Attack of the Giant Mutant Lizard

Attack of the Giant Mutant Lizard

This is a great game. The difficulty is perfect.I hope you mights add some cool things in the future.And im really hoping you mmight add another character.

Real player with 65.4 hrs in game

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This is a very satisfying and one of the few monster games currently on the market. The animations are perfect and the gameplay is mostly original. It’s a bit disappointing how short this game is (story mode is about 1 hour) but you can spend hours in arcade mode. I can’t wait for a sequel!

Real player with 52.9 hrs in game

Attack of the Giant Mutant Lizard on Steam

Jet Kave Adventure

Jet Kave Adventure

Jet Kave Adventure is a steam videogame featuring a nasty backlash snatched level design with crawling suggesting conditions…its a barrel of scarcely fun chapped with glancing array support enhanced with brawling efficient effort put in…love the embassy dinosaurs scrapped in with boned miracles…a arranged allotted certain agendas dragged in ripple designs i give this game a 10/10 lupsided champion styles with a mix of platforming entertainment love the burrito master!!!

Real player with 86.6 hrs in game

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very much enjoying jet kave adventure. easy relaxing.

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

Jet Kave Adventure on Steam

My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters

This game opened my eyes to the greater questions. Why are we here if not just to play My Singing Monsters? If there is any meaning in life I think I’ve found it. When the Fwog proclaims, “Wa wa wa wa wa wa,” I think I understand further why life was granted to us. Our whole purpose, was to create My Singing Monsters, and play it. The only thing we should have done, and the only thing we should be doing, is playing My Singing Monsters. I got choked up when the Maw said “De de, de de de, de de de, de de de, de de de, de de de, de de de, de de de.” It forced me to think, to open my mind to the bigger picture. Friends don’t matter. Nothing matters as much as My Singing Monsters.

Real player with 207.2 hrs in game

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Shortly before My Singing Monsters was released on steam, my life was spiraling out of control. But then one day a friend of mine told me that My Singing monsters was on steam. I couldn’t believe it, it was true, it had just released and it turned my life upside up again. The second I heard the noggin gracefully slap the top of his head repeatedly to the first time I heard the mammot seductively say “Bummm”. I cried tears of joy, Every time I feed my monsters I feel proud and genuinely feel like my monsters care about my well being. I talk to my monsters every night and tell them about my problems. All I talk about is my singing monsters and my friends blocked me on discord because I only talk about My Singing Monsters. Thank you Big Blue Bubble. Thank you for bringing a purpose to my life again.

Real player with 194.0 hrs in game

My Singing Monsters on Steam

Accel Magician Mimi

Accel Magician Mimi

If you look at the rest of the developer’s games, it appears they either used a kit and reskinned it, or made one game and reskinned it, multiple times. Keep this and the fact I’m basing my recommendation on the sale price I obtained it at (59 cents).

Game only consists of 3 stages and bosses, which can easily be completed in under an hour. However, there is 2 player battle mode and co-op, adding to the replayability. Controls are responsive. No optimization issues noted. Difficulty progression is smooth and different enemies have varied enough attack patterns to keep the game interesting.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Accel Magician Mimi on Steam