Le Frenchie

Le Frenchie

“Le Frenchie” is an action 2.5D Platformer where the player controls a French bulldog who battles cats in his neighborhood. The focus of the game is to make it through each block of the neighborhood by defeating enemies and a final boss. Some of the key elements of the game include, action-based platform design, unique weapons/abilities, strategic boss fights, and upgrade/customization. The setting of the world takes place is an urban city neighborhood based on the city of El Paso,

Texas. The player is tasked to make it through each block in a neighborhood, while overcoming obstacles and cats.

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Jones On Fire

Jones On Fire

This is the prequel of Hot Tin Roof…is the game fun? No…i will explain why in a pro/ con style and end with my conlusion.




The upgrades are extremely grindy. In order to have some fighting chance in later levels you need those upgrades. The upgrades cost an arm and a leg and a vital organ like the heart or brain.

The game has 2 currencies. One is regular cats and the other is golden cats. It is very dumb to do that because gold cats are slow to come across and building up to get a single upgrade is very time consuming and adds to the boredem of the game.

Real player with 26.1 hrs in game

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You know, I honestly don’t get what all the hate is about for this game. I think it’s a great time waster. For someone who has a lot of free time, and especially during this summer, boredom can hit pretty hard. And for the past few weeks, that’s what’s been happening. It’s games like this and another game I tend to play in short bursts, Pictopix, that really help get me out of those slumps.

And you may not think that boredom is that big of a deal, but for me it is. It leads me to almost what seems like pseudo-depression. A lot of free time and not knowing what to do with that time. It makes me lose motivation for most things, and just overall suckiness. Games like this, simple one off games that really have very little plot, or intense gameplay, just relaxation, which is rare for games these days, are great for fetting out of these moods. I don’t want to hear about story, or tutorials when I’m trying to be entertained, I just want to play, and this game lets me do that. Even the other game this company has made, Hot Tin Roof (which I also own), has a lot of plot and storytelling, which is fine when you’re in the mood for that. But when you’re looking for something to just pass time with, this game is perfect for that.

Real player with 24.2 hrs in game

Jones On Fire on Steam

Watch Your Helmet

Watch Your Helmet

You still could not even imagine how difficult it is to control a spacesuit with a jet engine in space. Thanks to this game, you will realize how interesting and exciting it is, especially if you need to escape from moving asteroids, dodge moving planets, collect fuel and minerals, and complete a rescue mission.

Test and then improve your spatial awareness and rocket management skills in zero gravity at 45 levels full of minerals, dangerous asteroids, planets and abandoned cats in space that need rescue.

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Watch Your Helmet on Steam



This is actually the 2nd time I’ve started this game. I first played this game on mobile when it first launched on mobile. This was during the launch period when Mariel was considered the best 5star and Toova and Mighty were strong offense. Things have changed a lot since then. I lost my mobile account because they did not have a google link at that time. So I’m literally starting from the beginning.

The only reason I’m willing to do this is because of this game’s permanent content system. All events are retained permanently. For every other gatcha game I’ve ever played, I never see myself as a returning player. So this is the best thing I want to praise about Another Eden. I really like the permanent content and in my opinion, this makes it far better than all the other gatcha games. Just this point alone.

Real player with 630.0 hrs in game

Another Eden is a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross with some members of the original team (like Masato Kato and Yasunori Mitsuda) onboard, a love letter to jRPGs of the 90s with a modern feel.

The game itself is massive and is similar in scope to live-service MMOs, except Another Eden is a purely single-player 2.5D jRPG. New story content for it is still being released on a regular basis, expanding it even more with each new update.


The gameplay here is of a classic turn-based jRPG with random encounters and limit breaks (called Another Force here). The biggest difference from the classics is that this game has gacha mechanics for acquiring additional characters, each of which has their own set of story quests. The amount of stones for pulls the game gives its players is pretty generous though, the pulls contain only characters and nothing else, additional styles or class upgrades for owned characters can be unlocked through farming certain in-game resources instead of pulling for them, and the characters that can be unlocked as rewards for story progression can be quite powerful as well, especially the ones from ‘Tales of’ and ‘Persona 5’ collaborations. Unlike character banners, all the story and crossover events don’t expire (except for the most recent Chrono Cross collaboration, which has a 5-year license, but hopefully they’ll be able to extend it).

Real player with 374.9 hrs in game


Another Sight - Hodge’s Journey

Another Sight - Hodge’s Journey

This was fun! The graphics were pleasing on Ultra. Not sure why my frames were capped at 62 FPS? V-Sync on or off did nothing, changing graphics from Ultra to Low did no difference, so that’s a bit odd. I found a glitch that allowed me to get outside of the map, sometimes exploring even more, it varies. You could only get to the edge of the map in spots and then fall off so nothing too over powered. Other than that, it was fun, very short but that’s the point. I’d recommend giving it a shot, fun little adventure overall. Played almost 2 hours just to speed run it once I beat it the first time.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game


~Lovely menu UI;

~Nice background setting;

~Cute cat, reminds me of Garfield;

~It’s free.


~Limited video & audio settings;

~Game automatically sets the video settings on “Epic”;

~Clunky controls;

~No way to turn off blur;

~In the second level (basement/lab) I couln’t even get on the higher ground (on the pipes that are at the beggining of the level).

That was the point where that was enough for me.

If you are going to design a platforming game or a game with platforming levels at least be sure that the platforms are actually reachable.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Another Sight - Hodge's Journey on Steam

Crappy Climber

Crappy Climber

The map can be punishing at times, but you usually have a safety net before falling, control might be hard to get but it become really easy once you get it. I love/hate the new mode after finishing the game since it make the game way harder, but its good practice for the achievement

Theres a big con to this game though, on some platform, your poo animation will play but your character will stay at the same place, its still rare, mostly happen on some cloud platform, but still really annoying when it does happen.

Real player with 20.7 hrs in game

My first 2,5 hours of this game were hell. I didn’t know how to do angle jumps and basically got stuck around 20-30%. I kept on trying and trying and finally figured out the technics and got better at it by playing. At the end I finished the game in 6:41:23 with a lot of faceplants (500-1000, didnt check in time and already pressed NG+)

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Crappy Climber on Steam

Embers of Mirrim

Embers of Mirrim

This is, hands down, the most fun I’ve ever had playing a platformer. The controls are crisp, the mechanics are unique and well thought-out, it’s visually attractive, and the music is great. The single biggest complaint I have about this game is that it’s too short. I finished it in about 5 hours. I would love to have seen the kinds of puzzles they could have put in a longer game.

The difficulty curve isn’t bad. It’s hard enough to be satisfying, but doesn’t get hard so fast that it’s frustrating. There is one puzzle that uses a mechanic that isn’t used anywhere else in the game, and it can be difficult to figure out what the game wants you to do, but other than that, the mechanics have good clarity and the puzzles are fairly intuitive.

Real player with 59.0 hrs in game

I’ve been craving a linear platformer and this really scratched the itch. While I enjoy metroidvanias, I feel like I ’ve been inundated with them of late and I wanted something a little simpler and straightforward, like the NES platformers of yesteryear.

Embers of Mirrim is a very polished puzzle platformer with heavy emphasis on platforming and navigating between sections and light emphasis on puzzle elements. The splitting mechanic adds variety, and the game continues to introduce other small elements to keep the game fresh throughout.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Embers of Mirrim on Steam

Hook Only

Hook Only

i’m being filtered by the moving lava level but the music is keeping me from destroying my pc in a fit of primal rage


Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

It’s so hard, even after playing Super Meat Boy and similar stuff. It makes me feel like Jump King except it’s less evil because you’re not threatened by losing massive amounts of progress. The movement can be really dynamic and fun when you get the hang of it, but finishing a level still feels like a big accomplishment. The level design is interesting and varied, so the gameplay doesn’t get repetitive. The character is really cute and the music adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Hook Only on Steam

Lion Quest Infinity

Lion Quest Infinity

I liked it, especially the soundtrack. Dont know what is going on at times, and had to google some of what the characters were talking about, but the platforming is the best in the series now that its 3d, especially the levels that change shape and move around.

A mixture of mario64 and the british office, dry humour and obscure pop culture references

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

Really is a one of a kind experience, I cannot say I have ever played a game quite like Lion Quest Infinity. Half 3D platformer where you play as a lion, a fox, a sloth… maybe a pig or a panda, who knows, and half text based RPG set in a truly mundane yet worryingly relatable office where you work as a website developer for three completely insane and out of touch bosses. The story is as strange as the games' concept but as it begins to unfold Lion Quest Infinities charm and wit come shining through in full force. The platforming aspects are challenging enough without being frustrating, with clever puzzles and tongue-in-cheek hints from the little animal critters. The office sections are full of hilarious moments and I found myself actually excited to go to work each day to see how the story unfolds.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

Lion Quest Infinity on Steam

Chicken Police - Paint it RED!

Chicken Police - Paint it RED!

Great game, couldn’t put it down until I’ve finished it.

Really hope there’s another one in the pipeline, I’ll definitely get it.

If you like detective games, and/or noir then it definitely will worth your while.

The concept of using animals in the art while weird at first glance, really grew on me, especially when I heard them talk.

There’s just so much effort put in the art and voices it’s hard to overstate.

I’m actually super interested in some unexplored areas, like the hive and Roachtown.

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

I usually don’t play visual novels, but Chicken Police made me interested and curious immediately when I saw it on Steam for the first time. I decided to buy it because of its distinctive art style and the fact that I love crime/detective games like L.A. Noire, The Wolf Among Us, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, Grim Fandango and many others.

Chicken Police has a very special noir look combined with very sharp colors when the game wants you to really NOTICE something, for example a text painted RED or stunning GREEN eyes on one of the characters. I absolutely love the contrast. The idea of having human bodies and animal heads is amazing! Also it gave the game a great opportunity to make good animal related jokes.

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

Chicken Police - Paint it RED! on Steam