Epic Dumpster Bear 2: He Who Bears Wins

Epic Dumpster Bear 2: He Who Bears Wins

If you haven’t played the first Dumpster Bear, you should know that it’s not just a meme game. It’s a fast-paced, actually pretty good platformer. Each level has 3 hidden red coins to collect and speedrun medals to achieve. There are optional, more challenging levels that are unlocked through secret exits and spending the yellow coins you collect while playing. And there are goofy boss battles and over-dramatic cutscenes. The soundtrack is actually original and composed specifically for Dumpster Bear, and it’s a real highlight of the game.

Real player with 171.4 hrs in game

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Such an awesome platformer, and the soundtrack is all bangers.

Real player with 147.6 hrs in game

Epic Dumpster Bear 2: He Who Bears Wins on Steam

Contract Killer

Contract Killer

Contract Killer builds on retro arcade beat ‘em ups and paper aesthetics with chaotic combos, boss fights, hand-crafted pixel visuals, an original, jazzy soundtrack, and an emphasis on cooperation. Tackle the comical campaign with up to 4 players, unlock skins and new characters, fight against your friends, or try to survive an endless horde mode!


When the legendary Erase-Sir was defeated by the Contract of all contracts, his minions took over, binding thousands to their legal demise. It’s up to Leadhead and his crew to traverse different worlds, defeat the bosses that rule them, and erase the final signature!


Meet the cast, each with their own unique move sets and skins:

Leadhead - The pencil mascot himself. This all-around fighter is best known for his angry attitude and furious fighting style.

Penn - Ink it up with this vengeful city native who will stop at nothing to return his hometown to its former glory.

Mark - This clumsy combatant always has a white flag in hand… just don’t expect him to surrender.

Pomp - A pretentious paintbrush who treats every attack as a photo opportunity. Pompadours will never NOT be in style.


● Up to 4 player co-op across all modes

Unlock new skins for your favorite character

● Experience the Story of Leadhead and his crew and defeat epic bosses

● Fight endless waves of contracts in Horde Mode with the help of various power-ups

● Challenge your friends in player versus player Battle Mode to test your skills

● Use an extensive kit of attacks for all your contract-killing goodness

● Master each character’s jabs, claps, grabs, ground-pounds, dashes, and projectiles

● Take on various corporate lackeys each with distinct behaviors and weaknesses to learn


Created by Alex Garza, Aiden Jauffret, Matthew Lawrence, and Leon Yang

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Contract Killer on Steam

Cruise Ship Manager

Cruise Ship Manager

Fulfill your dreams of watching over a beautiful vessel, a large crew, and all sorts of passengers in Cruise Ship Manager!

Take cruises to a next level in this unique management game. Choose how you want your cruise ship to be built, make sure everything runs smoothly, set the prices for the passengers, and become a legend of the high seas!

Choosing the layout of the ship is up to you! Decide on the layout, where to place a canteen for your crew, and where 5-star restaurants should be. Does a casino strike your fancy or maybe an open pool? And don’t forget about rooms for your passengers! Make sure everything is well connected and that you keep enough money for food or fuel.

Pick your crew wisely. Their skills will lead to your success or failure. Once you leave the dock, you’re stuck with the people you chose so make sure you don’t regret hiring an untested rookie over an experienced veteran.

Once you settle on the amenities and prepare the necessary equipment, you can finally search for passengers to invite onto your ship. But there’s a catch - it’s not up to you who buys your tickets. So price your tickets accordingly. You might charge a premium if you do, your passengers will feel entitled to the best service there is and it won’t be easy to satisfy them. On the other hand, you could sell the tickets at a low price and improve your budget through other means. For instance, by charging extra for fancy cocktails.

As your renown grows, more people will want to experience the thrill of signing up for your cruise. Build your brand and reach a point where people will pay any amount of money, just to say they were on your cruise ship!

You have the power to choose the route your cruise ship shall take. Would you rather make some quick cash on a routine, 2-day cruise? Or maybe a long journey through the Bermuda Triangle is what strikes your fancy? You might be paid more for trips to exotic places but beware of the storms. Lives could be at stake if a fire breaks out or engines malfunction. It will be your task to end such a crisis - before it’s too late.


  • A cruise ship of your own that you can customize to your liking

  • Resource management (fuel, food, etc.)

  • Incredible variety of unique passengers with different expectations and behaviors

  • Random events

  • Crew members that have their own needs

  • Route selection

  • Many unique rooms to add to your ship

  • Unlimited fun!

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Cruise Ship Manager on Steam

Cargo Company

Cargo Company

At present: very rough around the edges in the UI department, with a very tedious menu/window navigation scheme and hierarchy. Taking users through many pages of data that is both largely uninformative as well as redundant eventually requiring one to open window after window to reach the end of a menu thread which sometimes yields informative data or a shortcut to a specific object. Also featuring a very basic pathfinding logic regarding railroad placement which will very quickly bog down rail based transportation if not managed personally with signals and the “specific track placement tool.”

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

I’m quite new to this kind of game. Played some Open TTD before, which i enjoy a lot (free here on steam, check it out!)

This has a lot of the same concepts as Open TTD but expands on it in a smart way (settle on other planets like moon and you can have interplanetary supply chains that come with it).

Played for a couple of hours now and did not encounter any major problems. For an EA title this game is perfectly playable for me. I hope they will add some other methods of transportation in the future like ships and airplanes.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Cargo Company on Steam

Cave Confectioner

Cave Confectioner

This product was provided for free to review by a friend of a friend.

The game initially reminded me of the classic Kings Quest game on the Apple II. You wander around a bit looking for the next thing to pick up. Kind of just wandering and clicking around with very little direction, but there are some occasional tips by talking to the characters. It was probably inspired at least some by MineCraft, since the player starts with nothing and has to pick up items and then use them with other items in inventory or objects on the ground to try to get make else. It also has similarities to One Hour One Life. There’s a lot of experimentation required to get anything going.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

The game seems really nice, and I like the concept a lot. Thing is, I am having some issues with saving. However, as far as I understand the game is early in development and possibly being made by one person so issues like these are understandable. Can’t wait for future updates!

P.S A little help with saving would be much appreciated! :D

Edit: Save function in now working. Also, the controls are fine, that was a mistake on my part. Big thanks to the developer for the fast fix and the kindness!

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Cave Confectioner on Steam

Lotto Life

Lotto Life

Have you ever wondered if you could win the lottery? Here’s a chance to test that luck, without losing your shirt in the process. Lotto Life is an authentic lottery simulator similar to state-run lotteries.

Welcome to Ys, a modern city under the auspices of Lotto Life Megacorporation. Every day, in real time, a winning number is drawn for the in-game lottery. Buy tickets, read the daily newspaper, go to work, and maybe win big! Fail to pay the rent, though, and you’re looking at a new life (or perma-death, if you like) in debtor’s prison.

In line with simulating the wait-and-see experience of playing the lottery, this game plays out at a slow pace. Most days your session can take around 5 minutes to complete, and then real time must pass before more can be done.

Please note that this is a game, with no actual real-life cash payout in the event of picking a winning ticket.

Lotto Life on Steam

The Wanderer

The Wanderer

All Skins endings and achievements w/time stamps in playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAFtZ4pMPIc6j2eCEhzkYWl3Bleuny-yN

Overall so far this game has been an absolute masterpiece the puzzles are engaging, but not unfair. The sound track is a banger and Walter took me on a feels trip I did not expect. I absolutely love the visuals and am going to purchase the soundtrack to support the creator it’s most definitely worth $3.99. My TWO complaints are one I got 12/21 achievements and did so much in the game and still only had bad end options at the end of my first play through which was a bit disappointing after doing so much and the Arcade game Pink Style it’s absolutely the devil it feels unfair and took the luck of the gods for me to beat it once and I believe I’m going to have beat it again since I was missing 3 chips to get all the endings. The Hit box of the jelly and the mouths of those little evil turd devils IS AWFUL especially when you have to do it with a swiftness that would make The Flash Gawk in wonder at your precision and speed. Literally my least favorite mini game ever I think and the fact that’s the most disdainful memory of the game I have after having to do 3-4 of those shifty block puzzles is a feat, because I hate those two I can deal with that though if I don’t have to feed those ingrateful turd devils.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

the art style seems ambitious but lazy, puzzles are not difficult.

quite alright for a free game.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

The Wanderer on Steam

Elite Archery

Elite Archery

goo game

Real player with 31.5 hrs in game

Surprise Surprise, talentless hack and fake dev dirtbag RewindApp puts another persons work on steam once again. This time, as usual, it’s a unity asset template they bought at the asset store and then released here to rip you and everyone else off.

This asset pack is called “Archer Shooter Casual Low Poly Game Starter Kit Controller Complete Project 3D Pack for Mobile” and can be found here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/packs/archer-shooter-casual-low-poly-game-starter-kit-controller-compl-130651

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Elite Archery on Steam

Trump VS Covid: Save The World Clicker

Trump VS Covid: Save The World Clicker

This game sucks and borderline unplayable. The mechanics don’t work and instead of fixing his game he just release PAID DLC cheats that speed everything up with the most expensive being $20~ AUD. RIDICULOUS! AVOID!

Real player with 2114.1 hrs in game

A clicker game that states, “You won’t stuck waiting for more income. There is always something you can build or upgrade” …that punishes you for clicking, by throttling/stopping your income if you click too much?

…and even when your income is coming in, there is definitely not always something to do.

The game is what it is, which isn’t all bad, but the more I reread the description, the more I ask myself…why state things that just aren’t true?

Also…no window mode? Sigh

Real player with 1374.6 hrs in game

Trump VS Covid: Save The World Clicker on Steam

Summer Islands

Summer Islands

Date: 31.mar.2021

Simply can’t load saved game!

Harbors are useless. Can’t build them.

This is not a game that worth paying for!

Avoid this game!

Real player with 40.8 hrs in game

So far, pretty satisfied with the game. Probably would recommend adding the auction feature from Holiday Island to add a bit more randomness in the purchases. Game runs quite smoothly for me. Would like to see it grow more and more over time.

Real player with 24.1 hrs in game

Summer Islands on Steam