Rog & Roll

Rog & Roll

Rog & Roll is a fast-paced, fluid 2.5D platformer. Control a tiny enemy monster named Rog on a quest to save his fellow minions!

Long ago, enemy monsters were controlled by tyrannical bosses who ordered them to do things like harass humans and kidnap princesses. But the monsters of Rog’s world rejected that system to build a new society - one where spiders, zombies, killer robots, and walking vegetables could all live in peace. When a disgruntled final boss returns to re-enslave his old minions, it’s up to Rog, a plucky low-ranking enemy, to defy all odds and try to free his friends.

  • Simple yet deep gameplay with an emphasis on fun, fluid movement

  • Unique art style blurs the line between 3D and 2D pixel art

  • Race through vibrant levels ranging from futuristic cities to haunted ruins, each with its own aesthetic, music, and gimmicks

  • Battle bosses, mini-bosses, and an endless array of unique, quirky monsters

  • Seek out hidden items in each level to unlock special challenges and other surprises

  • Explore overworld maps complete with towns, item shops, and friendly monsters

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Rog & Roll on Steam

80s Volleyball

80s Volleyball

Simple but fun enough once you figure out the timing and controls.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

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Tho it says “inspired by 80’s 8-bit vollyeball games” the visuals and tunes highly resembles specifically that [awful] ‘Great Volleyball’ on Sega Master System. Good thing only the looks were reminiscent from it, this game is a lot better. While it is not recommended for those wanting to rinse the bad taste left by ‘Spike Volleyball’ since this is a more arcade take, it is recommended for any indie sport gamers in general, specially volleyball fans. It’s simple and fun, and has an impressive amount of teams and competitions to choose from (for a volleyball game at least).

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

80s Volleyball on Steam



Serene is a simplistic, bright and challenging puzzle game with the sole purpose of having challenging and unique puzzles. Featuring Sokoban style puzzles with a variety of interacting mechanics and mechanics, it is sure to have one that will challenge and confuse you.

Game Features:

    • A variety of unique puzzle mechanics that interact to create challenging puzzles.
    • Singleplayer and Cooperative puzzles to enjoy either solo, or with a friend.
    • Unique and unexpected mechanics you won’t see coming.
    • Interacting puzzle elements that need to be used together to be able to solve puzzles.

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Serene on Steam

Combo Babies

Combo Babies

100% one of the most unique fighting games, if you love anime fighters like guilty gear and want a unique (and interestingly balanced) take on a lot of systems this game is a great one to look at

Real player with 61.3 hrs in game

A really fun fighting game that I highly recommend. The training mode is easy to use and have fun, rhythm game inspired combo trials. All of the characters feel really good to play as and the universal inputs for each character make picking any of them up easy. The inclusion of mechanics such as roman cancels is really cool and the movement almost feels like you’re in a platform fighter. If you have a spare $10 and like fighting games there’s no reason not to pick this game up.

Real player with 46.4 hrs in game

Combo Babies on Steam

Russian Drunken Boxers 2

Russian Drunken Boxers 2

A funny arcade fighting game for a couple in the evening with friends to drink beer

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Good game if you want fun with friends

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Russian Drunken Boxers 2 on Steam

A Snake’s Tale

A Snake’s Tale

Casual puzzle game, for the most part too easy but fun, harder level would help because for me this game is just a time killer.

Can’t run in full screen mode and awful music are mos def a minus.

Recommend if you are new to puzzle game genre or just want an easy puzzle game with 2 or 3 tricky levels.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

I bought A Snake’s Tale out of multiple yearnings at once:

-Despair for a game where I can finally play as a snake- a diagetically-portrayed one, mind you, not just a sequence of squares chasing dots;

-A good puzzle game;

-A growing liking for smaller-project titles due to my chronic inability to afford any of the AAA games or the hardware to run them;

-An eagerness to support a fellow Austinite, and aspiring game creator.

In each of these, I say A Snake’s Tale delivers.


Turns out this game is a great brain-builder. We learn the rules as we go, and the simple ruleset is used to great versatility.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

A Snake's Tale on Steam



Short version: 71%

AntVentor is a short, cute, and nice-looking adventure, following the Anamita school of wordless storytelling and handcrafted abstract visuals, with an enthusiastic team behind it.

Long version:

AntVentor cannot deny that it took a massive dose of inspiration from Anamita’s Botanicula, down to the same theme of following the life of a very humanlike bug (an ant, in this case), who tries to escape his role in society to follow his dreams. Similarly, it relies entirely on visual storytelling, even including the hint system.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

I want to like this point-and-click adventure/puzzle game, but it sure makes it hard. First, the positives: It looks great, with crisp and detailed imagery, and cute ant characters. It reminds me of the excellent style achieved for the game Samorost 3.

Here’s what I DON’T like:

(1) The point-and-click mechanics are clunky. The pointer hand changes when you can do certain things, but often the hand only changes if you’re on the exact spot where you can do something. It leads you to miss puzzle solutions even when you’re on the right track and trying to click the thing that would give you the solution. It also shows you a “walking” hand (fingers moving) for areas where you can’t actually walk.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

AntVentor on Steam

Venice 2089

Venice 2089

“It’s hard to forget a city like this”

The city of Venice, once a significant tourism destination but now almost uninhabited, is struggling with the unpredictable behaviour of tides. Some of the most important monuments are being taken away, among the complaints of the citizens, and the lower part of the city becomes inaccessible more often than not. In Venice 2089, you’ll explore the city through the eyes of Nova, a bored teenager who has no clue about what to do in life and just wants to relax from the stress of their usual routine. Yet tides change for everyone without exception…

  • Venice: Use your hoverboard to chill out and navigate the streets of the city in a unique 2.5D artstyle. Perform tricks and match your mood with the right vibes.

  • Characters: Meet diverse characters scattered throughout the city. Know their personalities, learn their points of view and help them in different quests.

  • Drone: Interact with the world using your drone. Collect objects out of your reach and hack into corporation billboards.

  • Memories: Fill your house-boat with important objects, and remember the experiences you made.

  • Tides: Tides are unpredictable and will change the way you travel. Learn new routes and explore newfound places.

  • Soundtrack: Enjoy a dynamic soundtrack, combining the vibes you pick up on your hoverboard.






Venice 2089 on Steam



EBE is an action-adventure game set on a planet in the Lyra constellation. The player takes the role of a small extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE), who recovers a strange micro-device from a humanoid alien lying dead in his crashed flying saucer. Using this device, the player will be able to connect to an alien network, solve puzzles, see distant locations (some of them on Earth), and bring back to life alien entities to contact the player himself.

EBE takes you on a visit to another planet teeming with life, from strange PSI energy-producing plants to small insect-like creatures. Everywhere you can find remnants of alien civilization: old buildings, antennae, and communication devices.

EBE on Steam

PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls

PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls

Very low effort, buggy and looks like it was thrown together over a weekend. 34.99 GBP for this is a joke.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game


Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls on Steam