Clash of the Metal

Clash of the Metal

Hyper Mecha Anime Manga Fighting Unleashed!

Clash of the Metal introduces futuristic mecha combat in a glorious 2D anime styled arcade action fighting game. Putting you in control of an array of mechs, each with varying attributes, Clash of the Metal provides fast-paced combat against the CPU, local or online players.


  • Single player vs CPU or 2 player local or online

  • 12 Mech rosta with additional characters

  • Various fight location scenes

  • Versus mode against another player or CPU

  • Story mode

  • Training room

  • Spectacular anime style visuals at 60fps

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Clash of the Metal on Steam



This is a strategy tower defense game, you must protect seven rows against monsters by putting soldiers in each row. The player must choose between buying defensive structures, attack soldiers, or mining. As the game progresses, special and aid units are unlocked, also the enemies are upgraded in their variety. It is a very entertaining game where you do not pay to win, it does not require internet, it is not too long (infinite), it is complete and contains unlockable elements.

History: A war between the north and south zones forced all retired soldiers to return to service, Colonel Steve among them. Steve has a special mission within his own territory, and this is to recover the containers from laboratory 3. This would be a simple mission if it weren’t for the fact that he must confront the biological weapons that the enemy used in the city and the scarce resources assigned to him. Will he be able to overcome all obstacles? It depends on you.

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Epidemyc on Steam

Faster Than Possible

Faster Than Possible

This game is seriously just a masterpiece. It felt similar to playing a live version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules or just watching Holes (2003) for the first time. Most fun I’ve had in a while, plus I 100%’d it (steam please make it visible on my account)

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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Faster Than Possible on Steam

Tower Attack

Tower Attack

Pretty good game, I killed a lot of purple people

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Tower Attack on Steam

Born of Bread

Born of Bread

Beings from another age are causing havoc across the land! And with their mischief comes a great threat to everyone. The unlikeliest hero, a golem born of bread, will find himself and his newfound friends in the middle of a drama that’s thousands of years in the making. Together, they will visit incredible locals and meet fascinating characters, from the mysterious ruins of the Forest of Roots to the bustling metropolis of South Munch City. Although he may not look like much, Loaf might be the hero this land kneads.

A Sentient Bread on a Quest

Play as a flour golem who possesses a never-ending childlike wonder and a set of odd abilities in this 2.5 adventure game! Explore the different regions of a wonderful world ripe with mysteries and team up with a colorful cast of fleshed-out characters. With the help of your buddies, face off against menacing and weird baddies and engage in a fun and quirky turn-based combat system. To successfully land an attack, succeed the required button prompt and make sure you know what your enemy is weak or resistant against! Skip the enemy’s turn by defending and, with proper timing, regain Will Points, an attribute essential to perform your attacks!

Born of Bread on Steam



Denari is a narrative-driven hack and slasher with a telekinetic twist. It tells the story of a boy who is aided by the spirits of the dead to save his people from an invading empire.​ Featuring the iconic toon-style art of Ninja Kiwi veteran Tamihana Greaves and powerful soundtrack from multiple award winning composer David Mason.


On top of snappy attacks, quick dashes, precise counters and slick executions, players can harness the power of the goddess Qira. As a lone warrior against an army, manipulating enemy attacks to cause friendly fire damage is crucial to gaining an advantage.


Ranged attacks can be caught and redirected. Some projectiles cause AOE damage upon redirected hit.


Taiu can wield spiritual energy that seeks nearby enemies.

Friendly Fire

Each enemy has a heavy attack that can hurt other enemies. Taiu can manipulate these attacks to gain the upper hand.


The player character of the story. Taiu is a young orphan who grew up on port Nali, a peaceful fishing village. He dreams of becoming one of Qira’s Apostles, a group of elite warrior monks who dedicate themselves to the service of the goddess Qira and her people.

Taiu’s zany teacher. Teach is a former apostle whose obsession with mastery has lead him to seek a disciple to train in the art of combat. As Taiu’s master, Teach takes it upon himself to push Taiu to his limits and beyond, sometimes at the risk of his dear student’s life.

The elder of Port Nali. Ooma’s long life of hard earned lessons have imbued her with great wisdom, enough to doubt even the most sacred traditions. Her disapproval in Taiu’s path and distaste for his teacher are rooted in questions of faith, ones she’s sought the answers to her whole life.


The Denari army are a terrible force powered by advanced weaponry and dark magic. From the brutish Beast to the fire-wielding Crone, the Denari are able to adapt to and overpower any force that stands in their way.

To make matters worse, Their general, “the Summoner” possesses the power to teleport his soldiers from afar, enabling the army to cross continents and conquer new territories efficiently.

To stop the invasion for good, Taiu must face the Summoner and end him.

Denari on Steam

Running Education

Running Education

Running Education

-Different traps

-Different environmental designs

-Quick reflexes

-Quality graphics

-Simple gameplay

-If you die in traps, you start over

-You gotta go through it in one go without getting caught in the traps

-We made 20 difficult tracks from each other

-Some pitfalls can help you pass the level

Are you good enough to overcome obstacles? You can only get our character out of the time impasse. You need to choose the right doors. We put in small hints for the right doors. If you see the hints, you can skip to the next level. You will be sent to different ipmasse of time. Your choices will bring you home but how soon

where you can go is up to you. Remember, only you can find the house. We hope to welcome you at home

You can get rid of the time impasse as soon as possible. Good luck because you’ll need luck.

Running Education on Steam

The Struggles Of Stefan

The Struggles Of Stefan

An adventure that takes persistence and passion from not just Stefan (the protagonist), but also the player. Brace yourself as you are guided by Stefan’s conscience to confront enemies, take countless leaps, and engage in progression of a storyline regarding the acceptance of oneself.

  • A 2.5-dimensional platformer with a plot of accepting life choices, and their potential ramifications.

  • Acquire particular items to accomplish each level quicker & easier.

  • Basic controller mechanics.

  • Multiple chapters consisting of numerous themes.

The Struggles Of Stefan on Steam



Life’s about having fun! Stop taking it so seriously!

FLINGLEBERRIES is a party-style, multiplayer “splat-former” where players bump, kick, and fling themselves to victory across a variety of maps and game modes!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some good, (un)clean, fun!

You Deserve It.

Flingleberries! on Steam

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is such a charming casual game. It’s quite obvious that the game takes its influence from the popular “Where’s Waldo"series of books. However; there’s not a lot of similarities beyond the graphics here.. but I found it to be a good progression from a particular book style to an interactive video game. Labyrinth City keeps your eyes peeled and is a great way to relax for a few hours. It adds puzzles and extraordinary detail to the environment (maze) you’re walking through without tearing your brain apart trying to figure stuff out. There’s a relaxing quality to the game… almost therapeutic. There’s so many things happening if you just observe.

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

A Charming, Colorful and Satisfyingly Wholesome Game: 8/10


For Linux Gamers: Requires Glorious Eggrolls Proton-6.5-GE-2. Details on ProtonDB website


Darjeeling’s Labyrinth City is a maze puzzle game based on Hiro Kamigaki’s work Pierre the Maze Detective. It is a colorful and greatly stylized beautiful moving artwork with moderately challenging mazes, imaginative world building, creative level design, whimsical soundtrack as well as quirky and charming characters.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective on Steam