Chaincards is a JRPG where you play as Chain, a young wizard whose goal is to find out his master’s magic notes to reveal the secrets behind his mysterious death. Search powerful spells exploring dungeons. Learn how to control them and unleash the power of magic cards to fight demons and evil magicians. Unveil the truth.

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Chaincards on Steam

Dice & Dungeons

Dice & Dungeons

Dice & Dungeons is a unique deck builder. You build a DICE deck (dicebuilding)! Explore dungeons, fight enemies with increasingly difficult and get new dice to your deck. A dungeon and it’s challenges are never the same as before.

  • Based on dice building board games

  • Several different dice to build your “deck”

  • RPG elements

  • Character classes

  • Weapons and other items

  • Unique experience of building dice decks

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Dice & Dungeons on Steam

Draft of Darkness

Draft of Darkness

a fantastic blend of card based rogue-like with survival horror elements and atmosphere.

there’s a good amount of content here for the asking price (around 15 hrs+), giving you a great introduction into what this game has to offer, after playing through everything there is currently available I thoroughly enjoyed my experience from beginning to end, any issues/bugs I experienced where minor(and also easily report-able within the game).

these where only things I could find fault with,

the gear can be a bit cumbersome to keep up with(it would be nice if it was a bit more visible what gear was higher level/higher rarity, I understand there is a sort tool but I wish this could be a saved setting instead of resetting each run), the UI is however very good at providing detailed comparisons between what your looking at and what your wearing.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

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Very fun and genuinely unique as far as this roguelite deckbuilder genre goes. The atmosphere often reminds me of STALKER in terms its lore and world being enigmatic. If you enjoy digging around for lore and what the hell is going on (at this point with 10 hours in I still can’t confidently claim to know myself what is up.) then you will deeply enjoy this game. It may be early access but has enough content to chew to justify picking it up just to toy around with. The combat is very odd when it comes to timings but you’ll get use to it. My favorite part of this game is the flowchart. While i’m not 100% sure what all it encompasses it basically is just helps paint a better picture of what events lead into what.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

Draft of Darkness on Steam

Koi Farm

Koi Farm

I really enjoy this game and the collecting Koi, its a very relaxing Koi breeding simulator but there are so much that can be made better. First is perhaps adding just a few more ponds so that we can oragnize the same types of Koi together else it just ends up being a huge mess of Koi swimming together and it can be hard to pick up a specific Koi you are looking for. Also, there are a few bugs here and there that causes the game to freeze sometimes but it will go away when you restart the game. Just hoping that these small bugs will be solved in future updates so that the gameplay is smoother.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

This game is relaxing and slightly addicting at the same time. At its core it’s a ‘fill the book collection’ type of game, but there’s no pressure or time limit to do so. You start with a couple base fish colors and then after each book page is unlocked, the game requests slightly more and more complicated color varieties using some basic breeding techniques. There is a very simple tutorial, but otherwise it’s all experimentation (unless you look up a guide of course!)

The game itself is fairly basic and no frills, but for $3 I couldn’t ask for more. What it does have is quite well done. The sound effects of water/rain are soothing and graphics are pleasant to look at. This is one of those games you can just have idling on another screen because it’s actually quite nice to look at the fish swimming around and have the water sounds.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

Koi Farm on Steam

Ole - Card Game

Ole - Card Game

Oléeeeeee !!!

The Olé Cup is the most famous football tournament in the galaxy! Build your team and show that you can become the greatest champion! Olé is a strategic card game with infinite combinations of moves and tactical formation.

The perfect match

Olé’s matches are fast and dynamic and fully exploit the player’s strategy. You choose how you use your actions: evolving your players, making passes, kicks and using effect and trap cards.

Build Your Team

Choose the formation, and build your deck with players and effect cards. Combine moves, evolve players, advance and score goals to win.

Ole - Card Game on Steam

Trial Of Destiny

Trial Of Destiny

The game still needs polish but the overall gameplay loop is pretty fun and Roguelike fans will feel right at home in this game.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Very interesting hack and slash. I like the variety of enemies and abilities.

Let’s play

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Trial Of Destiny on Steam

Zombie Strike

Zombie Strike

honestly i have only played 3hrs and that was from first login. i will be continuing as i have no reasons yet not to. consequently, this review is subject to change

the incredibly naive will quote this as a pay-to-win game, which is utter nonsense. only game i ever played (in 40 years of gaming) that falls into THAT category is zynga’s poker game which you could win actual money playing…….. as long as you were an american living in america. you can pay but you don’t win anything.

this game does NOT target your wallet……..that’s just cheap. no, this game is SO overly priced it targets your savings account :D

Real player with 101.0 hrs in game

good game😊 . but it can be better than that 😐😑

Real player with 48.4 hrs in game

Zombie Strike on Steam

Decks & Daggers

Decks & Daggers

(Review updated after completing the game.)

I felt neutral about the game until about half way through, but having finished it, it gets my unequivocal thumbs up.

I loved it.

It’s not a Slay the Spire clone, or anything like that - and yet I do feel it could offer the depth of strategy and builds of those games (and its spin-offs) while still remaining true to itself.

This game has had a lot of love and character thrown into it, which exceeds the StS brigade. It has a story and interesting characters. The art work is also beautiful and full of atmosphere and charm.

Real player with 28.3 hrs in game

It looks like a fun game but sadly the cards you are dealt for each hand are completely random, so you can end up with no chance at winning a round and this happens time and time again.

I played for 6 hours and most of that time was starting again as the cards I was dealt meant I died pretty much on the first hand of each round.

What should have been a great game is ruined by the RNG.

Edit - Following latest update

I revisited the game after the update and although the RNG is still an issue (for me), it’s much less than before and I completed the game.

Real player with 21.3 hrs in game

Decks & Daggers on Steam

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization

i previously did a hastily anger fueled review after losing my thinker to walking into the water and ending my game but after another 14 hrs can say nothing has changed and my thinker had died a few more time this way. The road map will be very delayed to add new content as alot of the games current content needs alot of bug fixes, i’ve never played a game with so many bugs early access or not i’ve played plenty of pre release games too with less bugs then this.

Do not buy until Dec/Jan and even then unless rolling in $ wait for a sale. the sheer amount of bugs and stuff that just doesn’t work will turn you off the potentionally great game

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

This game has so much potential but really needs to be balanced in order to stave off some real frustrations. The RNG aspect of the game really works against the player in most cases, and the enemy tribes start off ahead and are a real hindrance to get your tribe out of the mud. They attack or demand tribute almost immediately, and 9 times out of 10 despite how big the map is, you spawn right next to them. Aside from the tutorial there’s no “starting area” to get your feet wet and learn the game. One map has half of the inspiration areas inaccessible (including the inspiration that allows these areas to become accessible, the other map has hardly any resources, and if you don’t “draw” the right tech after inspiration, you’re screwed. Because of all of this, it took me 20 attempts to pass the first challenge. A third map is unlocked later, but is harder still.

Real player with 32.6 hrs in game

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization on Steam