Cruz Brothers

Cruz Brothers

Excelent game. Fun.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

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All in all this is one of those games titles that is well produced and provides fun for the dollar. It has a nice storyline, decent graphics, sound effects and of course some all out great battles. However what I really found interesting with this title was the fact that you can make a career and progress with levels and open character options further to become more then just another Street Fighter or Mortal Combat game.

While all that is fine and dandy, some stuff can be rather obviously and annoying! I found that replaying the same levels(while boring) over and over will provide experience and increase your abilities, progression faster and easier. I can not answer if that means it will also advance you faster as you gain in skills and power, however combat time will.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Cruz Brothers on Steam

Give Me More Pills

Give Me More Pills

Johnathan overdoses on various pharmaceutical consumable prescriptions and proceeds to complete the most painstakingly difficult, yet unbelievably satisfying to complete, levels. Very interesting puzzle game. Would recommend if you’ve got some extra time and money.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

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I think who create this game took 3 pills of Creativafeno! Amazing concept and idea! Love it!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Give Me More Pills on Steam

Arthurian Legends

Arthurian Legends

The Greatest Medieval Retro FPS to date…

Okay, so listen, son! This is the most fun, most historically inaccurate, bonkers, no-nonsense, Arthurian slaughter-fest you can ever imagine in videogame format. It’s like if it was made in 1996, before it was lost and forgotten for ages until a young and brave archeologist dug it out from some old crypt in Ireland.

It is highly addicting and rewarding with full of opportunities created by the wide variety of weapons, spells, and items. It’s almost like an immersive sim in terms of how many different ways you can approach an encounter or problem. It is hard but fair, very reminiscent of Blood where you need to adapt quickly to tense situations yet always thread very carefully to succeed.

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

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This is an excellent game for fans of classic melee FPS games like, yes, Witchaven I & II. It’s absolutely a hoot to play, the secrets are very well hidden, and there’s a real attempt at atmosphere going on. I almost wish it was more like an immersive sim (or at least a step or two towards Hedon) in including notes to read along the way, just because the environments LOOK like they’d have little stories to tell. Excellent work, there.

So, all of that said, let me focus on what needs improvement, starting with one issue/disclaimer.

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

Arthurian Legends on Steam

Twig & Flipper

Twig & Flipper

I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys platform shooters as much as i do. The game builds pretty swiftly but you wont be left behind, just remember to use your upgrades!

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

A furry game about saving your bird.

10/10 Would play again.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Twig & Flipper on Steam

Blood: Fresh Supply™

Blood: Fresh Supply™

Of the holy trinity of Build Engine games BLOOD is arguably the best one!

TL;DR: BLOOD is fast, intricatly designed, extremely fun to play, and also really hard. The Level Design is great and the maps flow into each other seamlessly. The Enemy Design is perfect, each enemy type is distinguishable and requires a different approach, which leads to an infinite amount of possible and engaging encounters. I recommend this game to anyone with an ounce of appreciation for FPS games.

BLOOD is my favourite FPS game of the 90s and one of my favourite video games in general. It may not be as influential as Doom or Quake, but it has a special place in my heart due to its charm.

Real player with 52.2 hrs in game

I genuinely enjoyed this 90s shooter more than i enjoyed Doom Eternal this year. ‘Nuff said.

Real player with 46.0 hrs in game

Blood: Fresh Supply™ on Steam

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X

good story line and everything like mortal kombat x more then 11 cuz reptil is in this one lol so yeah just buy it 4head

Real player with 221.3 hrs in game

I love hearing Scorpion make angry noises and yelling at the opponent every time I’m doing a combo.

Real player with 143.3 hrs in game

Mortal Kombat X on Steam

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11

MK11 step aside, MKX goat. I played for 184 hours just to realize MKX is better, and MKX is way more affordable. If you want to try it, sure but it’s not worth it, maybe the graphic is good but the gameplay and mechanics are bad. Thank you for your time.

Real player with 184.2 hrs in game

first ill start with cons:

i don’t like how they changed kombo breaker, made the game feel slower, gave higher advantage to zoners, there are less combos and they added custom variations which can be fun but complicated for the new players.

visually i don’t like character design choices, some armors look like they’re made out of plastic, character faces are much less attractive, and every female character magically lost all the thickness since the previous games.


new gameplay mechanics, flawless blocking and counter attacking which demands more skill from the player, krushing blows, fatal blows, lot more skins, towers of time. MK11 is more complex compared to the previous games in the series which in my opinion is a good thing. aside from some character designs, visually game is beautiful and well optimized.

Real player with 105.6 hrs in game

Mortal Kombat 11 on Steam



I really enjoyed this game. It is fun and becomes fast paced as you play. I would recommend playing.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Sucks. Crashed, and refused to close. Also, this game is vastly worse than it presents itself. You gotta click the viruses that spin and fly at you like missiles. And the anti bodies don’t do nearly enough, even upgrades. Over all, horrible game.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game


The Hong Kong Massacre

The Hong Kong Massacre

I rarely leave reviews unless its something i hate and want to rake over the coals.. but i have to leave one here to give these people props.

I’ve been following this game since i stumbled over it on Facebook for many many years ago when all there was were just gifs of tech demos. I loved the style and the potential that was shown and i was hooked at the idea.

It is inevitable that reviews will bring up Hotline Miami but that is not a negative. The games look similar but they operate in a different way. There is no score here, take that as a positive or negative but the only thing that influence your score at the end is the challenges and if you completed them or not as well as a your time being logged.

Real player with 171.6 hrs in game

“The Hong Kong massacre” is the indie tribute to the 80’s-90’s John Woo movies like “Hard-Boiled” or “Bullet in the Head”, made in the form of a top-down shooter.

To those who are TLTR in their heads: It’s a cheap-made indie game. Not bad visually, but very limited by the chosen topic and production costs. Buy it if you really love top-down shooters and 80’s Hong Kong-style action movies. In all other cases, there are good chances that you’ll turn it down after only a little while.

Real player with 33.6 hrs in game

The Hong Kong Massacre on Steam

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro

A BANANA that talks you into killing people the “John Wick” style


🔸A full-fledged story is obviously not a focus in shoot ‘em up games. However, there is a simple one here. An unnamed silent man wakes up inside a butcher shop, instructed by a floating banana that appears out of thin air to kill the owner since he’s an arms dealer. The next second your character is a man with a bounty on his head and now he can’t stop ‘til he gets to the bottom of it. I can’t get further into the story since the plot is tied to the ending in a way that any attempt to explain more might spoil that little piece of the story it tells.

Real player with 31.6 hrs in game

A story about friendship, discovering your true self, and overcoming difficulties in life by using a lot of violence.

My Friend Pedro is a shoot ‘em up video game developed by DeadToast Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital. Game is based on an Adobe Flash game named MFP: My Friend Pedro that was released by Adult Swim Games back in 2014.


You play as silent, masked protagonist with no name, who wakes up in a basement of a butcher shop with no memories of why and how he got here. Luckily your friend, a banana named Pedro, informs you people who control this shop are evil and instructs you to kill them, starting a killing spree in which you will look for answers about yourself and about scenario you ended up in.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

My Friend Pedro on Steam