Needs some work on bugs, mechanics, and missing materials.

I recommend this game to people who have patience working with incomplete builds and like a challenge. Otherwise I would recommend waiting until some more kinks are worked out. The game has a lot promise. I’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy paying it. Below I’ve put some more detailed notes on challenges I’ve encountered.

After five restarts I’ve managed to create a fairly stable colony of over 100 dwarfs that I believe can grow further as long as I can get the dwarfs to live in a dwelling within a reasonable distance to their assigned job. Spreading out clusters of dwelling cells centered around their respective taverns works fairly well but the dwarf AI doesn’t always pick the closest dwelling to live in and when I try to choose specific dwellings I want them to live in they reassign themselves to another dwelling. This means I have the occasional dwarf dying of thirst because their job is too far from the dwelling they chose to live in despite the fact I have empty dwellings available that are much closer to their job.

Real player with 52.7 hrs in game

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The current state of this game has a lot of problems, most of it regarding the A.I.

Current Problems:

A.I. Dwarves will spend a lot of precious time idle even with dig spots and tasks needing to be queued

Due to poor A.I. and pathing, A.I. have trouble depositing and retrieving needed items from vaults

Due to this above issues, even with enough mushroom farms, a brewery, and a honeywell, they fail to create the process of beer

due to not creating beer, theres no supply to the tavern, which in turn causes your entire workforce to turn into dark dwarves

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Stonedeep on Steam

SunAge: Battle for Elysium

SunAge: Battle for Elysium

I saw SunAge the first time way back before it was even released and I already knew I would like it. However this game isn’t without its flaws.



  • Beautiful old skool grafics, a throw back to the 90’s RTS genre. Most critic reviews I’ve read all say that the GFX are outdated, even ancient. Anyone that says this is, I’m sorry, but they’re idiots. RTS just don’t really translate that well in 3D. Believe me, it used to be my favorite genre yet there are only about 3 maybe 4 3D RTS games that I like. I don’t need a rotating camera to enjoy a game.

Real player with 98.3 hrs in game

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First off, I just want to give a big shoutout to the people involved in the making of this game, it’s quite amazing for such a small team, the graphics, the sound, the units, it all feels professional and like a high quality indie game. However there are a lot of small bugs.

A bit of a detailed explanation of the specificities of the game compared to other RTS I know:

+All units have 2 modes that can be switched without cooldowns (for example heavy infantry can switch between rocket launchers or mortars) it can also switch between anti-air to support heals and so on, however the alternate mode must be researched first in the research lab

Real player with 38.7 hrs in game

SunAge: Battle for Elysium on Steam

Castle Manager

Castle Manager

  • deploy the chambers, armoury, dungeons, throne room, and other rooms

  • take care of the castle expansion

  • repair damage on an ongoing basis

  • extinguish fires

  • build a moat

  • ensure that the blacksmith forges swords and the armourer makes the armour

  • see to the butcher slaughter the pig

  • make sure that the farmer sows the field, harvests the crop and the baker bakes the bread

  • ensure that the winemaker delivered the wine…

  • …and that the tables are laden with food

  • resolve conflicts

  • punish criminals

  • take care of the spiritual development of your people

  • suss out intrigues

  • plan sieges

  • negotiate with other kingdoms

  • take control of plagues

  • fight against epidemics

  • deal with natural disasters

Remember that your king must be satisfied with your work! Do your best to keep the castle alive, the people happy and the army ready for battle!

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Castle Manager on Steam

Retro Commander

Retro Commander

Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy wargame (RTS). Take command and fight it out in a world where a cataclysmic timeline has transpired on Mother Earth. Wage wars solo, against the AI, or take on your gaming comrades and friends in cross-platform multiplayer matches. Form teams and clans and fight co-op style with the AI and other players for ultimate victory.

Range of functionality is comprised of base building, exploration and expansion. In addition, the game features a multitude of pre-defined missions such as elimination, survival mode, capture the flag, defense and escort missions. A post-apocalyptic story campaign puts this all together into an engaging experience. Players have a variety of troops at their disposal to wage war on land, sea and in the air. Armed forces included are infantry, tanks, warships, submarines, fighter jets, recon drones and bombers to reign supreme over the enemy in battle.

  • Real-time strategy (RTS) played in a post-apocalyptic timeline on Mother Earth.

  • Challenging AI for single player games including co-op play with the AI.

  • Cross-platform multiplayer over LAN/internet including co-op team and clan games.

  • Deep campaign and story line of humanity after a cataclysmic event.

  • Troops including infantry, tanks, jets, helicopters, airships, warships, submarines and more.

  • Factions each with their own technologies including stealth, laser, shields and more.

  • Missions including elimination, survival, capture the flag and defense.

  • Demanding environment with day-night cycles, rain, wind and solar flare activity.

  • Map editor and a central server to host and distribute player-modded maps.

  • High scores, playing statistics, achievements and multiplayer ELO-ranking.

  • Engaging music, sound effects and fantastic graphics.

The game includes one map for FREE. Other maps are all available for download as a single purchase or 1-by-1 if desired. Multiplayer games are generally free to join. There is no subscriptions. This game is NOT pay-to-win.

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Thanks & Enjoy the Game!

noblemaster ]:-D

Retro Commander on Steam

T-Minus 30

T-Minus 30

Fantastic little game, built by two devs who show their passion in this game and backed by the people who made SUPERHOT. Definitely worth a look.

You have 30 minutes to save as many people as you can. You get to build roads, logging camps, mines, power, tear down buildings, scavenge, and more resource collection and management with time pressure hanging over you. It’s not as intense as FrostPunk, nor is it meant to be. It’s something for when you have 30-60 minutes and want to play something that’ll challenge you but not overwhelm or stress you.

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

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T-Minus 30 is a unique take on the city building genre. You are trying to gather enough resources to get the remaining survivors off of Earth before the world ends. Each run lasts for only 30 minutes and you feel the pressure as the time ticks down closer to closer to the end.

There are multiple types of rockets to build that will allow you to have various strategies to evacuate. Do you concentrate on the most advanced rockets that hold the most people, even though they cost the most resources? Do you try to focus on the nature based ships that are cheaper to build, but require a complete water distribution system? There really isn’t a wrong way to play T-Minus 30. Trying to chase higher places on the leader board is fun as well.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

T-Minus 30 on Steam

Colonials Programme

Colonials Programme

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A short-term sci-fi Colony Building Resource Management puzzle game

It’s a causal game where you build machines on a grid-based 2.5D map, to harvest resources, and refine them into things like food, water or fuel. Which you’ll need to birth colonists or launch rockets. Meanwhile, you’ll have to manage pollution levels or even fight alien infestations, threatening to block off your precious building slots!

Real player with 37.3 hrs in game

A colony management simulation where you are preparing planets for human colonization. Build the necessary structures and gather resource. Then manage the planet and continue to progress, eventually gaining colonist and venturing on. A causal game that takes planning, and has a lot of indie charm.

Here is the first 40 minutes of game play.

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### Mature Minded Gamers |

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

Colonials Programme on Steam

Mr. Prepper

Mr. Prepper

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t sure if I liked it the first few hours but boy did I change my mind. I was expecting to actually have to survive in the shelter I created and see the aftermath of the wasteland left after the world goes to hell and I was puzzled as to why this sort of game play wasn’t added in but it’s still a fantastic base building , survival game and I hope they’ll add DLC in the future, where you’ll actually be able to survive in the bunker or even get to experience what happens after landing the rocket .

Real player with 448.5 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper. A survival base building game that’s not about survival and not about base building but purely story-driven.

TL;DR: If you can get it cheap (10 USD/EUR), give it a shot. But if you want a survival challenge or expect another game like This War Of Mine, STAY AWAY. It has SO much unused potential. It could be so much more.


  • Interesting story. Mr. Prepper is not your average guy.

  • The typical “just one more day” game design that sucks you in.

  • 3 (4) NPCs you interact with that are all kinda likable.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper on Steam

The Rule of Land: Pioneers

The Rule of Land: Pioneers

it’s aight, pretty addictive.

needs a light polish, some spelling checking

on screen text gets a bit annoying after some time

“Press [esc] to cancel this operation”

“No Bullets”

I hate having to press M1 for every action,

Mining 40 rock is tedious.

loses difficulty fast.

I gets very boring after all other survivors are dead.

Getting to 200 days is mostly a chore



I just found the “continues mining” option. the game is much better now.


Real player with 85.7 hrs in game

This ended up being a lot more fun than I figured.

I was worried that having the game play limited to just a few locations would make it repetitive but it actually wasn’t.

The only thing I disliked was that the HUD wasn’t explained very well but it is a brand new game so take it with a grain of salt.

Overall I found it to be a medium paced game that was thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to watching it develop more over time.

Real player with 48.4 hrs in game

The Rule of Land: Pioneers on Steam

The Spatials: Galactology

The Spatials: Galactology

### Too Long; Long-Story-Short, Version

I have to say; After holding-off from trying this game; for sooo long now… Im glad I finally did. Even in its current state of: - EA / Alpha;.. This game is amazingly well put-together & very immersive & playable & enjoyable so far. For everything that it says it is & does & wants to be; It really does deliver these things very well.

Coupled with, one of the most productive, active & interactive, community-minded / oriented Devs, Ive seen here on steam; which gives GREAT promise & hope; & firm reason to believe that this game, will only continue to advance & grow, in positive & unique directions & become even better into the near future, as it comes to its final completion. Not to mention, the current state of the game itself, also giving proper & solid testaments to those statements, as well.

Real player with 114.2 hrs in game

The Spatials: Galactology is a real time base simulator. You start with a small crew of ‘redshirts’ and a dream for a profitable space economy. Its current build is in the alpha stage which means that the tutorials are a little clunky and hard to follow. However, this is a real gem of an experience. It reminds me of a less frustrating and less boring version of Evil Genius. Your base is constantly doing stuff, a little space ant farm, while you can travel to various planets for resources.

The planets are procedurally created and they don’t have a huge variety at this junction, but the maps are pretty and serve the purpose of giving your troops something to explore and capture. Each planet has various resources, such as metals from the lava worlds, which must be extracted with a universal building (the old version had more variety but I don’t think it needs it.) As your tech tree increases you can put in recruitment centers and tv stations to run ads for your station.

Real player with 78.3 hrs in game

The Spatials: Galactology on Steam

Back Alley Inn

Back Alley Inn

Would definately call this a game with a lot of fun ideas mixed into it. The tutorial is both relaxed and not information overload, and even if you accidentally skip a tutorial, you can probably work out whats going on (hint: dont skip the adventure one like I accidentally did!). Developer is currently responsive and it seems will be making changes so even though the game is pretty solid, with a few small non-gameplay breaking quirks, I anticipate very good things for this game soon.

Real player with 22.8 hrs in game

The game is buggy and missing tooltips. The gameplay is extremely RNG heavy and unbalanced making the game unplayable without giving you a clue what you might be doing wrong or how to fix it.

The game appears to give you a massive amount of space to build in but the vast majority of that space actually can’t be built on.

  1. First of all, the energy system is very annoying. You have to wait for energy for everything and the fast forward doesn’t work. This makes trying to figure out the extremely poorly documented features an exercise in frustration because the buildings aren’t expensive but require energy which discourages exploration.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Back Alley Inn on Steam