All Over

All Over

Great adventure game; perfect way to employ my older son (8) for hours with an activity that requires brain, thinking, reading etc as opposed to just numblessly staring at Youtube.

We played the Hebrew version which was perfect for him since he can’t read English.

Hardly any guidance was required from my side as the game is very intuitive and the kid was carried away into hours of playing it (from time to time he came to share with me his experiences and adventures from the game).

Go get it, it is definitelly a covid-19 must have!!

Real player with 284.3 hrs in game

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The ultimate saving for our children. I encountered this game during the Covid-19 lockdown period. We have 3 children (ages 11,9 & 4). After going crazy for a few days in the house, the children were introduced to the game. They immediately started to play TOGETHER which was just fabulous! They set with the Challenges and riddles AS A TEAM which we really liked.

It is just wonderful to watch all 3 of them play together trying to unlock the quest.

Highly recommended!!

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

All Over on Steam

Kin’s Chronicle

Kin’s Chronicle

This game is well put together and the catch them aspect is rewarding and unique. The monsters you beat you have a chance to use as party members. The Dungeon crawler Rpg gameplay is on point and fun

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

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I downloaded the demo and I liked it a lot, so I bought the game. When I installed and started the game over, I got a surprise. When I used the first key I obtained, a message popped up saying that I wanted to keep playing, I had the buy the game as this was the end of the demo. So, I liked it but I didn’t get to play it.

In response to the developer:

Hang on second. It wasn’t just a message. The game would not let me continue. You should tell everyone that if they play the demo, they will have to wait until you fix it before they can play the full game.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Kin's Chronicle on Steam

Revolution: The Spark

Revolution: The Spark

Fight back in Revolution: The Spark, a story-driven, turn-based tactical RPG. With dwindling resources and enemies at every turn, what will you do to survive this revolution?

The Story

On the brink of revolt, the common people cry out for justice from their heartless queen. This story is set in an alternate steampunk world in the early 20th century in the Capital of the strongest Empire in the world. The game tells a story of a military veteran, Alex, who becomes increasingly frustrated with the growing corruption of the monarchy and the exploitation of the common folk. When Alex’s brother gets arrested for an attempted coup, Alex will have no choice but to fight if he ever wants to see his brother again. It appears that a concentration of power lies in the hands of a powerful few. But there is more to this than meets the eye. These few are being manipulated by supernatural beings that feed off of the fervor, lust, and wrath of humankind. A spark of revolution will change it all.


  • Strategic Turn-based Combat – People are your greatest assets, so take care of them. Those who fall in combat will need time to recover.

  • Recruit up to 25 Allies across 7 distinct Classes – You’ll need all the help that you can find on your journey to unseat the Empress. But beware, as some of your companions might not like others.

  • Explore 9 Dynamic Locations – From the mines to the noble villas, you must fight your way to the steps of the Empress’ palace itself across 9 exciting, beautiful, hand-drawn, isometric locations.

  • Forge Your Own Path – Your actions shape the future of a corrupt Empire. Choose how you want to solve conflict. Will you conquer all or reason with your foes? Every decision you make in travel, conversation, and combat has a meaningful effect on the outcome as your story unfolds.

  • Discover secrets and Unlock 5 Different Endings. – Explore and talk to everyone. You never know what you might find. There are many routes and options that will help you steer the ultimate fate of the Empire.

  • Steampunk Victorian Culture – Master the weapons of the early 20th century in this steam-fueled alternate reality where things aren’t what they seem.

  • Decide what you fight for – Peace? A new world order? Or do you just want power for yourself? Everything is possible in Revolution: The Spark.

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Revolution: The Spark on Steam

Game Developer Simulator

Game Developer Simulator

In the Simulator of a game developer, you will be able to understand all the subtleties of this profession, understand how the game industry works and all the difficulties of one developer.

You will have to be a person who has needs and problems, each of your mistakes will become a lesson for you in the life of a lonely developer.

Start from the bottom and become a millionaire, achieve success in your games and win the hearts of gamers!


  • Making complex financial decisions
Game Developer Simulator on Steam

Raiders! Forsaken Earth

Raiders! Forsaken Earth



WHAT TO EXPECT: Be the villain. Sandbox generated world. Mixes strategy with management. Turn-based, side-on combat with many tactical options. Post-apocalyptic setting. Lots of raider and some base customisation. Large array of inventory. Item crafting. Artillery, siege engine and landsail craft. Slaves and cannibal options. Seed generated world maps. Alot of micro-management. Optional endgame scenarios or endless mode. Singleplayer only. Currently supported by dev.

Real player with 63.2 hrs in game

Can I recommend this game? Boy, that’s a doozey. If the game was $60, hell no. At its current price? Totally.

Basics of the game is, you start off with pretty much nothing. You got some raiders with you and they are bottom of the barrel. Its ok though because the way you level up is by fighting. There are, I believe, respawning caravans with really low level mobs that at first is a little bit of a challenge but after some levels and better armor, maybe weapons too, you can pretty much take on the whole wasteland. Your raiders quickly receive a message saying that Wasteland’s Rangers are coming in 120 days. I’m not kidding, they are pretty much the Wasteland game franchises Rangers. For some reason, after playing w2 and just devastating all the raiders, my head-canon really enjoyed being that ONE GROUP that won lol.

Real player with 24.8 hrs in game

Raiders! Forsaken Earth on Steam

Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars

Oh my … it’s quite hard :) It’s also quite big and open to explore. Not taking you by hand. The story unfolds quite slow, same with side quests. You just come in to some new place and you have notes about something which may be important in other places. I have to say that I like M&M 1 and 2 or Goldboxes more than this game. However if you like to explore old games it’s nice to collect and play this one too.

Two most annoying things:

1. the number of random fights is sometimes overwhelming and frankly really boring.

Real player with 75.7 hrs in game

I have had to game since 1995? years or so. I have enjoyed every thing i saw in the game. that being said it would be cool if I could play it in a full color type like I could back in the 90’s.

Real player with 37.5 hrs in game

Dragon Wars on Steam

Gimle: Archlikvake Saga

Gimle: Archlikvake Saga

Ragnarok has come …

On the ruins of the old world destroyed after the clash of gods and giants, Gimle is created - the place where humanity was reborn. The New World was described in the prophecies as free of wars, hunger and suffering. For thousand years it has been struggling with the forces of evil for an unknown reason. Meanwhile, another disturbing threat is coming - death will be only the beginning of the suffering of the fallen. Norse warrior Brand arises as the last hope of mankind - will he stand up to the fight and uncover the mystery of an unfulfilled prophecy?

Gimle is an isometric RPG inspired by the classics of the genre, enriched with beautiful pixelated graphics.

Begin your journey!

Explore the dark world of Gimle based on Norse mythology. Discover forest thickets and mountain trails, explore evil-ridden towns and villages, and mysterious tombs full of dangerous underground tunnels.

Defeat your enemies!

Master the dynamic combat system and face the threats of the New World using a wide variety of weapons - swords, spears, axes, bows and much more!

Tame the mighty power!

Learn unique abilities that are so much more than ordinary magic. Use your powerful gift and solve the mystery of an unfulfilled prophecy.

Collect unique items!

Use the possibility of gathering resources and trading, get powerful items and artifacts that will prove useful during your journey through the Dark Lands.

Improve your skills!

Become the legend of the Viking world! Achieve mastery in many areas through an extensive system of statistics, science and attributes.

Write the story of the New World!

Experience a ravaged world full of difficult, ambiguous choices and face their significant consequences.

Gimle: Archlikvake Saga on Steam

Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

Well, seems there is no review yet, I Bought this game for this is my first game on PC, I’d say the graphics still the same when I was a child well it is not remastered.

The story begins where you can choose two heroes and as you progress you can then again, select another heroes, it is up to four heroes you can use, when your hero dies you can never revive them. Also, you can have some foot soldiers.

Oh the story is about gods, where Poseidon wants to kill Athena’s hero.

The price is cheap I think, good if you really like strategy game. Working on Win10 64bit intelcorei7 NVIDIA

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

This game is a mix of RPG and RTS based on Greek Mythology, it’s not an easy game but it is great fun if you learn it’s mechanic. This game is much deeper than avarage RTS:

  1. Every level is like part of the ancient world with it’s people living in it, but you don’t have to be hero, you can kill everyone instead helping them.

  2. Every unit in the game has name, health and expirience. And nobody want to die for nothing. So it’s up to you - whether you kill or save them.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus on Steam

Terra Ventura

Terra Ventura


Select your character with distinct characteristics and abilities from four different characters, each with inherent advantages - Archer, Musketeer, Explorer or Fighter.


Get lucky or get unlucky. Variety of items can be obtained randomly across the maps. Loot gold and silver coins or find armor, weapons and other inventory items. Visit alchemist, smith, merchant or tailor to buy additional items, trade or repair gear.


Develop your character through skill tree paths, gain powerful bonuses by collecting runes and improve basic skills. Invest into explosives path, attacking path, health path, alchemy path or materials path.


Immerse yourself in a medieval fantasy world. You will encounter a town setting, underground caves, lava lakes, winter conditions, toxic wastelands, desert dunes and much more. Approach situations with combat or use acquired skills. You will encounter 30 enemies with different abilities and strengths.

Terra Ventura on Steam

The Evil Farming Game: Replanted

The Evil Farming Game: Replanted

All screenshots are of alpha builds, and are subject to change.

What have you gotten yourself into now?

When Richard, the town farmer, finds himself at the center of his wife’s murder, it’s up to him (or you) to figure out what the hell to do.

You live on a small island village, with friendly people, law enforcement, and your wife.

Everyday starts the same, harvest yesterday’s crops, give them to your wife, and plant some more. Forever and ever, maybe sometimes you head to the market to pick up some tools.

But one day, that all changed, late at night, you lash out at your wife, and kill her. As you feel her pulse stop, you have no idea what to do. Will you turn yourself in? Or will you hide, stealthily avoiding punishment.

Make your choice in the First Part of this 2 game duology.

Meet friendly faces! Make friends, make enemies! Make your own story. With endless possibility to how your scheme will end up, there is no way you’ll make it out of this scot-free, as you’ll have more than just your wife, taken away from you.

Replanted is primarily based on the “Evil Farming Game” myth.

The Evil Farming Game: Replanted on Steam