Sacre Bleu

Sacre Bleu

SteamPunk-Paris: 1650

You are a Musketeer imprisoned on false charges.

Steam-blast your way out and find the evil-doers who framed you.

Uncover a plot to take over France!

  • Bullet-time combat

  • Rocket-jumping

  • Timer-stats for speed-runners

  • 2.5 D Cartoon-graphics

  • Best pretend-French you’ll find anywhere

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Phantom Beasts - Redemption

Phantom Beasts - Redemption

Phantom Beast is currently in development, and you can help us shape the game to make it reach its true potential. Join us on Discord, Twitter and Facebook today!

Phantom Beasts is a side-scrolling action game in 2.5D that mixes the fast-paced combat of the ‘shoot’em up’ genre with the emotion of training powerful creatures in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future.

You’ll take on the role of Hunter, a man who makes a living as a gun for hire in the streets of Saint Petersburg, Florida, in 2059. After his last job ended up being a complete mess, this ex law enforcer is compelled to confront a traumatic event from his past that has to do with the Phantom Beast phenomenon. There’s not a clear story about its origins, but most people think that these creatures are linked to the most recent nuclear disaster.

To fulfill his new mission, Hunter will dive into the most hellish neighborhoods of the city and face dangerous mutant gants and other Phantom Beasts trainers, as well as the corporate forces who will try to stop him from discovering the truth. Be ready to bash some heads with your gun and the help of your new feral companions!

Key features

  • Fight in fast-paced and intense gory gunplay battles

  • Get to cover! In your street scuffles, finding cover, hiding and gaining your enemies’ backs will be essential to survive

  • Train unique Phantom Beasts, each with their own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The stronger your bond with them, the more powerul skills you’ll have access to!

  • Gain experience and use it to unlock new upgrades in a skill tree with three branches: Hunter, Mercenary and Beast Connection

  • Discover the secrets behind the cyberpunk dystopia of St Petersburg in an intriguing, dark story, where scheming corporations pull all the strings

Trailer Music Credits:

Royalty Free Music from Bensound.

“Stealth Music” by Jake Embleton.

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Phantom Beasts - Redemption on Steam

Undead Shadow Army

Undead Shadow Army

Can you survive the hordes of dead shadows ?

  • 2.5D shooter

  • shoot your way through hordes of zombies

  • 14 different weapons

  • 21 challenging districts

  • Endless mode , how long can you survive ?

  • Different types of enemies

  • Simple but action-packed gameplay

  • Good and varied graphics

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Ninja Express

Ninja Express

▲You are a ninja

But in daily life, you will act as a courier,

Responsible for delivering the items entrusted by the customer to the shipper.

This not only protects your identity, but also collects information that is essential for ninjas.

This is a simple task, but there are still some troubles to be solved and some rules to be followed.

● Don’t provoke the police. If you run a red light, the police will notice you.

Stay away from the police car, your unique ninja temperament is fascinating.

Ninja Express on Steam

Element X

Element X

Love it ! Already a great game, could become a must have with such potential !

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

Great game and an impressive bullet hell. A small note though is that a single enemy will spawn off screeen at the bottom, so just as a warning for if you can’t find that last enemy. This doesn’t change may rating though because for me that just shows that they can make the game even better. Honestly hoping for a multiplayer game mode though, because then things would get real interesting.

Real player with 15.5 hrs in game

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1)Story/Concept :

| Single Player | Shooter | Arcade |

| Bullet Hell | Side Scroller | No Campaign |

Endocrisis is a pure Side Scroller-Shoot’em Up (Shmup) inspired by some classics of this genre like Darius,Gradius or R-type!While it doesn’t feature a true campaign,the main goal of the game is to beat the stages that the game offers,until you unlock the final battle in order to beat the game.Every stage is being described as an emotion.Emotions like Anxiety,Fear,Panic are some few examples.You have to beat these stages,in order to reach the final battle with “THE MIND”-which is your mind ,that wants to control you and convince you to…not follow your emotions!

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

The mechanics of Endocrisis range from single runs similar to Steredenn (A channel favorite) to frantic bullet absorption that feels like the Ikaruga polarity switching (Another channel favorite). There is also an interesting resource management component that revolves around your available life which depletes based on the number of bullets you shoot, as well as raises based on the enemy bullets you absorb. Essentially, if you love auto-fire in Shoot’em ups, you will need to learn to conserve in certain stages. These mechanics bound with the Neon color palette and slick enemy designs collide in an interesting game that is even more impressive when you look at the fact this is the developer’s first published title.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

Endocrisis on Steam

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Does not even start. Not worth the $50.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Best game I’ve ever played!!! Graphics are top notch!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Paradise Lost on Steam

Rigid Force Alpha

Rigid Force Alpha

I had this game on my wishlist and once it went in the sale I picked it up straight away. I have only played it for like an hour and I can already say this game is Awesome! It reminds me alot of Project X on the Amiga from back in the day except not as ludicrously hard! LOL Seriously the graphics are superb, the music is just brilliant and the gameplay is tight! I am so glad I eventually picked it up. If you love your old school shooters you need to own this game immediately, its as simple as that.

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

This is a really nice surprise. An excellent old school SHMUP with modern graphics. I’m just diving into the game but can already tell a lot of love has been put into it (about 7 years of love according to the devs). It’s an outstanding attempt to bring back the simple feelings of the past and quite a feat considering it’s the devs first venture into this genre. RFA indeed feels very reminiscent of R-type mixed with a few other 90’s style shooters. Leaderboards are present for score chasers with 3 difficulty modes to compete in though I’d recommend Hard mode for purists ;-) Looking forward to placing on the leaderboards!

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

Rigid Force Alpha on Steam

The Hong Kong Massacre

The Hong Kong Massacre

I rarely leave reviews unless its something i hate and want to rake over the coals.. but i have to leave one here to give these people props.

I’ve been following this game since i stumbled over it on Facebook for many many years ago when all there was were just gifs of tech demos. I loved the style and the potential that was shown and i was hooked at the idea.

It is inevitable that reviews will bring up Hotline Miami but that is not a negative. The games look similar but they operate in a different way. There is no score here, take that as a positive or negative but the only thing that influence your score at the end is the challenges and if you completed them or not as well as a your time being logged.

Real player with 171.6 hrs in game

“The Hong Kong massacre” is the indie tribute to the 80’s-90’s John Woo movies like “Hard-Boiled” or “Bullet in the Head”, made in the form of a top-down shooter.

To those who are TLTR in their heads: It’s a cheap-made indie game. Not bad visually, but very limited by the chosen topic and production costs. Buy it if you really love top-down shooters and 80’s Hong Kong-style action movies. In all other cases, there are good chances that you’ll turn it down after only a little while.

Real player with 33.6 hrs in game

The Hong Kong Massacre on Steam



This is a strategy tower defense game, you must protect seven rows against monsters by putting soldiers in each row. The player must choose between buying defensive structures, attack soldiers, or mining. As the game progresses, special and aid units are unlocked, also the enemies are upgraded in their variety. It is a very entertaining game where you do not pay to win, it does not require internet, it is not too long (infinite), it is complete and contains unlockable elements.

History: A war between the north and south zones forced all retired soldiers to return to service, Colonel Steve among them. Steve has a special mission within his own territory, and this is to recover the containers from laboratory 3. This would be a simple mission if it weren’t for the fact that he must confront the biological weapons that the enemy used in the city and the scarce resources assigned to him. Will he be able to overcome all obstacles? It depends on you.

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