and that makes the community very strong. You can create your own team join a team (aka clan, faction, country) and take control of start systems and use the resources within them to build ships, weapons, space stations, and become an industrial powerhouse. But you better be prepared to defend what you own. Much like a country in real life, your team could become a true superpower with all the fame and infamy that comes with it. You can exercise your hard and soft power as you see fit. Politics are very real in this game and I love it. Likewise, if you upset too many players they may declare war against you. Every solar system you own and space station you build is at risk. In a worse case scenario you could lose all of your territory, all of your industry, and be forced to surrender which almost always results in the death of said team. This is something I really like about this game. You have a lot of freedom and the choices you make can make you insanely rich, respected, and powerful. But you could lose it all.

Real player with 4273.5 hrs in game

TLDR - A decade+ after the game’s initial launch there is still nothing else quite like Star Sonata on the market today.

The game is heavily influenced by the Star Control series and combines 90’s style arcade action with MMO character development and an almost limitless item progression that rivals many modern MMOs. It has in-depth base building that is basically a whole different game unto itself where you can make money doing colonies, making gear, selling industrial commodities and more. The PvE content is typically fun and offers a variety of solo and group style engagements.. The PvP and team vs team combat probably needs the most improvement but the game doesn’t really revolve around those.

Real player with 3859.9 hrs in game

Star Sonata 2 on Steam