Many of us old Phobos players have been involved in this game for 10+ years. If you want a game that can make you feel nervous about adventuring into the next dark chamber, then this is the MMO for you. Its beautiful landscapes and mysteries that lie within the deep will you keep you active for years. If you enjoy a game with a history and story then Phobos will bring you that warm feeling that many MMOs have forgotten about. The progress for your character requires vigilance and time to fully wield a mage or warrior in the world of Phobos. The PVP is balanced and ferocious. During PVP, team work is everything. This game will see Wars and challenges to come with its release. Phobos is a light in a world of so many confusing MMO’s. Be sure to check out there discord, and be sure to get to know the community. Join to be apart of something old and new.

Real player with 916.2 hrs in game

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It’s a good game. Don’t knock it until you try it. Phobos has been out for a bit over a decade now, and has finally released to Steam. Some parts of the game can seem a little clunky and unintuitive when you’re first getting familiarized, but there is a guide manual, as well as an awesome community of players in the Phobos Online Discord. Much can be said about the Myth Entertainment team as well; They have been passionately working on this project for years, making changes, tweaks, design changes to make this an unforgettable experience that will leave you coming back for more! Meet friends, explore, hunt creatures, laugh, drink, be merry! Phobos most certainly holds an excellent adventure for anyone daring enough to brave the wilds of the world of Erasen!

Real player with 536.9 hrs in game

Phobos on Steam