_Do you remember what they say when someone dies here?

They “go home”.

They reunite with their loved ones in their warm home, in the hereafter…

Like Mom and Dad now. I miss them. I miss our warm home.

But I don’t want both of us to die to get there.

At least this time, I want a warm family night.

Not just a bunch of cold money in the morning.

Can you do this, Brother? Just once?_


Rendezvous is a 2.5D Cyber-Noir pixel art action-puzzle adventure game where you follow Setyo, an ex-agent living a quiet life only to find his sister, fraught with danger in the city of Neo-Surabaya.

The game is actively in-development. Some gameplay, features, and elements may not work as expected and will be subject to change in the future.



A stunning combination of 2D hand-drawn pixel art with modern effects such as dynamic lighting and bloom brings depth and life to the world.


Use multiple paths to collect items that could help you closer to your goal or even secrets!


Gather clues and use everything you know to solve the puzzles that stand in your way.

Stealth and Combat

You can sneak around the enemies or directly confront them with weapons you find.

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Brutal Fate

Brutal Fate

Brutal Fate is a fast-paced ultra-violent retro first-person shooter inspired by 80’s and 90’s sci-fi movies. As a marine from the Global Order Alliance sent to Callisto to take over the local corporate government, you find yourself surrounded by legions of demonic alien invaders and you must fight for your survival.

It blends the best features of classic shooters such as non-linear level design, a huge arsenal and large enemy variety with some modern aspects, making it a unique mix that does not try to hang on nostalgia, but be something of it’s own.

This game is a finely crafted first-person experience designed to be the most satisfying and detailed possible. Enemies that can be dismembered and exploded into pieces, destroyable environments including lamps, cars and even trees. All many details that makes you really feel like you are in a real living world.

Do you want to know more?

  • This game features a huge arsenal of weapons that may require the use of all your keyboard numbers to scroll through. We got battle rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, smart missiles, laser rifles, you name it.

  • Immerse yourself in a 3 episode campaign, with branching patches, multiple endings, and a story full of twists.

  • Fight an entire circus of monstrosities, carnivorous demons, zombie-like cultists, shuffling supernatural incomprehensible abominations from beyond, and corporate henchmen that want to make sure you won’t leave this haunted colony alive after seeing everything you just did. Just like in classic fps style, each enemy type acts like a piece of chess made to compensate the weakness of another. Gib them into delicious meat pieces, burn them to ashes, almost every enemy features locational damage and dozens of death animations, including different deaths for different weapons used.

  • Explore huge non-linear levels, look for secrets to find special rare alternative ammo types for your weapons, health and armor upgrades, and much more. No “procedural generated levels”, no faux-retro arena level design, just handcrafted levels by someone with over 10 years of experience in classic game level design. Get the feeling of exploring believable highly interactive locations, fight enemies in many different scenarios, scripted or not, pick them alone or in small groups and sometimes try to come up with a strategy to fight up to 50 enemies at once.

  • Command your fellow marines out of this hell. Your character’s rank as a Staff Sergeant isn’t only for show. Find any survivors of this disastrous operation and they will follow you. They have an acceptable AI that will actually follow your commands, won’t block your movement, and will kill enemies for you. Magnificent, isn’t it?

  • Mod it until it breaks. Running on the highly reliable GZDoom engine, this game is extremely easy to be modified. You can make mods, add custom weapons, enemies, levels, and entire new user-made campaigns.


In the end of the 21th century, after a catastrophic nuclear war followed by a famine that wiped out half of Earth, the remaining governments united their military under the same banner in a vow to prevent another disaster, and so the Global Order Alliance was born.

Later the G.O.A. united with corporations in an effort to terraform and colonize other planets in the solar system, by using a method that allowed artificial black holes to be created at the center of the planets to imitate Earth’s gravity. 60 years later when the terraforming of Mars and Jupiter’s moons were completed and mass migration started, the corporations betrayed the Terran governments and decided to declare independency and not use their newfound resources to help Earth get back on it’s feet. Their moto was “We terraformed these planets and now everything on them belongs to us. If you want these resources, come and take it."

Betrayed and left for dead, the peoples from all around the world vowed to invade the colonies and take back what belongs to Earth. The armies of the G.O.A. which were once considered heroes and peacekeepers of mankind, became a violent, fanatic, imperialistic military legion. They launched military campaigns against Mars and Io that lasted for decades. Now the year is 2297 and the people of Callisto started rebelling against the corporate rule due to recent strange phenomena caused by the planet’s artificial black hole, all the interplanetary communications are shut down by the regime, and the G.O.A. sees this as a perfect opportunity to invade the planet and “liberate” it with the local population’s support. The corporate conglomerates warns that the situation in Callisto is “complicated” and warns Earth to stay away from it.

You are part of a special international battalion of the Space Division of the G.O.A. Marine Corps sent to intermediate the situation. After a four month journey, you arrive at the planet with orders to destroy the corporate government forces and secure their industrial facilities. Drone scans shows literally hundreds of thousands of dead bodies littering the streets, apparently they genocided the local populace which saves you from the work of having to watch your targets… Your orders are clear: Descend into the planet with companies of battle-hardened Marines, combat androids, tanks, mechs, gunships and orbital artillery, and eliminate any colonial military forces you may find. They are considered dangerous irregular war criminals and you have no legal requirement to grant them any human rights, engage on contact. All weapons are clear… Exterminate with extreme prejudice, just the way the Marines likes to operate.

The Marines quickly find out that something is wrong. The planet is dead. Non-combatants and colonial guard alike were slaughtered, women and children included. No signs that a war happened here, some bodies defiled in unspeakable macabre religious rituals.

You realize that what killed these people weren’t humans, it weren’t using guns, and it’s still here. An unfathomable evil from beyond lurks these dead streets, its hungry eyes are gazing upon you. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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Jack Move

Jack Move

Jack Move is a JRPG that features a unique blend of gritty cyberpunk story telling, turn based battles, and beautiful modern pixel art. Coming to Steam in 2022.

Take on the role of Noa: A young vigilante hacker from Bright Town. As the overreaching mega-corporation, Monomind, kidnaps her estranged father, Noa has no choice but to get him back, before it’s too late. Help her find her dad, as she finds herself on the way.

Noa won’t be alone on her journey. She’ll be helped out by her best friend and tactical planner, Ryder, as well as her Martini drinking uncle and ex-corporate spy, Guin Blakely.

Jack Move features beautifully animated, exciting and tactical turn based battles.

Customise the software of your Cyber Deck to switch roles mid battle, balancing offence, defence and buffs. Choosing which software you load during battle is the key to victory! Hardware upgrades can help boost your stats, increase the amount of software you can install or give Noa extra abilities.

  • Gorgeous “Hi-Bit” pixel art inspired by retro RPG’s and enhanced with modern techniques.

  • Battle your foes in cyberspace. Take them down using a multitude of sweet hacking software.

  • Explore the dangerous world of Monocity-1 and take down Monomind, the evil mega corporation that controls it.

  • Play as Noa Solares, a sassy hacker out to save her father and the world.

  • Fight your way through a bunch of dungeons filled with allsorts of cyberpunk villany. Street punks, gangsters, corporate militia, secret service agents, and horrific cyber-experiments-gone-wrong will all be battling against you!

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Sputnik is an indie arcade space game where player needs to repair old Soviet Union space settlements. It’s a single player game with cyberpunk style graphics and real retro feel. Gameplay is based on old school games from 1980’s and 1990’s with lives and permadeath.

Player needs to explore abandon settlement in space and fix electricity, oxygen and water generators and make the settlement inhabitable. Explore the settlement and find materials to fix generators and upgrade your space ship to face the challenge!

  • Explore and survive: Explore the settlements and find pickups, repair the generators and try to survive.

  • Upgrade your ship: Player can upgrade his ship on the start of each level. Ship is being upgraded with scraps left from previous level.

  • Upgrade your weapon: Weapon can be upgraded as well. Increase fire rate and ammo capacity with scraps.

  • Use mods for better gaming experience: Game supports mods. Player can set default values from simple text file.

  • Exceptional Soundtrack: Music and sounds are influenced by classic 8-bit, synth wave and ambience music.

There are multiple levels and each level is generated semi-procedurally to give a bit different experience on each gameplay. It is also possible to mod different properties of player and game.

Sputnik on Steam

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami

It’s a new, dark and machine-filled Edo period, and the Shogunate rules over Japan with its just, but pitiless hand: you.

You follow orders. You obey. You kill.

Until your sight is taken from you, and you must learn to “feel” the world anew…

— A world of data and lies

The Mask of the Oni creates a simulation of the world around you, but tread carefully: old data will show you only deceiving echoes of the past.

— Swords sing unseen

Even blind, you are unstoppable. Use different sensors to detect your enemies and identify their weak spots, then crush them with lightning speed.

— Robotic folktales of Japan

Discover the story of dozens of robotic versions of Japanese folktale creatures! Find their weaknesses and destroy each one with a devastating finisher!

— Long-lost mechanical lore

Your sensors pierce the curtain of the past. Use sound, smell and heat to explore the world, uncovering centuries of lore and guiding Yami on his vengeful, story-driven journey.

The Dojo awaits…

Follow the way of the Cyber-Samurai and join our Discord community!

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Игра крутая, атмосфера и диалоги на том же уровне, что и в мультиках Миши, геймплей может и не супер-интересный, но мне понравилось. Да, после смерти надо перепроходить уровень заново, но разве так не во всех шутерах? На некоторых уровнях иногда нужно подумать, чтоб понять, как попасть на следующий - это плюс. По поводу багов - в некоторых кат-сценах у меня был очень сильный шум в правом наушнике, и один раз провалился в текстуры зайдя в угол. Но попрыгав там несколько минут даже смог вылезти. Кроме этих двух моментов проблем с игрой не заметил, и в целом мои ожидания оправданы, Миша выпустил что обещал - “по сути полноценный мульт с возможностью собственноручно размызжевать ёбла в кровавый понос”. Так вот мульт есть, ёбла можно сотнями крушить кучей разных способов, локации проработаны и атмосферны, саундтрек отличный, поэтому не совсем понимаю, что ожидали те, кто недоволен игрой. Разве что хотелось бы побольше уровней и кат-сцен, ибо я прошёл игру за 10 часов даже со всеми рестартами. Тем не менее, игру рекомендую и жду продолжения(и полнометражку конечно).

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

Забагована в гавно… Ее хоть кто-то тестировал вообще? Во первых нет элементарной функции перезапустить уровень или чекпоинт, так что если ты застрял в текстурах то нужно выходить в главное меню и начинать заново. Во вторых боевка в ближнем бою на уровне старых флэш игр, но это как наркоманы в подъезде: хочешь попасть в хату, прийдется пройти мимо, а там как повезет. Враги на первом уровне постоянно застревают в коробках. В третих на первом же уровне баг,после первого боя, после заставки, ломающий игру. Если тебя убивают, (а это как тусоваться в компьютерном клубе с кучей гопарей, это только вопрос времени, когда ты услышишь “Эй слышь дисюда бля”) то ты перезапускаешься всегда на одном и том же месте под надписью “Миша, где мульт” (иронично), полностью невидимый без возможности двигаться куда либо, кроме как вверх, вниз. После чего собственно единственное, что ты можешь делать это пойти вниз, пропрыгать в пол и умереть от чего-то (возможно от стыда). Но на этом не заканчивается. После нажатия кнопки продолжить, ты появляешься во втором уровне без особого понимания где ты и сколько заставок и прочего добра ты пропустил в первом уровне.. Плюс в момент когда ты, невидимый после очередной смерти, проклацаешь выбор оружия до 3, то у тебя магическим образом появиться калаш и игра зависнет окончательно. После многих попыток я пришел к выводу что эти баги, как правительство РФ. Всегда есть и всегда одни и те же..

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

BOMJMAN on Steam

Phantom Beasts - Redemption

Phantom Beasts - Redemption

Phantom Beast is currently in development, and you can help us shape the game to make it reach its true potential. Join us on Discord, Twitter and Facebook today!

Phantom Beasts is a side-scrolling action game in 2.5D that mixes the fast-paced combat of the ‘shoot’em up’ genre with the emotion of training powerful creatures in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future.

You’ll take on the role of Hunter, a man who makes a living as a gun for hire in the streets of Saint Petersburg, Florida, in 2059. After his last job ended up being a complete mess, this ex law enforcer is compelled to confront a traumatic event from his past that has to do with the Phantom Beast phenomenon. There’s not a clear story about its origins, but most people think that these creatures are linked to the most recent nuclear disaster.

To fulfill his new mission, Hunter will dive into the most hellish neighborhoods of the city and face dangerous mutant gants and other Phantom Beasts trainers, as well as the corporate forces who will try to stop him from discovering the truth. Be ready to bash some heads with your gun and the help of your new feral companions!

Key features

  • Fight in fast-paced and intense gory gunplay battles

  • Get to cover! In your street scuffles, finding cover, hiding and gaining your enemies’ backs will be essential to survive

  • Train unique Phantom Beasts, each with their own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The stronger your bond with them, the more powerul skills you’ll have access to!

  • Gain experience and use it to unlock new upgrades in a skill tree with three branches: Hunter, Mercenary and Beast Connection

  • Discover the secrets behind the cyberpunk dystopia of St Petersburg in an intriguing, dark story, where scheming corporations pull all the strings

Trailer Music Credits:

Royalty Free Music from Bensound.

“Stealth Music” by Jake Embleton.

Phantom Beasts - Redemption on Steam

Wasteland Warden

Wasteland Warden


Gain Teammates

Help Others


In the near future, AI corporations have taken over and are hunting down anyone not cooperating. This lead to a robotic arms race as the remaining “free” people mod themselves with any tech they can find and fled to the deserts and other unpopulated oases. Now its every man for himself outside the giant numbered cities run by the AI corps. Squeezed between assassin robots and cyborg gangs, one man takes it upon himself to lock up anything that can be locked up and… reprogram the rest? Lets all just ignore the growing rumors of an “all consuming sludge” appearing from the south.


  • Turn based

  • Grid based

  • Level the protagonist via skill trees

  • Defeated enemies become allies

  • Level your allies

  • Choose a complementary team

  • Many roles to fill: DPS, Range, Tanks, Area Effect

  • Upgrade your base

Still in early development. All art is subject to change.

Wasteland Warden on Steam

Escape Planet 17

Escape Planet 17

In Escape Planet 17, you are under the skin of Natan, a detective from the Narcotics Department. While investigating a new drug circulating on the streets, Nathan sees his partner being killed and both are framed for involvement in trafficking among others crimes. Nathan is unjustly accused, convicted, sent to a prison planet and removed from his family. During his stay on planet 17, Nathan devises a plan to escape, but a series of macabre crimes initiates a security protocol and prevents his plans. Get involved in an obscure plot involving violent gangs, synthetic drugs and a symbiotic experiment company. Giving up is not an option, escaping the planet is your mission, even if you have to get your hands dirty with blood.

Well-established platform game mechanics, with adjusted controls.

Skills such as double jump, dash, wall jumping among others.

Unique system of interaction with characters: Choose between bribing, influencing or threatening characters.

Use shields, vests, and bandaids to protect yourself and recover your life.

Unique system to equip weapons and multidirectional aiming.

An Interactive Inventory system with the ability to save, load, drop and other options to manage several items.

A game with fluid narrative and a great and unique History.

  • Draw and Handle Weapons:

    The game has a unique weapon draw weapon system, inspired by the classic megadrive game Flashback - The Quest for Identity.

  • Hacking:

    You have the ability to hack some terminals to activate doors, elevators, manage your Notoriety and more.

  • Fighting Skills:

    Use your close combat skills to fight enemies, very usefull when your weapon is out of ammo.

  • And much more;

Escape Planet 17 on Steam



This game isn’t Big Rigs levels of buggy, but it’s the closest i’ve ever gotten to playing something like it. The controls sometimes glitch out and Conrad just won’t ride an elevator or draw his gun (or change the direction he’s aiming in) unless you try doing other actions first to correct them. And if you hold the aim button while climbing a ledge, Conrad will walk towards where he’s gonna aim (often causing him to fall), rather than obeying your direction input. There is a brief moment where you can initiate a jump AFTER falling off from a ledge, and since the jump startup is a bit delayed, it’s incredibly obvious when it happens and looks totally bizarre. By the way, Conrad can freely change his trajectory during falls, which is great in a platformer… but this is a Prince Of Persia-like, and doing it here feels WAY off. And there’s one instance (the beginning of the Club) where you are supposed to ride a lift up and from there jump to a ledge with a window… but if you just jump towards the wall and hold up (to try and climb a ledge) Conrad suddenly gains a ton of height upon touching the wall and grabs on!

Real player with 17.7 hrs in game

I loved the original flashback, I love that they tried to bring it back, but this just feels…. wrong. It’s glitchy, more arcadey, etc. experience, and some of the changes are just horrifying.

I’ve almost beaten the game at the time of writing this, and I’ve discovered that some parts of the game are just unplayable with gamepad, which is a surprise considering this game is kinda horrible with kbd+mouse, this mostly caused with the aim snapping to 4 up-down-left-right angles with gamepad, disallowing finer aiming control which is possible with mouse alone for some reason.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

Flashback on Steam